CAC - February 29th 2016

Mayfield Village Citizens Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
February 29, 2016

The Citizens Advisory Committee met on Monday, Feb 29, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center.

Present: Bob Haycox (Chair), Rosemarie Fabrizio, Sandy Batcheller, Shirley Jay, Marilyn LaRiche-Goldstein, Paula Lear, Joanna McNally, Allen Meyers, Lorry Nadeau, Kay Phillips, Patricia Russo, Mary Singer, and Merv Singer

Absent: Joan Catalano, Loretta Williams, and Tom Piteo

Also Present: George Williams (Council Representative), Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration), Garry Regan (Grove Committee Chair), and Resident Ron Lear

Approval of Minutes

Mr. Haycox opened the meeting and asked if there were any additions or changes to the minutes of January 25, 2016, which were previously provided to the Committee. There were none and the minutes were approved as written.

The Grove Amphitheatre – 2016 Season

Mr. Haycox introduced Mr. Garry Regan, the Chair of The Grove Committee, and thanked him for coming to speak about the upcoming Grove season. Mr. Regan stated that he begged Ms. Wolgamuth to get him on this Committee’s agenda. He did a little reading on the website and looked at this Committee’s mission and last set of minutes. He invited the members to send an informal representative to Grove Committee meetings to join in the discussion and report back, stating, “you are the eyes and ears of the Village.” Mrs. Jay asked how often the Grove Committee meets. Mr. Regan responded with his favorite quote, “God so loved the world, he did not send a committee.” He added that the Grove Committee is not on a regular schedule and typically meets every few months.

The Committee viewed a u-tube video of The Grove created by Grove Committee member Rick Hall. The link to the video is at: and is now on the Grove page of the Village’s website. Mr. Haycox commented that Mr. Hall did a great job on the video.

Mr. Regan went through a PowerPoint presentation he had previously shown to Council and has presented to other community groups, most recently the Mayfield Area Chamber of Commerce (a copy is attached). He stated that he feels it is important to point out why we do this stuff and spend money on such things. The first few slides describe the economic value of green space and how it enhances home values, the beneficial health impacts from spending time outdoors, and the improved quality of life that results from people enjoying their leisure time. Mr. Regan stated that he believes that municipalities owe it to their people to enhance the livability of the community. He hopes that The Grove will be a focal point for the Village.

Mr. Regan described the history of the making of The Grove, and described the programing and infrastructure improvements made since 2013. He explained that before the beginning of this season, the first tier of stone seating would be installed along with an additional paver section adjacent to the stage to provide more flexibility and allow additional flat area for people with walkers and wheelchairs.

Mr. Regan reviewed the calendar for the upcoming season and advised that, once again with the help of a professional advertising agency, a postcard with the schedule will be mailed to the entire school district, likely in late May. Mrs. Russo asked if the ad agency helps to follow-up on who attends the events. Mr. Regan responded that we do not track who attends or where they are from, but we get a sense when we take names to sign up for the email blast. Mr. Regan stated that he has been going to Heinen’s and setting up a table to collect names and many are from the Village, from Gates Mills, Mayfield Hts. and Willoughby Hills. He stated, “We are only a community of 3,400 people. We could not do this without other people supporting it.” Mr. Haycox asked if Grove events are marketed to Progressive employees. Mr. Regan responded that we are trying and were permitted to put up posters inside Progressive last year.

Mrs. LaRiche-Goldstein asked why we need others to come to support the events, since they are free. Mr. Regan asked, “if only 100 Village residents show up, would it be worth it?” Mrs. LaRiche-Goldstein asked if the venue was going to continue to offer free programming or if tickets would be sold in the future. Mr. Regan stated that there has always been a plan to seek grants or sponsorships for The Grove, however, we first needed to demonstrate its viability. He added that we have initiated conversations with the Cleveland Foundation and Cuyahoga County Arts & Culture. “We are not a 501(c)(3), nor are we set up to be able to take tickets, but we have a supportive Mayor and Council.” Mr. Regan stated that he does not think that it is too much to ask that the Village subsidize this recreational program, however, “we are going to look for ways to get money”.

Mrs. Russo asked about installing an ice rink at The Grove. Mrs. LaRiche-Goldstein agreed that, for years, residents in the Village have wanted an ice rink. Mr. Regan responded that, this year, we would have had ice only about four days and to purchase a chiller and other necessary equipment, would cost $500,000 to $1 million.

Mr. Haycox asked about the seating capacity of The Grove. Mr. Regan stated he believed it would easily fit over 800 people.

Mr. Regan stated that we are beginning to look at band shell designs. “We currently use a tent that is not that attractive but serves the purpose. We are hoping to come up with a concept and display boards at the Grove this summer to solicit feedback.” Mr. Regan added that a band shell also offers opportunities for year-round events.

Mr. Haycox asked about lighting and sound and if that would be included in the shell. Mr. Regan explained that we have been engaging a sound company as needed and some performers bring their own equipment. Ms. Wolgamuth added that much of the cost is to have a technician at the event running the sound board. This cost will still be incurred, even if we own the equipment. Currently, the sound company we have engaged uses much of the equipment that the Village purchased for use in Reserve Hall.

Mrs. McNally commented that she loves The Grove and it was one of the reasons she and her family moved to the Village. She asked why there was no June programming. Mr. Regan responded that the season is limited by budget and weather, and we rely on help from the Service Dept. They are busy with Cruise Night and other events in early summer. Ms. Wolgamuth added that if any infrastructure work is being done, time is needed to complete it in the spring months and re-establish grass prior to the beginning of the season.

Mrs. McNally asked about having local students perform at The Grove. Mr. Regan stated that we have been trying to involve the schools and he will be making a presentation to the Mayfield School Board in April.

Mr. Haycox asked about handicap parking and the coordination of events with the pool and ball fields. Mr. Regan stated that we have 3-4 handicap spots and additional parking was added to North Commons last year. He believes The Grove is far more accessible than Blossom or Cain Park and the Progressive lots are available for overflow.

Mr. Haycox asked about teen events. Mr. Regan responded that “they are all teen events” and described several of the upcoming programs geared to teens and younger children.

Mrs. McNally suggested doing more than one movie night. Ms. Wolgamuth responded that last year’s movie night was not better attended that most of the other programs, so the Committee did not know that more movies were desired. She will pass that on to the Grove Committee for future consideration. Mr. Regan suggested Movie Mondays.

Mr. Regan stated that, due to the construction at the center of town, the July 4th fireworks are being moved down to North Commons. Friday night, July 1, the Grove will host a patriotic concert by the Chagrin Valley Studio Orchestra and on Saturday night, Monica Robbins and the Whiskey Kings will perform prior to fireworks. Mrs. Jay asked if Lolly the Trolley will be there to transport people from the parking lot and Mr. Regan said yes. Mr. Haycox asked if the view of the fireworks from The Grove would be good. And Mr. Regan responded, “Yes, especially from the hill.” Mr. Regan explained that the Thursday night gazebo concerts were also being moved to The Grove this summer.

Mrs. McNally asked about food trucks at Grove events. Mr. Regan explained that we have had terrible luck with food trucks and, until we can guarantee more people, the plan is to use the old concession trailer that is no longer needed at the center of town. Mr. Regan stated that Recreation Director Bill Thomas is looking into the viability and Health Dept. regulations and hopes to be able to serve hot dogs and pizza and utilize the pool’s concession staff.

Mrs. Philips stated that this group is very interested in supporting The Grove and commented that this season seems better than ever before. Last year, the Committee attended the Simple Gifts performance. Mr. Regan suggested that the members choose an event to attend this year.

Mr. Haycox thanked Mr. Regan for taking the time to present to the Committee and agreed that the Committee will select an evening to meet at The Grove.

Council Update

Mr. Williams reported that Council has been reviewing the 2016 budget. The Grove budget is part of that review. He asked the Committee members what they would like to hear in a Council update and suggested that he could report from the Council minutes. Mrs. Batcheller stated that the Committee already receives copies of the minutes which informs them about projects that are coming up. Mrs. Russo suggested that Mr. Williams bring to the Committee issues that concern him. Mrs. Nadeau stated that Tom Marrie previously provided a quick list of items discussed by Council and an overview of the highlights.

Mrs. Russo asked if Council was okay with the Grove budget for this season. Mr. Williams responded that, as far as he could tell, there is no dissention and he believes that Council feels that The Grove programming is valuable.


Mrs. Jay stated that she would love to see the Innovation Center at the High School. Ms. Wolgamuth agreed to contact the schools about scheduling a tour for the Committee.

Mrs. McNally asked how to get signed up for Village email blasts. Ms. Wolgamuth responded that an email request can be sent to To get on the email list for The Grove, an email request can be sent to

Mrs. Singer reminded the Committee of the details of the upcoming Memorial Day celebration.

Upcoming Events

Ms. Wolgamuth reviewed the following events with the Committee.

  • Lifeline screenings are scheduled for April 27, 2016 at the Civic Center. Screenings cost is $149 and pre-registration is required.
  • The Third Annual Family Fun Night is being held by the Recreation Dept. on March 5, 2016 at Wildcat Sport and Fitness.
  • The Recreation Easter Party is scheduled for Saturday, March 19 from 1:30 to 3 p.m. at the Community Room.
  • A free community information session regarding the Heritage Home Program is scheduled for June 6 at 6:30 p.m. at the Highland Hts. Community Center. The information on this program will be included in the next Voice of the Village. The Committee discussed inviting Heritage Home representatives to present to this Committee at an upcoming meeting. Ms. Wolgamuth will contact them.

The Committee discussed the Village’s plan to shoot fireworks at the soccer fields this year. Mrs. Singer advised that this was discussed at the Activities Committee and the size of the shells can be larger at this location. The shells must be smaller when shot off near Center School due to the proximity of trees and buildings.

Upcoming meetings of the Citizens Advisory Committee are scheduled as follows, all at 7:00 p.m.:

Tuesday, Mar 22
Monday, Apr 25
Monday, May 23

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.