Activities: September 19th 2017

Mayfield Village Activities Committee Meeting
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 6:45 p.m.
Civic Center

Attending: Mary Ann Brastoff, Jean Britton, Mary Alice Chandramouli, Patti Fioritto, Terrie Haycox, Ashley Hess, Steve Jerome, Dona Kless, Mary Singer

Also Present: Elizabeth Tarkowsky, Rebecca Sulzer, Patsy Mills, Shane McAvinew and Danielle Echt

Absent:  Chris Barni, Diane Catalano, Randy Hyde, Elliot Ross, Nona Stella and Debbie Thomas

Introduction:  Mary then called the meeting to order at approximately 6:47 p.m.  There were two guests in the audience so Mary asked for introductions. Elizabeth and Rebecca were attending and both are Mayfield Village residents. Mary asked if everyone read the July 11, 2017 Minutes and asked for approval. Terrie asked for an adjustment because the Minutes state she was not present at the meeting and she was. Danielle said she would make the adjustment. Steve made a motion to accept the amended July 11, 2017 Minutes and Mary Ann seconded. All in attendance agreed.  Ashley Hess was officially sworn in to the Activities Committee by Steve Jerome. A volunteer sheet was distributed so committee members could sign up for upcoming holiday events.

Tree Lighting Discussion (Sunday, December 3, 7:00 pm, Community Room/Gazebo)

  • Danielle said that based upon previous discussion from the committee members, a lesser variety of donuts will be ordered.
  • Danielle reported that Center School will be contacted to be sure the choir is available and to find out which songs they will be singing.
  • Last year there was an issue with weather and the event being held inside the Community Room. Danielle said that Shane spoke to Administration and it would be okay to use the building again this year. The committee discussed where they would serve refreshments from. The committee members agreed to have some tables set up outside by the Concession Stand because it would be a quicker transition to get the refreshments passed out. Patsy added that the windowsills have been modified so there is now a shelf that makes it easier for people to reach things from the outside. Danielle said if the weather is not cooperative the kitchen could be used for serving.   
  • Patsy asked if the refreshments should be served before or after the concert. After some discussion the committee members agreed to wait until after the choir sings to serve refreshments. Steve said bottles of water could be passed out prior. The committee members agreed that most people wouldn’t want the water especially if it was cold out. Ashley asked if the fireplace could be working and Steve said yes, plus if the cushions could be put on the chairs people could stay warm by the fire. The volunteers agreed that it was hard to hear the concert from inside the Concession Stand so they would need advance notice to set out the donuts and hot chocolate. Danielle said she could do that.  
  • Steve said it would be nice to have Christmas music playing inside the Community Room.
  • Someone asked how many people attend the event. Danielle said they have never been counted but maybe around 100. She said most of the attendees are parents/family members of the participating choir students.

Family Holiday Movie (Friday, December 8, 6:00 pm, Reserve Hall)

  • Danielle and Shane said it would be marketed soon and they are open for suggestions for a movie. Someone said there are younger kids in the neighborhoods now so maybe show a shorter movie first and then a full length feature. 
  • Ashley suggested offering little trinket during the movie.
  • The committee members agreed that The Polar Express would be a good movie to show and the trinket could be a little bell. They also suggested marketing it by stating kids could wear their pj’s.
  • Danielle said that since this was a first time offering, she wasn’t sure if volunteers were needed or not but she left a spot on the volunteer sheet just in case.
  • This event is just for Mayfield Village residents and there is no cost for the movie; snacks will be a small charge.

Menorah Lighting Ceremony (Tuesday, December 12, 7:00 pm, Community Room/Gazebo)

  • Danielle said that she will work with Michael Wolfe again to coordinate the event and a few volunteers are needed.

Open Discussion

  • Terrie suggested Solar lights for the hill on The Grove. She also asked if the facility was non-smoking. Shane said it is but it’s just a policy; the police department cannot enforce it. Danielle said an announcement can be made with the other housekeeping items. Shane added that he is looking into programming different entertainment at The Grove in 2018 and asked the committee to send him any suggestions in the very near future since bands/entertainment have already been booking for 2018. 
  • Terrie suggested starting the evening Gazebo concerts at 6:30 p.m. She also asked if smoking is allowed at the Gazebo events.  Shane said the policy is the same as The Grove’s.  Steve suggested an ordinance and signage.   Shane said that educating the crowd is best.   Terrie said announcements would probably help and Steve added signs would too.  
  • Steve asked a question about Cruise Night and the Community Room parking lot. Shane said that the Recreation Department plans to use the parking lot next year. The Gazebo area will be more family friendly and more like a kid zone. There were not be a band at the Civic Center but instead near Center School/Community Room. Each band participating in Cruise Night will be from a different era; 50’s, 60’s, 70’s.  Shane said he would like to use the money that has previously been spent on Billy J to provide more kids entertainment. Music can be played in other ways such as from an iPod. Part of the Community Room parking lot will be reserved for handicap parking and the rest will be for classic cars. Having more going on near the Community Room and Gazebo will help generate traffic for the Concession Stand too.   Shane said he is willing to try new ideas every year.
  • Patti asked if Austin’s was the only location selling alcohol. Shane said yes, they are able to sell on their land. Terrie asked if Yours Truly could sell outside. Shane said it would be up to Yours Truly; they would have to have the right permit. Steve said maybe Heinen’s would want to pursue it because he thinks they can drink inside the store.  Shane said at this time he would leave it up to the restaurants to approach the Village.
    Elizabeth said more tables and chairs are needed at the Gazebo for families.  Danielle said that she thought the Service Department does not have any more to give out. Shane said that tables could be rented. Ashley and Elizabeth suggested moving the picnic tables from the pavilion.  Danielle said that those are not portable. Shane said there may be more tables and chairs stored at the Community Room and he would like to have more available outside at the family area by the Gazebo. Shane added that the concrete tables/benches have been added to the outside of the Community Room since Cruise Night so that will help too.
  • Patsy reminded the committee members that a flag container has been placed at the South end of the Civic Center; outside near the sidewalk to Heinen’s. She said the Women’s Club will collect the flags from the container and dispose of them on Flag Day.  Patsy said the flag burning ceremony is at the Fire Department and the local Boy Scout Troop participates. The Women’s Club was able to donate $50 to the troop for their service. The troop put the money to good use by sending one of their troop members who otherwise couldn’t afford to attend to the Boy Scouts national convention.  Patsy added that Fire Chief Carcioppolo would like to set up the 911 Memorial Park in the same area where the flag burning ceremony takes place. The fire pit would be a nice addition to the 911 artifact that the Village has.   Steve said that they are currently trying to get a grant but either way, the memorial should be built in 2018.   Shane added that we should know the status of the grant in October.  
  • Ashley asked if Mayfield Village still has the Santa Breakfast. Danielle said that the Village has never done breakfast with Santa as far as she knows; Mayfield Heights does. She said the Village has a party with Santa for the Mayfield Village kids.  
  • Ashley suggested a New Years Eve celebration for families; having something earlier for the little ones. Terrie said that night cost a lot because of staffing and the holiday. Danielle said that staffing and volunteers could be an issue. Ashley suggested trying it for next year. Steve said maybe it could be done during the day in conjunction with the Wetlands. Danielle said activities have been tried outdoors during the Winter and they generally have not been well attended. Ashley asked about the recent survey that went out over the summer about recreation items.   Shane said the results showed that people would like more family programs.   Ashley said she would like to get her two year old more involved and to meet new people. Patsy said that it sounds more like recreation programming not necessarily something the Activities Committee would handle. Shane said he could talk to the Recreation Board about it. Patsy said there are a lot more younger families in the Village now. Steve asked Shane for suggestions on winter programming.  Shane said in Barberton they had a big winter display. He said it was just for a day and the weather could be an issue; the light display was always the main draw.  Elizabeth said that Rocky River has tree lighting and then everyone goes inside where the room is set up in different stations.   She said it was more of a day time event but it was very popular.
  • Elizabeth asked if the Village could have a Valentine’s Day event. Maybe decorate cookies, a simple craft, etc. She offered to help plan it. Mary  Ann said maybe starting these movie events will help with younger kids/family programming.
  • Several of the committee members said that they liked receiving weekly email blasts from Shane. Elizabeth also said that getting the information out in advance is also necessary. She said she plans her schedule months out. 
  • Ashley asked what the difference is between the Recreation Board and the Activities Committee. Danielle said that she thinks the Recreation Board deals more with programs where the Activities Committee deals more with special events.   Steve said that the Recreation Board was in the Village first, then the Recreation Department was created with full time staff. Shane said the two committees may combine in the future and there may be sub committees stemming from a merge.   Shane said something like a Valentine’s Day party with fall under either committee. Elizabeth asked if there could be a small committee to plan it. She said there is still time because it’s September. Terrie said that we have to make sure there is available space first.   Shane said there really isn’t a lot of indoor space available for programs/events. He said that once an elevator is added to the Civic Center, other parts of the building will be accessible and programmable. Danielle said that generally the Community Room is booked very far out on the weekends.   Elizabeth asked Danielle to check on room availability and let the committee know.  Shane stated that the Fall/Winter Parks and Recreation Brochure already went out to the entire school district. It spans through March so one of the best marketing approaches for the Valentine’s Day party has already passed.    Shane suggested waiting until 2019 to offer the party so there is adequate time to plan and market the event. He said that some of our future meetings could be planning sessions for later 2018 and early 2019 special events. Many of the committee members agreed with this suggestion. Danielle said she would look at the calendar to see if there were available February 2018 dates for the party and then the committee can decide what to do from there.