Activities: February 7th 2017

Mayfield Village Activities Committee Meeting
Tuesday,  February 7, 2017 at 6:45 p.m.
Civic Center

Attending: Mary Alice Chandramouli, Patti Fioritto, Terrie Haycox, Dona Kless, Ron Lew, Mary Singer, Debbie Thomas

Also Present: Tom Marrie, Shane McAvinew, Bill Thomas and Danielle Echt

Absent:  Jean Britton, Chris Barni, Mary Ann Brastoff, Diane Catalano, Randy Hyde, Steve Jerome, Elliot Ross, Nona Stella, and Edie Wohlgang

Introduction:  Terrie nominated Mary as Chairperson of the Activities Committee. Dona seconded.  Mary agreed to accept the nomination.  Mary then called the meeting to order at approximately 6:46 p.m. Dona made a motion to accept the November 15, 2016 Minutes as written. Debbie seconded.  All in attendance agreed.

Tree Lighting Evaluation

  • Administration determined that the new Community Room would be used instead of the tent. Some of the members liked having the tent in the past because it was easy to serve from and right next to the gazebo. Someone suggested purchasing the tent instead of renting it but others thought it would be too costly and probably difficult and time consuming to set up. 
  • The committee members agreed that there was confusion before the ceremony began. The committee members served out of the concession windows and they said it was difficult to reach out of the windows to give donuts; especially to smaller children. They also said they could not see the gazebo or hear anything from the gazebo from inside the Community Room. The committee members suggested serving from the kitchen area instead of the concession windows during future tree lighting ceremonies.
  • The committee members agreed that there was a good amount of donuts but too many variety. They said that there were around seven choices and there only needs to be three or four. The donut holes were not consumed.

Singing Angels Evaluation

  • Danielle said that everything went well for the performance. She reported that approximately 50 seats were unoccupied. Most of the people in attendance were Singing Angels parents but there were some Mayfield Village families.  Danielle said the Village lost approximately $175.    She said that over the years, attendance has been declining and asked the committee if they wanted to continue having the event. The committee members agreed to further discussion at another meeting.

Menorah Lighting Ceremony

  • Dona said the event went well but the attendance was not great. The committee members said it might have been the timing of the event since we held the ceremony the day after Christmas.  Mary said everything went well and there were some new people in attendance.  Mary added that Hanukah is December 12, 2017.  The committee members agreed that advertising the Menorah Lighting Ceremony on the new marquee would be beneficial.

Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast (Sunday, May 13)

  • Danielle said she will contact the committee members for volunteering in the near future. She said she will start with Council first and then will circulate the signup sheet to committees. Danielle said she contacted a Girl Scout Troop already and is waiting to hear back. Mary said she would follow up with the Boy Scout Troop that she works with for the Memorial Day Ceremony.  
  • Danielle said that the harpist will be booked shortly and Swifty the balloon clown is already secured.
  • Patti reminded Danielle that the trays were an issue last year. Danielle agreed and said that the tubs were not supposed to be used. She said they make the trays too wet and water gets everywhere. The Board of Health said that they could use spray bottles instead.

Memorial Day Celebration (Sunday, May 28)

  • Bill said that Showtime Sound will supply the sound again this year.
  • Mary said that she has secured a band but she needs a speaker. Mary reported that Mayor Bodnar will be there and Tom agreed to be the emcee. Mary emphasized that she would like to see more Mayfield Village representation there. Tom reminded Mary that she can come to Council meetings and make an announcement because each individual is allotted three minutes to speak during the open portion of the meeting. 
  • Danielle asked if there was an issue about signage last year. Mary said that the sign on Whitehaven’s fence is not visible because it cannot be seen when driving along SOM Center. The Service Department puts one at the North end of the Village. The new marquee will also be used.

Cruise Night (Saturday, June 10, raindate Sunday, June 11)

  • Bill reported that Cruise Night will be at the center of Mayfield Village this year. Dona said that would be good for the local merchants. Bill said that actually some of them lose money that night. He said Pizza Roma, Yours Truly, Heinen’s and Austin’s will definitely participate this year. Terrie said it would be nice to have Aladdin’s. Bill said they were not interested. He said that the Recreation Department and Administration had a meeting with the local merchants and they discussed Cruise Night. He added that the new owner of the former Fisher’s Tavern was there and is aware of the event. 
  • Shane said Ricky and the Rockets will be performing at the Yours Truly lot, Turnaround will be at the Civic Center and a third band will be at Austin’s. Bill said that Billy J will be at the gazebo providing family entertainment.
  • Danielle asked if Tommy V’s would be participating this year or providing a band. Bill said that they would sell out of their store probably but he wasn’t sure about their band. He said there was no interference between the bands so there could be two in the lot.  
  • Mary asked if concessions would be sold out of the Community Room. Bill said yes. The committee members agreed that there needs to be signage to direct people to the concession windows because it would not be visible from the sidewalks or gazebo.  Dona said it’s really difficult to serve from in there because of the reach.   Bill and Shane agreed to check with the Service Department to see if the windows could be modified to make the windows more accessible for serving items.  
  • The committee members also discussed if the building should be left open so people could use the restrooms. They agreed that it would be best to keep the building locked and order porta-potties.

Fourth of July Celebration (Saturday, July 1, raindate Sunday, July 2)

  • The fireworks will be shot off from the soccer field like they were in 2016 as long as Progressive is okay with it again.
  • Shane said that he is working with Garry Regan for entertainment at The Grove before fireworks. There will also be music during fireworks. There is the possibility of having food trucks at the event this year. Shane said the Village can collect a small fee from each and they must supply their own electricity. Debbie asked where the trucks would park and Shane suggested around the circle by the pool. Danielle said that we had food trucks for Cruise Night last year and they ran out of food so people were not happy. Shane said with plenty of variety it shouldn’t happen. Shane said that he already has a lemonade vendor to use and will work on securing them for the event. The Mayfield Village mobile concession stand will also be used to sell items at The Grove.

Summer Concert Discussion

  • Shane said that Garry Regan is working on programming at The Grove. Shane reminded the committee members that if they are ever at any event, please provide feedback.  
  • Shane said that there are going to be four Thursday evening concerts at the Gazebo from  6 – 8 p.m. New this year will be Wednesday afternoon lunch concerts at the Gazebo. He said they will begin at Noon or 1:00 p.m. On Wednesdays, people will bring their own lunch so there will be no need for concessions. Shane is looking into Piccolo’s to run concessions during the evening concerts. Terrie asked why go with Piccolo’s and Shane said they were interested in catering for the events. Shane said by partnering up with local restaurants for events, we are supporting them and they are supporting us.  Patti asked if other businesses were interested.  Shane said that some of the other businesses want an established crowd in order to commit to providing the food and that is not something the Village has yet.   Austin’s and Piccolo’s were the only ones that were okay with facing the unknown crowd base. Terrie asked if there would be beer at the concerts.  Shane said they are looking into it because Piccolo’s has a license to sell when they travel away from their store. Bill said that administration wants the center of the Village to be used and Shane said people driving by might want to stop. It is hoped that families will attend as well during the summer time. Terrie said we will need to advertise the concerts.  Bill said it will be in the brochure. Terrie said more will be needed. Shane said people driving by should be a good draw too.
  • Bill said that they are looking for permanent stone picnic tables to place on the patio of the Community Room.

Open Discussion

  • Mary asked if Tom was the Council Representative for the Activities Committee. Tom said he was just filling in for Steve Jerome.
  • Tom reminded the committee that Civic Hall would not be available in March because of remodeling.
  • Tom gave the Oath of Office to the committee members who needed to be sworn in for the year.
  • The committee members thanked Bill for everything he has done for the Village and congratulated him on his retirement.

The meeting concluded at approximately 8:12 p.m.