Activities - May 24th 2016

Mayfield Village Activities Committee Meeting
Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at 6:45 p.m.
Civic Center

Attending: Mary Ann Brastoff, Jean Britton, Patti Fioritto, Terrie Haycox, Dona Kless, Ron Lew, Patsy Mills, Mary Singer, and Nona Stella

Also Present: Bill Thomas and Danielle Echt

Absent: Chris Barni, Diane Catalano, Randy Hyde, Elliot Ross, Debbie Thomas and Edie Wholgang

Introduction:  Mary called the meeting to order at approximately 6:47 p.m. Jean made a motion to accept the April 12, 2016 Minutes as written. Mary Ann seconded. All in attendance agreed. A volunteer sign-up sheet for Cruise Night was  passed around.

Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast Evaluation

  • Danielle reported that approximately 600 people were served and last year it was approximately 550.
  • Danielle said one of the hardest parts about the breakfast is securing volunteers. She said each year it gets more and more difficult to fill the positions. Jean said it is difficult for some people like those in the Garden Club. They would help but they are already working during the plant sale. Everyone agreed volunteers are in high demand.  Nona said that we need a bigger pool of volunteers and that often it is the same people helping out each time. Mary Ann suggested a volunteer sign-up sheet at Cruise Night.  Nona asked if information could be published in the VOV. Danielle said that Patsy mentions it often in her article but she is not sure how often there is a larger space dedicated to securing volunteers.  Nona asked if there is a welcome packet for new residents and if so, is it hand delivered? Patsy said that there is information that Administration puts together and Ralph Vara used to deliver them to new residents.  Danielle said that the Parks and Recreation brochure is included so they see what programs are offered but there is not a reference to any committees in it.   Patsy said that Council members receive a listing each month of homes that have sold in Mayfield Village.  Patsy said there seems to be a lot of young families.  Danielle suggested putting a little information about each committee in the welcome packet and say that new members are always welcome. Terrie added that they do not even have to join a committee; there could just be something that asks them to volunteer a few hours during special events.   The committee members agreed that hand delivering a welcome packet is more inviting and personal than mailing it. The members asked if any local groups were asked to help. Danielle said yes, she asked Key Club and National Honor Society.   Patti said that there were some Key Club members and everyone agreed they were very helpful. Danielle also tried a few Girl Scout Troops but they didn’t get any volunteers. Mary said she has a contact with a Boy Scout Troop that has 60 members so we could try them next year. Danielle said she was given a contact for them but it was somewhat late notice and they could not get any volunteers.
  • Patsy reported that there were a few little issues prior to the start of the breakfast but the Service Department came through like always. The committee members agreed that the Service Department is always helpful during the event and they do a wonderful job.  She said that there was an issue with the grills needing repair. The sausage was a different kind than the past so it was more greasy and the grills needed to be drained often. Patsy said that Bob Evans would no longer donate mixed batter so the Service Department had to mix it the day before. She said they also only had fresh sausage to sell us so instead we purchased frozen skinless sausage from GFS. Dona said that people loved the sausage and Danielle said she heard one complaint. Danielle said it was nice to hear other people’s feedback because she didn’t know if the people liked it or not.
  • Nona said that people eat a ton when refills are given out and asked what to do about it? The committee members agreed that it is advertised as “All you can eat. Until supplies run out” so there really isn’t anything you can do.  
  • Terrie asked if the syrup issue was resolved. Danielle said that happened before her shift but she heard that it was thick. Terrie said it had to spread with a knife.  Patsy said as soon as they saw that, there was one box of syrup thrown out.  
  • Terrie said the bows and the tablecloths looked very nice.
  • The committee members agreed that there is not a lot to do during the start of the breakfast. They suggested changing some times for the positions. The volunteers that were there in the beginning also agreed that the start of the breakfast was very slow.  Danielle said nobody knows from year to year when there is going to be a rush. She said that they could look at starting a few of the positions later.
  • Terrie said her daughter was serving pancakes in the line and she had difficulty separating plain from blueberry. Terrie suggested different pans or putting parchment paper between layers. Patsy said that has been an issue for year and they have tried some things without much luck.  Mary Ann suggested those half sized aluminum tin pans instead of the full length. The committee members agreed to try it.
  • Patti said that the water used for tray washing got dirty really fast. She said they had to find a place to dump it and wound up walking across the building to the kitchen or a sink.   Danielle said that water tubs were not supposed to be used.  She said that every year that area is an issue and generally the trays get too wet with the water and then we wind up using a ton of paper towels. Danielle said to alleviate that, the Board of Health has said we could use a spray bottle with a capful of bleach and water.   Danielle said she told the Service Department but didn’t realize they used the water instead.  Danielle said next year they don’t even need to put out the tubs.  The committee members said if they do use the water bins then they need to be moved closer to drainage and a sink.

Memorial Day Ceremony (Sunday, May 29)

  • Mary said the event needs more signage. She said there is one hung on the fence and the committee members agreed it is hard to see when driving by. Mary said she would like two more signs.  One at the corner by the Civic Center and one at White Road and SOM Center.   Patsy added that Mayfield Village will have two new electronic boards instead of the old marquee. She said one will be near the Civic Center and one will be where the current marquee is.   She said that can be programmed to market the event in the future. 
  • Bill reported that the flag and sound system are all set.
  • Mary said volunteers are always welcome and she hopes the committee can be there on the day of the event. She said it starts at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday so if they could be there by 12:00 p.m. that would be great.

Cruise Night (Saturday, June 11, rain date  June 12)

  • Bill said that by now, the committee members should be familiar with the general layout with the event being at Progressive Campus II. With the parking lots in front of Progressive, the parked classic cars will be in the first parking lot and then the staging area for the cruising cars will be the second lot.  Cruising will occur along North Commons Boulevard.  
  • Bill said that two trolleys will make a loop to pick up spectators at the far west lot, closest to 271. They will also stop at the turnaround by Parkview Pool to pick up volunteers and people parking in the handicap spots. The drop off will be at the intersection of North Commons and Parkview.  
  • Billy J will be located under the soccer field pavilion and the face painters and concession stand will be there. One of the t-shirt tents will probably be in this area as well.  
  • Bill said that there are around five food trucks/vendors that will be along North Commons Blvd along the soccer field side. Tables and chairs will be set up. Someone suggested that these need to be marked “For Diners Only”. Bill listed a few of the food vendors with the items they are selling and the committee members agreed that there was a good variety.   Patsy asked if the food trucks will be self-contained.  Bill said yes.
  • Bill said Ricky and the Rockets will be performing in the first Progressive parking lot and then Eddie and the Edsels will be set up on the side where the soccer fields are. Nona asked who was paying for the bands.  Bill said the Village is. Bill said that is another drawback to having the event at Progressive Campus II; we lost the local merchant support. 
  • Any additional groups or booths such as t-shirts, Relay for Life, the CERT Team, etc. will be set up along North Commons soccer field side. There is no selling of anything on Progressive’s property. Port-o-Putties are not able to be set up on Progressive property either so they will be along the soccer field side.
  • Bill said he knows that there are some upset residents due the location change but Progressive Campus II is a nice area for the event. He said it was done because of the construction of the new Community Room so this really is a great opportunity to try a new location.  Police and Fire Departments support the location change because Wilson Mills does not have to be closed which has been a major concern in the past. Bill said we will see what happens with the event next year. 
  • Patti said the signs advertising the event and change of location are great. Bill said there will be a lot of additional signs needed that day.  He said they will be needed in the Civic Center lot and the staging lot on Beta; so that people know where to go for the event. The Recreation and Service Departments will be meeting to figure out what signs are needed.
  • Dona asked where volunteers are supposed to meet. Danielle said she thinks that there will be a tent/table designated for Mayfield Village volunteers somewhere near the corner of North Commons and Parkview. She said she would let everyone know the details once they were solidified. Danielle will also give volunteers a parking pass before the event.

Fourth of July Celebration (Saturday, July 2, rain date July 3)

  • Bill said the fireworks will be shot off from behind the soccer field bathrooms. He said that spectators will not be allowed to sit on the side of North Commons where the soccer fields are. They can sit on the Progressive side or at The Grove. He said now that there are 4” shells this year, they will be going higher. 
  • Bill said there is no entertainment other than Monica Robbins at The Grove. There is no central area to put Billy James or other entertainment.  
  • There will be one trolley shuttling spectators around the Progressive Campus and Parkview Pool area.
  • Danielle said there usual activities and entertainment will be at the pool during the day.
  • Bingo will be at the pool pavilion in the evening. Bill will speak to Al Muhle to see if the Village can use his tarps along the side of the pavilion if there is bad weather.

Open Discussion

  • Copies of the Memorial Day program, The Grove program and the Geauga Farmer’s Market were available at the meeting.
  • Bill said after Cruise Night the concession stand will be moved to The Grove for summer events. He said the pool concession stand employees will staff it. He said there will be a greater variety of food because they also plan on selling pizza, candy, hotdogs, etc.
  • The meeting concluded at approximately 7:35 p.m.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, September 20, 6:45 p.m., Civic Center