Activities - February 9th 2016

Mayfield Village Activities Committee Meeting
Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 6:45 p.m.
Civic Center

Attending: Chris Barni, Mary Ann Brastoff, Mary Alice Chandramouli, Patti Fioritto, Terrie Haycox, Dona Kless, Ron Lew, Patsy Mills, Mary Singer, Debbie Thomas, Bill Thomas and Danielle Echt.

Introduction: Mary called the meeting to order at approximately 6:50 p.m. Mary Ann made a motion to accept the November 10, 2015 Minutes as written. Dona seconded. All in attendance agreed. Debbie nominated Mary as Chairperson. Terrie seconded.   All in favor agreed and Mary accepted.

Tree Lighting Ceremony Review

  • The committee members agreed that it went well.   It was a warm day so there was a big crowd.  
  • There were a few donuts left over.   The committee members agreed that there were too many maple donuts and not enough donuts with sprinkles.
  • They ran out of hot chocolate this year but the Service Department was able to make more.
  • Patti said that a lot of people were having refreshments before the ceremony started and  then came back for more after. Patsy said that’s good, the event is about hospitality.
  • Bill asked how the sound was this year and the committee members agreed that it was fine.

Menorah Lighting Ceremony Review

  • The committee members agreed that the ceremony went well.  
  • Dona said that there were a few people had trouble getting out to the Menorah because of the construction and walking around.
  • Patsy said that approximately 50 people attended the event.  
  • Patsy mentioned that one of the participants saw the information in the Jewish News and they were very glad it was published there.
  • Bill said we should send information to the temples in the Mayfield School District.   Mary Ann suggested Menorah Park also. Patsy said Beachwood has their own ceremony so we probably would not want to promote in Beachwood.

Singing Angels Review

  • Danielle reported that the event was not sold out. Debbie said there were approximately 40 tickets left. Patsy said it was okay not to be crowded.
  • Danielle said after expenses were paid, Mayfield Village had $12 profit.   She asked if the committee wanted to offer it again in 2016. They agreed that since we didn’t lose money then it would be okay. Chris added that it’s a pretty simple event to run.
  • Danielle said she will contact the Singing Angels to book them for 2016

Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast (Sunday, May 8)

  • Terrie asked if volunteer sign-ups had begun. Danielle said not yet.   She said it will be circulated to Council first and then to committees via email. She said she would have it out at the end of the month or early March.
  • Danielle said she reviewed the notes from last year and it seemed like everything went pretty well.   She said the biggest thing was that there was a lot of batter left over. Danielle said that she did have a note that someone suggested bottled water.   The committee asked if there is water available and Danielle said she was pretty sure there was a water cooler by the coffee station.   The committee members agreed that if water is available already then it wouldn’t be necessary to have bottled water.
  • Patsy reminded Danielle to check with Susan about inventory from last year. Danielle said she would and that may have been done already.
  • Patsy asked if entertainment has been scheduled. Danielle said the balloon twister is all set.   Debbie said the harpist might be secured but she and Danielle will double check.
  • The committee members discussed marketing ideas.   The Mayfield Village Facebook and Twitter accounts can be used.   Patti suggested having flyers at Wildcat Sport & Fitness. She said she could even pass them out to the swim lesson parents.   Bill said we will get news releases and information to the papers. Danielle suggested posting a flyer at Deacon’s and Heinen’s if they allow it.

Memorial Day Ceremony (Sunday, May 29)

  • Mary reported that the speakers are set. She said there will be one or two speakers; three is too many.
  • She said last year the Suburbinares and another band was there. She asked if the committee wanted to have both again.   Patsy asked if they are volunteers. Mary said they are paid.  Mary said that if she gets donations for the refreshments then Whitehaven Cemetery will pay for the bands.   Debbie asked who donates.   Mary said mostly Giant Eagle. She said that Heinen’s does too and the new manager last year was great.
  • Bill said that the Village will hire Showtime Sound for the sound system. He thought it would be approximately $200-$300. Danielle asked if someone for the company will be on site and Bill said yes.
  • Patsy asked if there would be a prayer included with the ceremony.   Mary said yes the St. Bart’s minister would handle it.
  • Patti asked Mary what support she needed from the committee.   Mary said that if anyone can help with putting the flags out on Saturday that would be great. She also asked the members to attend the ceremony if they could.   Mary said committee members could help serve refreshments also.

Cruise Night (Saturday, June 11, rain date June 12)

  • Bill said that because of the construction of the new Community Room, the event will be moved to Progressive Campus II.   Progressive gave Mayfield Village permission to use the campus for the event as well as the Fourth of July celebration.
  • The committee reviewed the map that Diane Wolgamuth put together as a preliminary concept for the event (attached).
  • Bill said that the Police and Fire Departments like that Wilson Mills will not have to be closed for the event.
  • Bill said that he is notifying the usual merchants that the event is moved for this year.   Heinen’s is supportive. Yours Truly is not in favor but accepts it.   Bill will check with Pizza Roma. If Austin’s participates they would not be able to sell beer. Tommy V’s is aware of the move and will not be participating. Bill added that food trucks could participate as well. Mary Ann asked if food trucks would come to the event. Bill said he believes so.   They did not have much success when they were at The Grove events because it was a fairly small crowd.   Bill said with Cruise Night, there are thousands of people so the trucks would probably do well.
  • Mary Ann asked if Pizzazz or Aladdin’s would participate. Patsy suggested asking Alfredo’s.   Danielle asked if Deacon’s is aware of the change and if they will participate even though they have always done their own thing. Bill said he will follow up with these merchants.
  • Patsy asked if the committee will still sell items from the concession trailer.   Danielle said it will need electricity and running water in order to be used.   The committee members agreed that if it was set up by the soccer field bathrooms, both should be attainable.   This would be the food court/family area too where Billy J would be.
  • Patsy asked if Port-a-Potties would be needed.   Danielle said yes, we will need them in the parking lots. She said all three permanent bathrooms (Parkview Softball Field, Parkview Pool, Parkview Soccer Fields) will remain open
  • Danielle said we need to figure our handicap parking.   She said it used to be in the Community Room parking lot. Mary Ann suggested along North Commons Blvd. Danielle suggested that the Police Department might want to help determine that. Bill said he would discuss it with them. Mary Ann said that they could use the golf cart to shuttle the people from handicap parking spots to the main area of the event.
  • Patsy asked about signage for the event. She said directions need to be pretty explicit. Bill said we are including an ad in Cruising Times which will have detailed information.   Danielle said that on the day of the event, arrows could be used to direct people to the right place.
  • The committee agreed to having parked classic cars in one lot and the cruising cars in another.   Bill said there will be police officers patrolling both lots.
  • Mary Ann asked about bands.   Bill said he planned on having two.   The committee thought it might work to have one at Parkview and North Commons intersection. Danielle suggested putting the other in the lot where the classic cars park for display so the people walking in the lot can enjoy music.  
  • Bill said there will be two trolleys shuttling people from the back parking lots by 271, up to the Parkview/North Commons intersection. The committee members suggested that the trolley turn towards Parkview Pool when coming from the parking lot, go down North Commons and use the turnaround, and then drop participants at the corner of North Commons and Parkview.  
  • Chris asked if school groups are allowed to sell items at the event for a fundraiser. Bill said yes, we have always allowed that. Danielle added that we don’t pursue any groups but if they approach us we have allowed it in the past.
  • Bill said Governor’s Village will remain open during the event.   He said that only persons associated with Governor’s Village or Altercare will be allowed to use North Commons from White Road; so they can enter the facility.   Patsy said be sure to put signs up on White Road and use arrows to direct people to North Commons Boulevard.
  • Bill asked about lighting during the event.   Debbie said the path along North Commons is lit. Patsy and Danielle said that the parking lots at Progressive should already have lighting. Debbie said the area by the bathrooms might need lighting.
  • Patsy added that she found some history as to how the Village started donating to Make A Wish each year.   She said Deacon’s made the original contribution with what they collected and then Mayfield Village followed and donated each year.

Fourth of July Celebration (Saturday, July 2, rain date July 3)

  • Bill said that the fireworks will be shot off from the north soccer field due to new Community Room construction.   Progressive is allowing us to use Campus II for the event. People can park and watch fireworks from the lots there.
  • Bill said that since the fireworks will be shot off at the soccer fields instead of Center School bigger shells can be used and they will go higher for better visibility. Bill added that people can sit at The Grove and pool parking lot as well. Patsy asked Bill to check with American Fireworks to see how high the fireworks will go and then maybe Service can calculate if people can see from The Grove. Note: The 4” shells go 280 – 320 feet.
  • Patsy said people can probably still see the fireworks from Beta Drive too.
  • Bill said some of the neighborhoods to the South might be upset that they won’t be able to see the fireworks from their house.   Debbie said it will be nice for some of the residents on the North side.
  • Bill said he would still have Billy James with the DJ service to provide entertainment for families. There could be food trucks too and the Mayfield Village Concession Trailer.   Patsy suggested waiting on The Grove plans for the evening first and then plan from there.
  • Bill said bingo could be held at Parkview Pool Pavilion. Some of the committee members were concerned with wind or other elements and asked Bill to check with St. Bart’s to see if we could use their building. 
  • Bill said that there will be two trolleys for this event to shuttle people from lots to areas of activity.

Summer Concerts

  • All summer concerts will be at The Grove this year.   Patti said it’s wonderful to have The Grove in the Village. The dates and bands are: July 7, Primetime; July 21, Swing Time Big Band; August 4, Blue Lunch Band (Friends of the Library Fundraiser); August 25, Red Light Roxy.
  • The concession trailer will be moved to the pool parking lot near The Grove.   Summer pool concession stand employees will run it.
  • Ron said more handicap parking spaces need to be available.   Patsy agreed and said that a lot of elderly people attend the concerts. Patsy said the concession trailer will take up two spaces. Bill said there is also handicap parking at the pavilion.   He added that the golf cart could shuttle people if needed. It was suggested to have temporary handicap parking signs made up and they could be put along North Commons Boulevard by The Grove.

Open Discussion

  • Mary Ann congratulated Chris on being awarded as one of the Citizens of the Year.
  • Patsy suggested to include information on Cruise Night and the Fourth of July Celebration when the Village does the mass mailing for The Grove.
  • Chris said that people will probably park in the small Metroparks lot at the light by SOM and Parkview. She suggested No Parking For Mayfield Village Events signage.   Chris also suggested having Bill talk to St. Bart’s to see if they will allow cars to park there for the events.
  • The meeting concluded at approximately 8:05 p.m.