Activities - April 12th 2016

Mayfield Village Activities Committee Meeting
Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 6:45 p.m.
Civic Center

Attending: Chris Barni, Mary Ann Brastoff, Mary Alice Chandramouli, Patti Fioritto, Terrie Haycox, Dona Kless, Ron Lew, Patsy Mills and Mary Singer

Also Present: Garry Regan, Sean Supler, Bill Thomas and Danielle Echt

Absent:  Diane Catalano, Randy Hyde, Elliot Ross, Nona Stella, Debbie Thomas and Edie Wholgang

Introduction: Mary called the meeting to order at approximately 6:47 p.m.  Terrie made a motion to accept the February 9, 2016 Minutes as written. Mary Ann seconded.  A volunteer sign-up sheet for the Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast was passed around.

The Grove Presentation

  • Garry Regan’s presentation included a video produced by Rick Hall. Garry said that Rick used his drone for the imaging and the video is also available on the Village website.
  • Garry said that the facilities and programs that Mayfield Village offers are important to quality of life and that recreation activities are crucial to the community. He also said that there is economic value to green space and that people want to live here.
  • Garry said The Grove is becoming a focal point for Mayfield Village. Garry reviewed how The Grove started taking shape in 2013 with 4 pilot programs and to where it is today. He said that last year, the big ticket item on the agenda was lighting. This year, there is one row of stone seating plus new pavers in front of the stones. These additional pavers create a flat surface which will accommodate wheelchairs or someone with a folding chair that might need a flat spot to set up rather than using the hill. It can also be used as space for dancing.
  • Garry reported that 2015 had 20 dates of programming and this year there are 26 dates. He said there is a variety of programming and something for everyone. People enjoy the shows because they are quality performances, free and it’s a convenient location. Garry added that there are some people that come to every single event.
  • Derek asked if the stone seating would affect sledding.  Garry said it will not.
  • The presentation ended with Garry encouraging everyone to spread the word about The Grove. He also suggested getting the Activity Committee Members together to attend one of the events as an evening out. Garry invited the members to attend a Grove Committee Meeting at any time also.
  • Garry said that he has been sitting at Heinen’s on the weekends trying to spread the word about The Grove. There are a number of people that are still not aware of the facility and events. He has been getting people to sign up for The Grove mailing list.
  • The Grove Committee is going to start the tree sponsorship program again. Chris said she would be interested donating money to have a tree at The Grove. Garry and Bill said that they would let the Activities Committee know where to get information. Post Note:  The information is available at
  • Garry said he would like to have a table at the Pancake Breakfast to promote The Grove. He plans on having Tree Sponsorship information available as well as the 2016 schedule.

Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast (May 8, 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.)

  • Danielle said that marketing is going well. There was information in the Mimi Vanderhaven bulletin that people in the area receive. Patsy said she advertised it in a publication with the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.
  • Patsy reminded Danielle that the outdoor signs needed to go up.   Patsy suggested putting one at the Civic Center corner where the Improv sign goes, one on the construction fence by Community Room and one at the Service Department.  Danielle said she will remind the Service Department.
  • Danielle reported that Swifty and the harpist will be there.
  • Danielle said that they could really use more volunteers. She said that the Girl Scout Troop that has been there in the past is no longer. She said she contacted a different troop and she hopes they come through. Danielle asked the committee members to spread the word that volunteers are needed and if they know someone who is interested, they can contact her directly.
  • Patsy asked about the Polaroid camera because it had some issues during the Easter Party.   Danielle said Debbie checked it out recently and there were no issues; it worked fine.  Danielle said it was probably just a battery issue and Patsy agreed because once she had new batteries at the Easter Party, the camera worked fine.  Danielle said they will be sure to have plenty of extra, new batteries at the breakfast.

Memorial Day Ceremony (Sunday, May 29)

  • Mary said the program is pretty set. She just needs someone for the Benediction. Father Caddy retired from St. Francis. Danielle said Mary Murphy might be able to help or offer a suggestion and Bill said he would follow up with her.
  • Mary has begun a system with folders separating the graveyards into sections. This helps organize and clarify for the Boy Scouts and Young Marines when they place the flags.  She said there are a lot of unmarked graves.  Patsy asked if people know they can get military marks on their grave stone.   Mary said that Whitehaven tells people but otherwise there may not be any way of knowing.   She said it is up to the family members to pursue.
  • Bill said he will meet with Sam Messina about the sound system but they will be ready.
  • Patti asked where help is needed.  Mary said she could always use help with placing of the flags on Saturday and committee members could attend and help at the ceremony on Sunday.

Cruise Night (Saturday, June 11, rain date  June 12)

  • Bill said that the original idea was to have a food court by the soccer field pavilion.  Sean came up with an idea of having the food trucks and Pizza Roma set up along North Commons instead.  People could sit at tables by the trucks and eat and also see the cars cruising by.   Bill ran the idea by the Department Heads and they were not in favor of the idea.   The Activities Committee members thought having the food trucks and Pizza Roma along North Commons would be ideal.   There was concern about people having to walk all the way to the soccer field pavilion to get food if it could be closer.
  • Bill said the bands are all set.  He is working with the Service Department to make sure there is enough electricity.
  • Danielle reported that she has not started securing volunteers yet because she wasn’t exactly sure what is needed.   There will be the concession stand again but she wasn’t sure how many t-shirt booths would be needed.   The committee members agreed that two would probably be a good idea.   Sean suggested that there could be one on the soccer field side and one on the Progressive side where the cars are parked. The committee members agreed.   Danielle said the only other volunteers needed then would be the people that collect donations for Meals on Wheels during the cruise.  Danielle said then it would basically be the same as previous years in terms of the number of volunteers.   She will circulate a sign-up sheet the following week.
  • Patsy asked how money drops would be done since Danielle and Sean have used the Civic Center in the past.  Danielle said maybe the Police Department could pick up.  Danielle and Sean also said that one of the facilities in the area could be used because they all have locking doors.
  • Patsy questioned how people will know where to go on the day of Cruise Night.  The committee members agreed there would have to be a lot of signage near the Civic Center area.   Danielle also said there will need to be arrows pointing people to the correct location.  Bill said there will be signs by Progressive Campus II directing cars when they enter.   Bill also mentioned that there will be a detour sign by North Commons and White Roads so participants do not turn in off of White Road.
  • Ron asked about handicap parking for the event.  Bill said handicap and volunteer parking will be at the pool parking lot and along North Commons Boulevard.   Bill said there will be a parking pass given to all volunteers.   A trolley will be able to pick people up at the turnaround by the pool parking lot.
  • Danielle asked if St. Bart’s knows we are having the event and if people can park in their parking lot.  Bill said they are hosting their own parish event in conjunction with Cruise Night and Fourth of July.  Bill said the pastor is excited and welcomes anyone to attend.
  • The committee members had some concern about participants parking around Hickory Hill and Metro Park.  Post Note: Bill spoke with the police department and they will put up the temporary No Parking signs.
  • Bill invited Deacon’s to participate in Cruise Night again this year.    They said they would get back to him.
  • Bill mentioned that he received an email from a resident saying they were upset Cruise Night was being moved and that residents did not get any input.  The committee members said that the event is being marketed and everyone is being notified.   It is an unusual situation this year.
  • Mary Ann reminded Danielle to modify the shirt order from last year.  Danielle said yes, she has notes where bigger sizes are needed and more women shirts.

Fourth of July Celebration (Saturday, July 2, rain date July 3)

  • The committee members suggested using the same signs from Cruise Night to direct people to Progressive Campus II.   The signs could say Special Event, Event Parking or even an interchangeable top with specific event name, with arrows.   They said they could probably even be used for the summer concerts since that series is being moved to The Grove this year.
  • Danielle asked about the concession stand.   Bill said it will be moved to The Grove for the Fourth of July Celebration but the pool concession stand employees will run it because they are also doing that for the summer concerts.
  • Bill said that Bingo would have to be at Parkview Pavilion this year. St. Bart’s cannot be used because they are having their own parish function that night.   Danielle said those are the only volunteers needed for the event.   Chris said she would do it and she would double check with Elliot.  Patsy said Al Muhle has tarps that might be able to be used on the sides of the pavilion in case of bad weather.

Open Discussion:

  • The meeting concluded at approximately 7:57 p.m.

Next Meeting NEW DATE:  Tuesday, May 24, 6:45 p.m., Civic Center
(the committee originally chose May 17 but the Civic Center is not available)