Activities: November 10th 2015

Mayfield Village Activities Committee Meeting
Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at 6:45 p.m.
Civic Center

Attending: Chris Barni, Mary Ann Brastoff, Mary Alice Chandramouli, Patti Fioritto, Terrie Haycox, Steve Jerome, Dona Kless, Ron Lew, Patsy Mills, Mary Singer, Nona Stella, Phil Stella, Debbie Thomas, Sean Supler, Bill Thomas and Danielle Echt.

Introduction: Mary called the meeting to order at approximately 6:48 p.m. Terrie made a motion to accept the July 7, 2015 Minutes as written. Dona seconded. All in attendance agreed. Special event volunteer sign-up sheets and financial recap of the 2015 special events were circulated.

Summer Concert Review

  • The committee discussed the concerts and agreed that they went well.
  • Patsy reported that the library’s ice cream social didn’t do great; they did not sell a lot of ice cream but the concert was fine.
  • Bill said that the 2016 summer concerts would be moving to The Grove due to the construction of the new Community Room and the demolition of the old Community Room.   Steve said that with the dwindling number of participants at the summer concerts and with them moving down to The Grove next year, he expressed concern that the people would not come back to the gazebo the following years. Steve told the committee that he has already reached out to Hillcrest Rotary and they are interested in sponsoring a concert in 2017.   He said it is hoped that it would help bring the participant numbers up and Rotary would contribute financially as well. Phil suggested contacting the Chamber of Commerce. Steve said he is part of that committee so he will bring it up. The Activities Committee members thanked Steve for his suggestion and said that it was a great idea. Steve added that The Grove is great but the summer concerts should still be kept separate at the gazebo. With the new Community Room and concession as part of the Community Room, it is hoped that will draw more spectators in 2017. The committee members agreed.
  • The committee members suggested that it would be nice to have an open house or dedication ceremony when the new Community Room opens.   Debbie said that Administration might have been discussing this already.

Tree Lighting (Sunday, December 6, 7:00 p.m.-Civic Center)

  • Debbie asked if Becky Hall from Center School has been contacted yet. Bill said he has not contacted her.   Danielle said that she could follow up with Becky.  
  • Danielle will also contact Billy J.
  • Debbie and Danielle will also make sure all supplies are ready to go.
  • Steve mentioned that there really is not a 5th grade choir at Center School. He said that Becky Hall gets students together a few times to practice but there is no designated choir for the school.   The committee members agreed that Becky and the students do a fantastic job each year.
  • Bill asked if elves were secured for the holiday events. Danielle said yes.

Menorah Lighting (Monday, December 7, 7:00 p.m.-Gazebo/Community Room)

  • Bill reported that even with the Community Room construction, there is room near the gazebo for the Menorah Lighting. He said he will talk to the Service Department to make sure they can still run electricity to the Menorah.

Singing Angels (Saturday, December 12, 7:00 p.m. Civic Center-Reserve Hall)

  • Danielle said that ticket sales just started and Debbie said that 18 tickets have been sold so far. Bill said it is still pretty early for people to be thinking about Christmas and the concert.
  • Danielle said everything else is in good shape for the event and she will coordinate with the Angels as usual

Cruise Night Charity Donation Discussion

  • Bill started off the discussion by saying that Phil worked hard putting together and sending a survey to the committee a while back.   He said that the Village collected $1,200 in donations this past Summer at the Grove. Bill said his opinion is that it’s not The Grove that needs additional money from the Cruise Night donations.   He said that this discussion needs closure and in the past the charity has been Make-A-Wish.   Bill said that the committee can recommend whatever organization it wants to receive the Cruise Night donation in 2016.  
  • Someone asked if Bill has seen the capital budget and Bill said he expects the Mayor and Village Council to support The Grove as they did last year. Phil said it is tax payer money that will be paying for it.   Phil said that Mayfield Village and neighbors benefit from The Grove and that the donation would offset the taxpayer’s money.
  • Debbie stated that she didn’t think that people coming to Cruise Night would know what The Grove is.   She said we don’t need to ask people to contribute to Mayfield Village. Dona added that Mayfield Village is not a charity. Terrie said it is our money that puts on these events.
  • Patsy said that throughout this year, through the efforts of the Activities Committee, Mayfield Village donated to Make-A-Wish and Fisher House. Patsy said there are other charities to look at such as the Ronald McDonald House
  • Patsy read a description about the Fisher House of Great Cleveland and mentioned it was a 501c3 organization. Steve said this organization helps veterans and their families. They are building a new branch downtown and that is what the $100 collection from Fourth of July went to this summer.   Phil said that Garry Regan applied for The Grove to become a 501c3 organization (tax exempt non-profit organization). Patsy said that he could not because Mayfield Village is a municipality. She said that the application process is very lengthy and expensive.   Bill, Debbie and Danielle also said that they did not hear that Gary applied for that. Steve said he is part of The Grove Committee and he did not think Garry applied. He added that there could be something like a Mayfield Art Council that could be formed and then that organization could seek 501c3 status which in turn they could help with The Grove.
  • Chris gave a brief description of the Ronald McDonald House.   She said they basically provide a home for kids and families that are being treated at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. Chris said that the Mayfield Women’s Club donates items like fruit snacks and juice boxes so that the kids have a snack when they need them.
  • Phil stated that the $1,000 or so that Mayfield Village donates to these charities doesn’t do much for them.   He said that money could buy a speaker or light for The Grove. Patsy said if the donations go to The Grove, we may need to specify what the money encumbers.  
  • The committee took a vote asking if the donations should go towards The Grove. 7 members voted yes and 6 voted no. Danielle asked if this had to be run by the Mayor or Administration. Bill said yes. He said he would let them know what the vote was
  • Mary Ann mentioned Meals on Wheels and said $1,000 would go a long way with them.  
  • Steve suggested donating to both; The Grove and a charity.   He added that Garry Regan suggested leaving the donations alone. Bill said there is a jar put out at every event at The Grove to specifically collect money for things at The Grove.
  • Terrie asked when Willoughby does their car show, what do they do with the money they collect? Sean said that it probably goes back to the city because they are specifically collecting money for that parking spot. Bill followed up with Willoughby Recreation Judean Banker and she said that a private group runs the car show and they give money towards high school scholarships.
  • Danielle asked Bill for clarification on the vote. Bill asked the committee if this was correct: at Cruise Night the money collected goes to a cause and at The Grove, the money collected there is for items at The Grove only. The committee said yes.
  • Steve said we could ask for Grove donations at all special events. Phil said even at the summer concerts an announcement could be made that we are collecting for The Grove.
  • Mary Ann suggested selling bricks for the Grove or maybe having naming rights to items at The Grove.
  • Patti asked if there is money in the budget for The Grove. Bill said yes.
  • The committee then discussed if the money collected at Cruise Night should go to a charity and if The Grove could solicit donations by having a table or booth at the event. Dona made a motion for this vote and Debbie seconded. 10 members were in favor and 3 were against. Nona read the results of the survey that Phil conducted and asked why we are re-doing this when there are already results. Danielle said discussion is needed among the committee members. Phil stated that based upon the survey in terms of a charity, the committee members picked Make-A-Wish and Meals on Wheels. Patsy said Meals on Wheels is a good project. Phil asked if the money would help them and Patsy said yes.   She said that there are not a lot of Mayfield Village residents that use the service but the school district residents do. The committee members agreed that they would like to keep it close. Dona made a motion to have the Cruise Night donation money for 2016 go towards Meals on Wheels. Phil seconded. The vote was unanimous; everyone voted yes.   Bill said he would still discuss it with the powers that be because the Activities Committee is an advisory committee.  
  • Patsy said to make sure wherever the donations for Cruise Night go, there has to be signage. Danielle said there will be and we have had a big A-Frame sign set up on Wilson Mills showing the money collected is for Make-A-Wish.
  • Nona said this was all done to bring about discussion and not just to continue going with something just because it was how it was done in the past.
  • Steve asked if anyone was opposed to The Grove Committee asking for specific Grove donations during the Mayfield Village special events. Everyone that was present said it would be fine.

Open Discussion

Cruise Night 2016 with Community Room Construction

  • Bill said he did not want to change the date nor did he want to change the location but because of the construction, we will not be able to use the area by the Community Room. Phil said what is the worst case scenario, some people leave?   Danielle suggested getting the police department’s input and Bill said he would when the department heads meet with Mayor Rinker and the future Mayor Bodnar.

Fourth of July 2016 with Community Room Construction

  • Bill said that there will be little room to sit or have entertainment/activities at the gazebo. He is in favor of moving the fireworks down to the soccer fields. Bill said that because it is an open area, 4” shells may be able to be used now. Bill said that the Fire Department and American Fireworks are supportive of this as well. Also, a performance at The Grove will be incorporated into the evening. Sean asked if it was discussed to shoot fireworks off at the softball fields. Bill said he would bring it up for discussion. Dona said that there are a lot of people that walk to the gazebo and a lot that just stay home and have people over to see the fireworks from their house. The committee agreed that would be a negative factor in moving the fireworks to the North end of the Village. Phil asked if the fireworks would be able to be seen from The Grove. Bill said yes. Bill also said that a trolley would be available to shuttle people to The Grove area. The committee decided that bingo could take place at the pool pavilion.
  • Terrie asked if we could use Code Red to notify residents of a change in venue for special events. Danielle said she thought it was only used for emergencies. Steve said that he was recently told that if something is planned in advance then Code Red would not be used.

The meeting concluded at approximately 7:55 p.m.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 9, 6:45 p.m., Civic Center