Activities - July 7th 2015

Mayfield Village Activities Committee Meeting
Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at 6:45 p.m.
Civic Center

Attending:, Chris Barni, Mary Alice Chandramouli, Patti Fioritto, Terrie Haycox, Steve Jerome, Dona Kless, Ron Lew, Patsy Mills, Phil Stella, Bill Thomas and Danielle Echt.

Introduction: Patsy called the meeting to order at approximately 6:52 p.m. Patti made a motion to accept the April 7, 2015 Minutes as written. Phil seconded. All in attendance agreed. Special event volunteer sign-up sheets were circulated.

Pancake Breakfast Evaluation

  • Danielle said 546 attended.
  • The committee discussed why attendance has dropped over the years. Patsy mentioned that there are other activities going on in the area now.   She said Hilton Garden Inn had a brunch this year. Patsy also said that the Mayfield Village breakfast is a tradition for many families. Phil said that numbers weren’t bad.   He said that we will have to see what the financial report shows and that everyone enjoyed the breakfast.   Patsy said the people were served well and it was pretty quiet. She added that the Garden Club did well financially. Bill stated that it is a unique event with all that we offer. Steve said that the price is good.
  • Phil suggested more advertising. Patsy said it’s in the VOV, Sun Messenger, signs, website and flyers.   Steve said that the Village has been offering the event for 28 years and that we should advertise to get new people.   Patsy said the website is being redone so it will be better for advertising next year. Phil suggested emails to Village residents. Steve suggested using the “contact us” email list that Jeff has.   Steve suggested cross promotion with Mayfield Heights and Highland Heights. The committee members thought having more signs posted might help. Danielle suggested in front of the Board Office if possible. Steve said by the high school or DO Sommers might be a good area.   Chris said that they could put an ad in the Mimi Vanderhaven magazine.
  • Steve had the idea of having a certain hour during the breakfast a dollar cheaper for tickets. Dona said it would be hard for the cashier to police.  
  • Patsy said all of the volunteers and the Service Department really do a great job.
  • The committee agreed to keep the harpist and balloon clown for next year.
  • Danielle said she hopes to have a finance report available at the next meeting.

Memorial Day Ceremony Evaluation

  • Patsy reported that approximately 75 people attended.
  • The new sound system the Parks and Recreation Department was a bit weak.   Bill said they will use a professional sound company next year.   Steve suggested looking at a bigger/better system.   He added the new one is nice but not quite enough.
  • Patsy said that 3,500 flags were put out at the graves.
  • The committee commended Mary for her planning and overseeing the entire event. It was a great ceremony.

Cruise Night Evaluation

  • $948 was collected in cash for Make-A-Wish. Someone wrote a $100 check payable to Make-A-Wish so that was sent to the organization and not calculated in the $948.   Danielle said last year’s collection was just over $1,000. Dona said this year, people would keep donating even after their fourth time around.
  • Phil said he would like the committee to re-evaluate what charity we give the donations to.   The committee has discussed it before and nobody knows why Make-A-Wish was chosen to receive the donations in the past.   Phil said if that is the charity of choice by everyone, that is fine but he suggested seeing what the committee’s preference is. Phil said he is willing to create a survey and send it to Bill for distribution. The committee agreed that would be fine.
  • Patsy said that Deacon’s had a dj, raffle and hotdogs. Everything was free with money collected for Make-A-Wish. Danielle said Swifty the Clown was also there.
  • Phil asked if our event is still one of the only ones around that lets the cars cruise. Patsy said yes. She added that she heard from car enthusiasts that Mayfield Village’s event has the nicest types of cars.   Steve added that he has heard complaints that some of the cars overheat during the cruising.
  • Patsy stated that she attend the Fourth of July Parade in Gates Mills.   She said they started their parade with their Police and Fire vehicles leading the way. Patsy said it might be nice if we added something like that to Cruise Night next year.
  • The committee agreed that youth sized shirts are not needed.   This year we ran out of extra large and didn’t sell as many smalls or mediums. The women’s shirt sold out very quickly.
  • Bill said that he is thinking about having music at the Civic Center because there are a lot of people in the lot looking at cars.   Steve suggested moving one of the bands from the Yours Truly lot over. Phil said there really was a lot of noise at the Yours Truly lot and Billy James could even be heard there. The committee suggested that Billy J only face his speakers towards the Gazebo lawn, not across the streets. Patsy said Billy does a great job entertaining.   The committee agreed and said just technical changes are needed.
  • Steve reminded the committee that with the new Community Room being built, it may change parking and create temporary issues for special events next year.

Fourth of July Celebration Evaluation

  • Everything was cancelled on June 27 because of the weather.   The fireworks were moved to June 28. The skies cleared out and wind died down just in time.
  • Bill said he is going to recommend another three years with American Fireworks. He will get a quote from Zambelli again too. Bill added that American Fireworks has a good safety record here and they follow regulations.   Bill said that we only get the 3 inch shells now so that they can be higher in the sky.
  • Dona said the fireworks show was great again, there were no pauses. The committee agreed that it was a nice length too, approximately 20 minutes. Dona said she had 40 people with her and they were all pleased with it.
  • Chris said the bingo attendance was low to start with but people trickled in.   She said that they get a lot of the same families every year. Bill thanked Chris, Elliot and Sue Ross for a great job coordinating and running the bingo.
  • Steve asked if the committee would like to try a band next year instead of a dj.   The committee members said Billy provides entertainment as well. Patsy and Chris asked if we can request music from Billy. Danielle said there was a lot of pop music and not much patriotic music except for the fireworks which was all patriotic. Danielle said Billy would probably accept any requests we had.
  • Steve said that volunteers, Danielle and Service tried to close the concession stand at 9:50 p.m.   He said people were waiting on popcorn.   They made a ton in the beginning and then eventually it all sells and you can’t keep up with popping enough. Steve said they went through one case. Danielle said $103 from the popcorn sales were donated to the Fisher House.

Summer Concerts Discussion

  • Bill reported that everything is all set for the summer concerts.

The Grove Update

  • Steve said the Shakespeare event had low attendance. Phil said it might not have been the popular Shakespeare titles that most people know about.
  • Steve reported that the Moody Blues tribute band was loud. Bill said a resident complained.   Patsy said people didn’t realize there was a band as well, most people thought there would just be an orchestra. Steve said it was well attended. The band and orchestra had a lot of equipment.
  • Patsy said that the history night was nice.   There were other historical societies there and they were pleased.
  • Patsy said that everything with The Grove is still a learning process and everyone is adjusting as they go along.

Open Discussion

  • The committee discussed Tree Lighting at the gazebo in December.   The construction with the new Community Room might be a problem.   A decision would be made closer to the time of the event if it needed to be moved.
  • Phil suggested marketing the Menorah Lighting Ceremony in the Jewish News.
  • The meeting concluded at approximately 7:58 p.m.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 10, 6:45 p.m., Civic Center