Activities - January 13th 2015

Mayfield Village Activities Committee Meeting
Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at 6:45 p.m.
Civic Center


Attending: Jean Britton, Terrie Haycox, Dona Kless, Ron Lew, Patsy Mills, Mary Singer, Phil Stella, Debbie Thomas, Bill Thomas and Danielle Echt.

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Introduction:  The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:50 p.m. and Mary welcomed everyone back.  Mary said that the committee needed to elect a chairperson.   Patsy asked Mary if she would be interested in again.   Dona nominated Mary and Terrie seconded.   All in attendance agreed and Mary accepted.    Jean made a motion to accept the September 16, 2014 Minutes as written. Ron seconded.  All in attendance agreed.  Danielle said that she would pass out the special events volunteer sign-up sheets at the next meeting or via email.  She said she wanted to get them to Council first so they will get them soon.

Tree Lighting Evaluation

  • Patsy said everything went well and it was nice having the tent set up on the pavers. It was a good location.    The committee members agreed.
  • Everyone thought there were a lot of Center School choir students singing and there was a good sized crowd.   
  • The committee members agreed that the amount of donuts ordered was nice because there was only one box leftover.


Singing Angels Evaluation

  • Jean reported that everything went well.  
  • Bill asked if it sold out and Danielle said there were about 20 tickets left.
  • Terrie said there was a problem with the lights. The lighting crew could not get the spotlights to work so they just left the house lights on. Danielle said she wasn’t sure where the problem occurred but it turned out fine. Danielle said each year the Singing Angels provided their own sound and lighting crew and they have been using what is there for years. Danielle said there may have been a problem when the last performing group left where some of the supplies were theirs or maybe something was disconnected. The committee asked what we supply to groups using the theatre. Danielle said she wasn’t sure but some of the groups provide their own stuff so when they leave they take it with them. Danielle said that we had to find two microphones for the Angels to use when in the past it wasn’t really a problem because they were always there. Bill suggested to see what the Angels need every year and then make sure we have it.   He said we can even have someone come in to train the people who run the sound and lighting during the Singing Angels performance.   


Menorah Lighting

  • Patsy reported that everything went well and everyone did a great job.  
  • Dona said it seemed like there were less people this year and there were not a lot of kids. Danielle said that Gates Mills also had their Menorah Lighting ceremony the same night.
  • Phil asked  if the newspapers covered the event and Bill said there was a reporter from the Jewish News in attendance.
  • Phil asked how the Village markets the event. It is in the VOV, parks and recreation brochure, website, marquee and also mentioned in the Sun News. Phil said that if we want more people to attend, then maybe we should get information out to the local temples. Bill said he could let the recreation departments from Shaker, Orange and Beachwood know about our event.
  • Bill said that in 2015, the first day of Hanukah is the same day as the Tree Lighting Ceremony. Bill asked the committee if they thought we could have both events at the same time or on the same day. The committee members didn’t think that would work well. Danielle said that we have done the Menorah Lighting Ceremony on the second day before so it might be okay to do that again. She said she is waiting on hearing from Michael Wolfe to see what he thinks. The committee members also suggested moving the Tree Lighting Ceremony to Saturday if the Menorah Lighting Ceremony couldn’t be moved.


Review of 2014 Special Events Finances

Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast

  • The committee members noticed that there were fewer in attendance than 2013 so revenue was down.   
  • The Service Department also purchased a grill so that added to the expense.
  • The committee discussed raising the price since those in attendance get a lot in terms of food as well as entertainment.
  • Patsy said be sure to mention the entertainment in marketing. Danielle said it goes in the parks and recreation brochure that way but wasn’t sure how it was listed in the VOV. Phil asked if the information is in the Sun Messenger.   Debbie said they do put it in each year.  Patsy asked if the Village should put an ad in. Bill said that we get free publicity as it is so it probably wouldn’t be necessary. Phil asked if information was given to the schools. Danielle said they do not allow us to do hard copies of flyers but we might be able to have them put a flyer on their websites. Danielle said that she is pretty sure she gave the information to Center School last year. Phil said people outside of the Village do not know about the breakfast. Bill said the big signs are also put out on Wilson Mills/SOM Center a few weeks before the event. Phil said that people living outside of the Village may not drive that way.
  • Dona said that it seems like attendance has been lower for many events over the last year. She referenced the kids Santa Party as well saying there wasn’t a long line to wait for Santa and the Community Room didn’t seem crowded.


Cruise Night

  • Patsy said that the crowd was big last year.
  • Bill said everything went well with the bands.
  • The committee members asked why the All Ways Flashers expense was so much this year. It looks like it nearly tripled from 2013 to 2014. Danielle said she wasn’t sure because this was not something the recreation department purchased but instead it was something from the Service or Police Departments. Danielle asked if maybe there were extra lights or something over by Tommy V’s since the additional band was set up there.    Danielle will look into it and report back to the committee at the next meeting.  
  • Phil said that Billy J’s services are 15% of the expenses for Cruise Night. Phil said that he knows Billy is good and draws a big crowd but he asked if it was really worth it. The committee members agreed that he attracts a lot of people and has contests for the kids.   
  • Phil mentioned that the Port-a-Potties were another big expense and the committee members agreed and said they are necessary.


Fourth of July Celebration

  • Bill asked what everyone thought of the bubble guy. Danielle said that it was a bit odd because he would make these big bubbles and the kids would be excited and run at them or try and pop them and the guy would yell not to touch them. In Danielle’s opinion he was a little gruff. She said that the bubbles he made were great and he did let the kids make bubbles with the wands so that was nice. Danielle said it probably wouldn’t be necessary to have him each year.
  • Phil asked how many people participate in the festivities during the day at Parkview Pool. Bill and Terrie said it all depends upon the weather. Danielle said last year the weather was nice but the year before it rained a bit.   Bill said Rick Smith Junior gets 100 kids just to watch his show. A further discussion was had about entertainment later on when discussing the 2015 celebration.


Summer Concerts

  • The committee members reviewed the expense and revenue for the concerts and agreed everything was status quo.


Planning of 2015 Special Events

Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast (Sunday, May 10)

  • The committee decided to raise the price $1 for each age group and to make the child price from 5 – 10 year olds to 5- 12 year olds.
  • The committee members agreed not to change anything else.
  • Danielle said she has her list of what they ordered last year and how much was left over. Batter was the biggest item in surplus and then sausage was second. The committee members asked if the order is cut back each year and Danielle said maybe very slightly but we want to be sure we don’t run out so it’s tough to cut back a lot. The committee agreed that you really never know how big the crowd will be.
  • Patsy said to remind Susan to get an inventory of the other items stored at Service. Danielle said she thinks she already has it but they always touch base each year. Patsy said there seemed to be a lot of some things over the years and we don’t need to keep ordering if we have it in stock.  
  • Bill asked about aprons and the committee members said that we just bought some a few years ago. Danielle said there are also older ones too so people can pick which style they like best.


Memorial Day Celebration (Sunday, May 24)

  • Mary reported that they will be placing flags on the graves on Saturday, May 23 and the Memorial Day Ceremony will be Sunday, May 24 at 1:00 p.m.
  • Mary said she is working with a new person at Whitehaven Cemetery. 
  • Bill said he will try to make sure there is a podium that can hold the microphone. Mary said she was told that Whitehaven has one so she is looking into it.
  • Bill asked if Whitehaven is paying for the band and Mary said yes and they will be paying for the pizza also.
  • Mary said she will miss John from Heinen’s because he was so helpful and generous with donations. She mentioned that Costco changed their donation policy so this year she will be seeking donations from Heinen’s and Giant Eagle. 
  • Mary reported that she is still trying to book speakers and letters went out in November. 


Cruise Night (Saturday, June 13)

  • Danielle said she looked through her notes and there weren’t any major issues. She did remember that we need to order a larger quantity of the bigger shirts because they have sold out fast the last few years. 
  • Patsy asked if Deacon’s will join the event this year now that their construction is done. Bill said he will check.  
  • Danielle asked Bill if the bands were secured yet and Bill said he is working on Turnaround and Ricky and the Rockets. Bill reported that Tommy V’s would pay for Armstrong Bearcat in front of their store again. Debbie said that she thought the bands were supposed to rotate each year so Ricky and the Rockets would be out this year. Bill said he didn’t know of any other bands. The committee members came up with Wild Horses, Tampa and the Florida Keys and Revolution Pie. Bill reminded everyone that some of them were probably outside of the budget. Phil said if we have the same bands as previous years and they fit in the budget, why not keep them. The committee members thought that would be fine as long as there were no complaints.  Phil said he thought it was okay going the tried and true route because of affordability rather than trying for a new band that might not be good.
  • Phil asked if the donations for the event should still go to Make-A-Wish? He said the charity was picked before any of the current committee members time and asked if there was another organization the committee members would want donations to go to. Jean said it is a worthwhile organization. The committee members agreed and also said that there are a lot of worthwhile charities out there. Danielle said she wasn’t sure who originally chose Make-A-Wish and who had the capability of changing it. Patsy suggested running it by Diane Wolgamuth and the Mayor. Phil said when you look at what we collected and what the dash plates cost in 2014, it’s approximately $290 that we donated. Someone suggested having the money donated back to the Village and Patsy suggested The Grove. Ron said The Grove is mainly a Mayfield Village facility, people probably don’t want to donate to it. Patsy suggested the Debbie Hudacko Memorial Scholarship. The committee members agree that people probably want to donate to something they know. Terrie asked if the people donating know or care that they are donating to Make-A-Wish. Danielle said there is a sign right in front of where the donations are collected. People may not read the sign but we do publicize what we are collecting for.


Independence Day Celebration (Saturday, June 27)

  • Patsy said that Bill presented the fireworks to Council yesterday. The committee asked if Randy was going to be involved still and Danielle said she would follow up with him. 
  • Bill said he would recommend a three year contract with American Fireworks again. The committee members agreed that they put on a great show. Bill added that Lieutenant Girbino has been pleased with American Fireworks too.
  • Bill said that this year he would like to use the St. Ignatius Jugglers instead of the bubble man.


Summer Concerts

  • Bill said that thanks to Phil, he pursued some of the local college jazz bands. Bill said he was not able to secure one for the summer concerts but they are using the one from Lakeland Community College at The Grove. Bill reported that there will be dance lessons during their performance.
  • Debbie reported that she has three bands secured. There is Swing Time Big Band, Blue Lunch Band and the Nick Puin Band. Debbie said she was looking for one more and Bill said the Village will not have the Scimitars back this year. Debbie said she was going to contact Erie Bass Band. Mary said that they have used them for Memorial Day and Bill said they were also at The Grove. Mary said they are not really a dance band so they may not be good for the summer concert series. Debbie said she would try the Joe Mayer Orchestra and Phil also suggested Dan Zola. The committee members agreed to take a break from Tony Fortunato and Prime Time. Patsy suggested checking with Art Goldstein as he plays trumpet in a band.


Open Discussion

  • Mary asked if Matthew Dickard was still interested in being part of the committee. Danielle said she emailed him and there was no response. Danielle added that Matthew did contact Diane last year and she believes that he said it was not a good time for him to join the committee.
  • The committee members discussed how it is difficult to see the entrances to the Civic Center. The Civic Center area can be dark and Bill said that he will check with the Illuminating Company about the lighting.  He said he knows there are lights around but they aren’t on. Dona said it was really difficult to see on the night of the Singing Angels. 
  • Committee members were reminded that they can be sworn in at the January 26 Council meeting. Patsy reminded everyone that new committee members are always welcome. Bill said that Patti Fioritto will be joining the committee. 
  • The meeting concluded at 8:05 p.m.


Next Meeting:  Tuesday, April 7, 6:45 p.m., Civic Center

Danielle M. Echt