Records - October 12th 2016

Records Commission Meeting
Wednesday, October 12, 2016
12:00 p.m.
Mayfield Village Civic Center

Attending:  Mary Beth Betsa, Mayor Bodnar, Marjorie Comella, Cheryl Garinger, Laurie Hughes, Mark Guidetti,   Suzanne McCann, Maura McKinley, Patsy Mills, Jean Vitek and Danielle Echt.

Introduction:  Jean called the meeting to order at approximately 12:35 p.m.  Jean said this meeting is being held pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 149.39 requiring that the Records Commission meet at least once every six months. Due to scheduling conflicts, the last meeting of the Commission was held on April 13, 2016.  Holding this meeting today, we are fulfilling the requirements of the Ohio Revised Code mandate.  Mark made a motion to accept the April 13, 2016 Minutes as written.  Cheryl seconded.  All in attendance approved.

Revisions to Records Retention Schedules

  • Mary Beth said by the time the next meeting, which will hopefully be in December, we should have returned to us the approved Retention Schedules from the Ohio Historical Society. Updates to the notebooks that each department has will also be updated.   If anyone needs a new one please let Mary Beth know.

Off-site Storage Update

  • Laurie said that at the last meeting there were 8 boxes ready to go to off-site storage with Access. She also reported that she has used their new online system and it is fairly easy and helpful.  Laurie said that Access is supposed to tell her when boxes are up for destruction but they have not.   It is something that is being worked on.

Public Records Policy Revisions

  • Mary Beth reported that she received from Mayfield Village Police Department a Media Protection/Hardware Sanitation Policy prepared for the purpose of protecting property of the police department and complimentary to any previously implemented policies dealing specifically with hardware retention and disposal which is part of Mayfield Village’s Public Records Policy and retention schedule. It became effective June 6, 2016.  It is to have a policy in place for pre-disposal sanitization of computer equipment. If anyone wants a copy, let Mary Beth know.  There is a copy on file with the Records Commission.

Records Disposition Forms

  • Mary Beth said there is no report.

Legislative Updates

  • Senate Bill 321 is in effect from September 28, 2016. It supplements the mediation program for someone asking for a public record; it creates a mediation process.  He said there is a $25 fee with filing a grievance in Court of Claims.  If an agreement is not reached, then a Magistrate drafts an Advisory Opinion for a Judge.   The other party can appeal.    Mark said that this may shut down the Attorney General Mediation.   Mayor Bodnar asked if there will be regional locations or just one location for this.   Mark said he isn’t sure and he will follow up about the process.

Public Records Requests

  • Mark reported that there have been a fair share of requests. They have been processed in a timely manner like usual.    Mary Beth reminded the committee members that pursuant to policy, when a department receives a request, forward it to the law department and a copy to her as well.   She keeps a report on the requests on file and she has been asked for the report in years.   It is a Best Practices policy but also helps insure that we are in compliance.

Shred Day Update

  • Patsy reported that the Village had 59 boxes and Village residents had 341 boxes for a total of 400 boxes of documents shredded.
  • Patsy said that shred day is scheduled May 13, 2017. Patsy asked if it was the same company as this year.    Mary Beth said yes if the committee agreed.   The price will not change.  The committee members agreed to stay with Ohio Secure Shredding.
  • Jean said that her husband always comes to Shred Day. He is pleased every year.   Jean said that they are very appreciative that Mayfield Village offers the service.

House Bill 9 Training

  • Mary Beth said that the training on May 27 held in Reserve Hall was successful.
  • Mayor Bodnar received a letter from the presenter from Auditor of State’s office thanking Mayfield Village staff for hosting and assisting as needed.
  • Mary Beth said that Councilman Marrie needs to complete House Bill 9 Training before his term expires in 2017. She will give him information on available training dates or will attend training as his designee.
  • Someone asked if Records Commission Members are required to attend the training. Mary Beth said it is not a requirement but it’s good practice for everyone.
  • Mary Beth asked the members if they wanted to schedule training again in 2017. They agreed it was a good idea.  Mary Beth will contact the State Auditor’s office to schedule.

Electronic Records

  • Mary Beth suggested looking into storing documents electronically where they are scanned in and then easily searchable. She and Jeff met with a company who does this, called Assure Vault, and they gave the Village a quote of $10,000.  They looked at binders and documents containing Council Minutes, Ordinances and Resolutions in paper format from 1930 to the present.   After the initial part of scanning and storing is done with these documents, the subsequent years would be cheaper because that would just be for service as we go.  They will meet with John from Assure Vault again to see if things like removing paperclips and such would reduce the cost.   Cheryl asked if documents could be scanned and uploaded to their site?   The Fire Department does that often with their reports.   Mayor Bodnar asked if they would code everything for us so it is easy to be found with a search?  She also asked if the materials from 1930 to present are in boxes and easily readable?  Mary Beth said that most of it is in binders on the shelves in the loft.   Marge asked how it would be kept electronically?   Mark said it could be disks that the Village keeps and software.   Jean asked if there were a fire at Civic Hall, where would the information be.   Cheryl said it’s on the server.   Patsy said there is a local cemetery that has cataloged their grave sites this way and it’s really great but took around two years to get it done.  Mary Beth said it is not something the Village can do on its own.   Jean said we need to know what resources are available and how much it will be.  Patsy said it would need to go in the budget.  Mary Beth said that John from Assure Vault can do a presentation for the group so everyone can get a better understanding of the services they offer.

Open Discussion

  • Patsy congratulated Mary Beth on her new certification of Master Municipal Clerk. The committee members also joined in congratulatory sentiments.
  • On August 31, Jeff Thomas submitted a request to Ron to declare outdated non-working computers, credit card machine, printers and monitors along with their serial numbers. Finance Director Ron Wynne approved.  The approved request is on file.  Marge asked if computers are on the schedule.   Mark said the hardware is not.
  • Cheryl asked if data is cleared from Village copy machines when we are ready to purchase or lease new ones. Danielle said that only a certain amount is saved on there; the last hundred pages or so.   Mary Beth said Lake Business used to do that but she will double check on their current policy.
  • The meeting concluded at 1:15 p.m.

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, December 21, 2016, 12:00 p.m. at the Civic Center