Records - September 23rd 2015

Records Commission Meeting
Wednesday, September 23, 2015
12:00 p.m.
Mayfield Village Civic Center

Attending: Mary Beth Betsa, Cheryl Garinger, Mark Guidetti, Donna Heath, Laurie Hughes, Susan Jerome, Suzanne McCann, Maura McKinley, Patsy Mills, Jean Vitek and Danielle Echt.

Also in Attendance: Brenda Bodnar, Marge Comella and Stephen Jerome

Introduction: Jean called the meeting to order at approximately 12:30 p.m. Mark made a motion to accept the April 22, 2015 Minutes as written. Laurie seconded. All in attendance approved. Patsy asked everyone to introduce themselves as there were guests in attendance. Mary Beth reported that there was no meeting in June due to lack of quorum.

Revisions to Records Retention Schedules

  • Mark said that he reviewed the latest revisions and went over everything with the local government.   He said it looks fine and the RC-2 will be emailed for approval and then the revised Records Retention Schedules will be set.
  • Mary Beth said once the schedules are finalized, she will send them to each department for their Department Head’s signature.

Off-site Storage Update

  • Laurie said that Access (formerly Cintas) has a new website which is a little difficult to navigate.     Access also instituted a new labeling system. Anything the Village had stored there before August 1 remains as is but future storage will utilize the new label system.
  • Mary Beth said that Access sent a letter saying they have retained Breach Reporting Systems for liability coverage which in turn would cost Mayfield Village additional money. She passed the information on to Mark.   Mark said a letter was put together on behalf of Mayfield Village because we were not aware of the additional charge.   Access accepted it and all charges were dropped; the issue should be resolved.

Shred Day Update

  • Mary Beth reported that everything went well with Ohio Secure Shred. She said that the company would keep the same rate of $400 for next year.   Mary Beth suggested having it on May 14, 2016.   Donna made a motion and Mark seconded. All in attendance agreed.

Public Records Policy Revisions

  • Mark stated that the Finance Department made an adjustment to their portion and Mark recommended it for approval. Cheryl made a motion and Susan seconded.   All it attendance agreed.

Status of Public Records Requests

  • Mark said that the police department continues to have many requests. He said that they have been processed quickly and without any issues.
  • Mary Beth said that everyone is following the procedure of forwarding any record requests to the law department and herself. She thanked everyone for their diligence.

Legislative Updates

  • Mark said there was none.

Electronic Records Updates

  • Mark said there was none.

Upcoming Seminars & Training

  • Mary Beth asked the committee if they thought Mayfield Village should host the House Bill 9 training session again in 2016.   Susan said she did the online training this year and it was great.   The committee agreed to further discussion at the next meeting.
  • Mary Beth said that Councilman Williams will need to attend training as well as any other newly elected officials.   She added that they could appoint a designee or also participate in the online training course.
  • Patsy asked if Marge would have to attend training if she was going to sit on the committee in lieu of Nancy Plastine.   Mary Beth said she does not have to but it is recommended.

Open Discussion

  • Cheryl said that paper copies of run reports are being inputted electronically now at the Fire Department.   She asked if it was okay to dispose of the paper copy.   Mark said that she could but he added that the Ohio Historical Society recommends not to rely solely on electronic records.   At this point, there is no guarantee that electronic records will always be there.   Steve asked if there is backup for Mayfield Village’s files and Cheryl said yes, there is off-site storage.
  • Mary Beth said that recently the Police Chief inquired about patrol car video and texts. Mark said he would follow up directly with Chief Edeleman.
  • The meeting concluded at 12:50 p.m.  

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 12:00 p.m. at the Civic Center