PZ - January 19th 2017

Planning & Zoning Commission
Workshop Meeting Minutes
Mayfield Village
Jan 19, 2017

The Planning and Zoning Commission met in workshop session on Thurs, Jan 19, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center, Main Conference Room for a meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission. Chairman Pro-Tem McGrath presided.


Present: Dr. Sue McGrath (Chairman Pro-Tem), Mr. Bill Marquardt, Mr. Garry Regan, Mr. Paul Fikaris, and Mr. David Hoehnen

Also Present: Mr. Mark Guidetti (Asst. Law Director), Mr. John Marrelli (Building Commissioner), and Ms. Deborah Garbo (Secretary)

Absent: Mr. Vetus Syracuse (Chairman), Mayor Bodnar, and Mr. Tom Cappello (Village Engineer)


  1. Temporary and Conditional Use Permit
    Outdoor Storage
    Fappiano, Luisa Trustee
    480 SOM Ctr. Rd.
    Kenneth J. Fisher Co., Inc
  2. Conditional & Special Use Permit Renewals
    New Expiration Date; December 2018


Fappiano, Luisa Trustee
480 SOM Ctr. Rd.
Temporary and Conditional Use Permit
Outdoor Storage

Chairman Pro-Tem McGrath called the meeting to order. This is a workshop meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission. We have two items on the agenda tonight. Let’s start with the proposal for a temporary and conditional use permit for outdoor storage.

Kenneth Fisher with Kenneth J. Fisher Co., L.P.A. introduced himself.  I’m here this evening on behalf of Luisa and Angelo Fappiano. We’re here to ask permission pursuant to Code Section 1149.02 where Planning Commission has the authority to grant a permit for up to two years for outdoor storage. This has been an ongoing issue for some time. Conversations have been, under the circumstances very civil. Mrs. Fappiano has been cited, the case is in the court right now. It’s a Building code violation and we’re working through that.

The history here is that for many many years the family has occupied on this site a commercial landscape business. They use it for business purposes and have for many years. What year would you say it got started; 1977?

Luisa Fappiano replied, we rented for 4 or 5 years then we bought it in the 70’s.

Kenneth Fisher said, we’re looking at 50+ years that the family has been in the Village renting and now owning for many years at this particular location. The lot is split zoning, the frontage is Single/Family, the majority is Office/Laboratory and the very rear is Production/Distribution. The Single/Family portion will remain green and unoccupied. In order to resolve the storage issues, the Fappiano’s would be given a conditional use permit to construct an enclosed structure where all of their various landscape related machinery and equipment would be stored out of view and it would be setback from the street. That’s the request in a nutshell.

Kenneth Fisher concludes, this is a successful business. Angelo’s company comes from a hard working family. They take care of a lot of commercial properties in the area. They like being in the Village, they like the location and they’ve owned the property for a long time. They want to try to come up with a solution to resolve disagreements over the outdoor storage. This has been discussed with Mark at the Law Dept. and John Marrelli in the Building Dept. We’re here for input, guidance, suggestions as to how we can come up with a solution. Angelo, anything you’d like to add?

Angelo Fappiano replied, no.

Mark Guidetti said, Mr. Fisher accurately summarized the history. This came onto the Village’s radar because of some other Fire & Building Code issues that are being worked on. This tonight is just the conditional use per application. The rest of it is being handled through other methods. Law took a look at whether there was a prior legal non-conforming use issue with this property, but it appears that our code was in fact in place before this non-conforming use began. So that’s not an issue for the Village.

Mr. Marrelli said, I have a couple of corrections if you would allow me. The Code Section is 1173.05 that allows the Planning Commission to allow the temporary outdoor storage. A little history, we went back in the archives and Nov 1980 Gus Amendola the Building Commissioner wrote a letter to Mike Fappiano Landscaping on Elmwood Rd. in Mayfield Hts. I’ll paraphrase it; “I can only allow you to occupy the barn for storage as it has a background history of storage. The open storage of woodchips, ties, brick, trailer, trees, topsoil etc cannot be allowed. Would you proceed immediately in the cleanup and disposal of this material.”

Mr. Marrelli said, I don’t know when you got it. I read some things that there was lot splits done without Planning Commission approval and Weinberg sold a piece to you and sold a piece to somebody else. I have no record that the lot split was ever approved by Planning Commission. Your address is actually 480 SOM, not 478 according to the map and the Deed.

Luisa Fappiano replied, the tax statement says 478.

Mr. Marrelli said, your Deed says 480. We have a copy of it. There’s a whole lot of gray areas and weird history here. I just wanted to bring that out on the table. It was never permitted for outdoor storage and landscaping business on this property. Gus tried to put a stop to it in 1980 and 1986. He wrote another letter in 1986. You got the property in ‘79’, he showed up in 1980. Six years went by.

Luisa Fappiano said, I don’t remember.

Mr. Marrelli said, you were probably home and your husband was taking care of everything. That’s just to keep the record straight. We have that little bit of history, but not a lot. What happened from 1986 until now, I couldn’t tell you. It’s off the radar because it’s off the beaten path.

Chairman Pro-Tem McGrath asked, is there still a house on the property? In one of the letters we received, it talked about no plumbing in the house.

Mr. Marrelli replied yes, the house is in the pictures. I couldn’t tell you what’s inside there. Is there plumbing in this house?

Angelo Fappiano replied, no.

Mr. Marrelli asked, what do you use it for?

Luisa Fappiano replied, tables & chairs.

Angelo Fappiano replied, basically for storage.

Mr. Marrelli asked, what do you use for bathrooms there?

Angelo Fappiano replied, we have a porta potty. We’re barely ever there, we’re usually on the job.

Mr. Marrelli said, there’s a letter from Gus that told your Dad to stop using coffee cans and buckets for toilets. That brings us to today, to try to get this site under control once and for all.

Mr. Regan asked, what does the law say about when something has gone on for 30 years?

Mr. Guidetti replied, there’s not really anything that would apply to the Village. We certainly can enforce our code as it’s written. The main issue would be if this constituted a prior Legal Non-Conforming Use, and to qualify for that, that would basically be an exemption from complying with our code. To qualify for that, that Use would have had to start before our code was enacted. That’s not the case here.

Mr. Regan asked, is the citation currently out there on the property orders to get him up to code?

Mr. Guidetti replied, that’s all going through Lyndhurst Municipal Court through the Village Prosecutor. That’s all handled separately. This is just to get the outdoor storage into conformance with our code or permitted through a Conditional Use.

Mr. Marrelli said, the buildings that are in need of repair is in Lyndhurst Court. The zoning issue is here now to be addressed.

Mr. Hoehnen states, one of the reasons why this matter has been lying dormant, out of mind for so many years is that we haven’t had a Greenway Trail until just recently. Large numbers of people have been using that trail including myself. Every time I walk by the property in question I shake my head because it’s so antithesis of what the trail should be. It’s supposed to be a scenic trail. That point of the trail is anything but scenic. I think that is what’s concerning a number of residents. I don’t personally know whether there could be adequate fencing to eliminate that problem, the fact that it’s not attractive to look at. I’d be willing to consider that myself. 

Mr. Marrelli replied, you’re allowed an 8’ high fence on commercial property which that’s what he has. When you separate commercial from residential, you could go up 8’ high.

Mr. Regan asked, what about commercial from parkland?

Mr. Marrelli replied, it’s residential, we own that.

Mr. Regan states, I use the Greenway Trail every day. I actually thought the barn even though it was in disrepair was some sort of Village historic structure. You say hey, that’s pretty cool. Now, I do see the equipment, and the first time I was on the Greenway, I thought this was part of the construction of the Greenway, but it remains there. For myself, it’s the legal matters with the structures and then as Dave points out, something aesthetically done to take care of the eyesore issue. We have something that’s been going on for 40 years. Oversight on our part, oversight on somebody’s part. Should Gus have followed up? Should they have followed up with Gus? I don’t know. I think there’s a work out here. Is this a Temporary Conditional Use permit so they could clean up, so they could do what they need to do? If that’s the case, I’m all about that. Then if they want to come back at a later time with something that fits within our guidelines and they meet conditions. It’s existed quietly for 40 years.

Mr. Fikaris said, the way I see it, it doesn’t really have to do with us if there are code violations that need to be resolved. Then, even if this was up to code, we’d have to decide, I think there was a reason why it was zoned that you’re not allowed to store outdoor materials, maybe because of runoff. It’s not just about a visual blocking issue. Does that have to be taken care of as well?

Mr. Marrelli replied, our zoning code in the Business District has a requirement that all processes and equipment be indoors. This is the only landscaping company in town. We don’t even have a category for Landscape Company in our zoning code. When Gus went in there and said I can’t let you do this, that’s because it doesn’t even fit in any districts. I think what he did was try to take the high road and said keep all your stuff in the barn. Maybe in 1986 Mike Fappiano took everything he had and shoved it in the barn and Gus said o.k. I’m done. Then everything starts to come out. You buy lots of materials and store them on your site versus having the materials delivered to the job.

Angelo Fappiano replied right, like soils and mulches.

Mr. Marrelli added, and stone and brick and sewer covers. Most companies, they don’t store this stuff on site, they order it from the company and it shows up on the job. His operation is growing, growing, growing. I watched it get bigger over six months, more and more material kept showing up. You kept getting closer to the residential part.

Angelo Fappiano said, the only reason I got closer to the residential portion of the property was due to the fact that we had to clean up the encroachments, all those encroachments. We needed to store it somewhere temporarily, so we brought it out front just to store it there to figure out where we can bring it back, back to the back portion of the property to store it properly.

Mr. Marrelli said, I’m pretty sure I saw stuff that was still in wrappers.

Angelo Fappiano replied, we wrap everything.

Luisa Fappiano said, there’s no dust at all.

Mr. Marrelli states, a couple of things here. One is there’s almost no paving out here, this is all mud. When you guys are driving around, you’re driving in mud all the time.

Angelo Fappiano said, most of it is stone up the driveway. When the weather gets bad it turns muddy.

Mr. Marrelli said, it’s unimproved, you have stuff all over, your equipment’s all over. Like everybody says, they’re on this brand new Greenway Trail that we paid a fortune for and you look in and ask, what the heck happened here? You have to come to us and say, here’s how I plan on making it disappear.

Kenneth Fisher said John, we could do a board on board fence.

Mr. Marrelli said, it has to be taller than the one that’s there.

Kenneth Fisher said, I think 8’ is the maximum.

Mr. Marrelli said, you could consider an 8’ fence and how about throwing in some evergreens in there between the fence and the barn, you’re in the landscape business.

Kenneth Fisher said, we could come up with a landscape plan and an attractive board on board high quality. We understand, it’s beautiful what the Village has done, it’s amazing. I don’t live in the Village but I’ve seen what you’ve done. We certainly don’t want to be a distraction and don’t want to in any way diminish the experience people enjoy when they walk on the trails, through the park and by the softball fields. We want to come up with a solution and still respect the zoning depicted on the site plan to remain office & family which abuts 91. We’re in favor of those types of solutions.

Mr. Marquardt asked, aren’t there supposed to be buildings to store the equipment?

Mr. Marrelli replied, that’s another issue. Here’s the way I see it. You could allow outdoor storage of the materials and the equipment under certain circumstances if you deem that their means of enclosing it is sufficient to meet the intent of the code. The intent of the code is when you walk or drive by, you don’t see a bunch of stuff out in the yard.

Kenneth Fisher mentioned tarp to make sure there’s no dust.

Chairman Pro-Tem McGrath said, I think dust is the least of it. I think it’s visual.

Kenneth Fisher said, I just want to make sure we’re respecting everybody. In response to the Councilman, it’s very difficult to find enclosed edifices for the type of landscape materials he has.

Mr. Regan said, there’s canvas out there. Do you store chemicals or diesel?

Angelo Fappiano replied, we have a diesel and fuel tank. The Fire Marshal has inspected it and we’re up to par with all the electrical and all of that.

Mr. Regan said, with that, there’s a greater chance there could be a chemical or fuel spill.

Kenneth Fisher states, this is not a wholesale yard Garry. Angelo takes care of a lot of commercial properties. The only ones in and out of there are Angelo and the people that work with him. This isn’t Kurtz Bros. The public is not in and out of there.

Mr. Marrelli asked, how are you handling your taxes with us? Are all of your employees contractors or are they on payroll?

Angelo Fappiano replied, they’re on payroll.

Luisa Fappiano replied, we pay a lot of taxes to Mayfield Village.

Mr. Fikaris asked, how many employees in the company?

Angelo Fappiano replied, 10 total. It’s a small company. We’re gone at 8:00 am and back at 5:00 p.m. Not too much traffic during the day, maybe one or two trucks in and out.

Mr. Marrelli said, you’re probably aware of this, but there’s going to be an Intergenerational Park where Zako’s house used to be; bocce ball courts, tennis courts. Another good reason to try to keep this stuff out of sight. 

Kenneth Fisher said, we certainly want to respect the serenity. I’ve been on the path, it’s nice the way it connects underneath, it’s beautiful. Our point is, we’ll be as proactive here in coming up with a plan as we can be based on what’s being discussed here. We’ll come up with a landscape plan, an 8’ board on board, make sure everything’s enclosed and still respect the zoning and stay off the single family portion.

Angelo Fappiano asked, if we were to install a fence along the property line, how do we landscape the other side?

Mr. Marrelli replied, you’d put your landscaping on your side of the fence.

Angelo Fappiano asked, so I have to move over the fence 10’ off the property line?

Kenneth Fisher said, that’s a good point. There’s only so much space there. We’d be willing to landscape on the outside. Is that what the Village owns?

Angelo Fappiano replied, Progressive and the Village own.

Mr. Fikaris said, that could be a lot of lineal feet you guys are dealing with here. To me, I’d try to do as much natural as you can.

Angelo Fappiano asked, what about fencing the back portion where most of our equipment is located, and maybe landscape around.

Mr. Marrelli replied, I think probably the biggest eyesore is the barn, it looks like it’s going to fall down. We know it’s not going to fall down, but it’s crooked everywhere. 

Luisa Fappiano said, we’re going to fix the barn.

Angelo Fappiano said, we’re considering the possibility of a new structure on site. The only issue we’re having is the setbacks, 30’ rear and 30’ on the side. Maybe we could discuss you giving us a smaller setback at 10’ on the rear and side so we could build a new structure and I could remove the barn. I wouldn’t remove that until I got a permit to build a new structure. These are all things for consideration. Then re-fence the front portion and the sides, or majority of it and then landscape some too so it looks a little nicer.

Mr. Marrelli said, my humble opinion is when you walk the path and come around the back and down the side, if you could make that disappear with landscaping and fencing, I think that would pretty much cover it. That’s me speaking, not the Board.

Chairman Pro-Tem McGrath said, my question is the chronology of this.

Mr. Marrelli replied, you approve a plan.

Mr. Marquardt said, have them lay out a plan.

Mr. Marrelli said, the barn view is the most offensive and the telephone poles and whatnot.

Angelo Fappiano said yes, I’m planning on removing those poles, I just needed time.

Luisa Fappiano said, he works so hard.

Mr. Marrelli shared with Ken the photos taken of the property during inspections.

Luisa Fappiano said, if you come now, it’s beautiful, everything is clean.


Chairman Pro-Tem McGrath summarizes. I think what the Committee is suggesting is that coming to us now and asking for a Conditional Use Permit is premature, but not out of the question. We’re not saying go away, but some other things have to happen first. The first thing that has to happen is some kind of detailed plan, not just a picture, a plan that says this is what we plan on doing with the;

  • Barn
  • Materials currently stored outside
  • Vehicles
  • Fence
  • Landscaping

Then we need a timeline. I don’t think we have to say this must be done by this date. You should at least have step by step, so that we have some kind of understanding of how this is going to proceed. As those things happen, then we can talk about a Conditional Use Permit. I don’t think it’s our desire to scare you away or to send you out of the Village. I think we’re trying to be understanding. What has happened in this past 40 or 50 years, what has grown up around your business is a recreational area, people walking around and enjoying nature. They walk past your property and go; what’s this? We’d like to come to an agreement that you could continue to do your business, but people can continue to enjoy the Greenway without asking; what’s this?

Mr. Regan asked, but isn’t this all subject to what’s going on in Lyndhurst Court?

Mr. Guidetti replied, it’s two separate tracks, this is track B, that’s track A.

Chairman Pro-Tem McGrath states, spring is coming and unlike Gus, John is not going to let this go. I think you’d be very wise to be back in front of us by March the latest.

Kenneth Fisher said, we’d obviously like to improve the property. We are a little bit limited with the two year permit. 

Mr. Regan said, it’s renewable. There’s conditions we could agree to and if you live by your conditions, you’re o.k. 

Kenneth Fisher said, he’s going to make a pretty large capital expenditure here. We need to have the comfort of knowing that, as long as he meets the conditions.

Mr. Regan said, the Hilton Garden Inn was built under a Conditional Use Permit in 2007 for $20,000,000.00. We’ve lived by it.

Kenneth Fisher said, that’s encouraging.

Angelo Fappiano said, spending this amount of money and not to be allowed to use the property in two years was a concern.

Kenneth Fisher said, Fappiano’s are willing to make a substantial investment to their property.

Mr. Marrelli said, I just realized what I said before hasn’t been addressed, which is there’s no zone for a Landscape Operation. You should maybe amend your request for a Conditional Use Permit for the business and the storage. You have a business not unlike other businesses that we have in town that are on Conditional Use Permits because they don’t fall into a category. You could get a Conditional Use Permit if they see that fit for the landscaping business and the outdoor storage, then everything would be legalized finally.

Chairman Pro-Tem McGrath said, the other thing on our agenda tonight is to go through Conditional Use and Special Permit renewals. You are not the only one that would be existing under this kind of permit. Some of these have been around since 1992.

Mr. Marrelli said, if you bring in a site plan, a rendering where you could superimpose fences and landscaping over your property.

Luisa Fappiano asked, where do you want the landscaping?

Mr. Marrelli replied, you’ve got to make these buildings go away, they have to go away. That whole site’s got to be cleaned up.

Angelo Fappiano said, when the Village put the trail in, they put in a lot of arborvitae and material along the one and they’re half dead.

Mr. Marrelli confirmed they’re half dead. There’s no screening. I don’t know if they’re dead because they just went bad or because of what’s going on next to them.

Kenneth Fisher said, the suggestion made by Mr. Hoehnen regarding the fencing was a good one. The fencing is obviously a problem the way it is now, we want to do something that’s much nicer.

Mr. Marrelli said, you might want to get creative and make some mounding. 

Angelo Fappiano said, an 8’ high fence would hide almost everything but not the big barns.

Mr. Marrelli said, sometimes you do both. I think mounding on your perimeter would keep your mud in check so it doesn’t run off onto the path and into the ditches.

Kenneth Fisher said you’re right, we want to make sure we have drainage too.

Mr. Marrelli states, you have a lot of ideas to play with.

Kenneth Fisher said, we’ll submit a plan to you and Mark. When we come back here, we’d like to be able to be in a position where you have something in front of you that’s approvable in Feb, no later than March. What’s your February workshop date?

Mr. Guidetti replied, Thurs, Feb 16th.

Luisa Fappiano said, come to our property. We can talk, you can see it better than on paper. 

Chairman Pro-Tem McGrath said, you submit a plan on paper and I’ll come and look. 

Mr. Regan said there’s another bit of construction going on alongside the Greenway Trail at the MARS Electric building. The original plan was to abut the Greenway Trail, after a conversation and the fact that they needed some outdoor storage permitting, they left it in a natural state. It’s working for everybody. I think we’re eager to work with you.

Kenneth Fisher concludes, you’ve given us some good insight. We appreciate that. Thank you.


Applicant to submit a detailed site plan addressing the site improvement plan for existing barns, materials stored on site, vehicles stored on site, fencing and landscaping. A timeline is required to be submitted along with the plan as discussed.

Applicant and property owners leave at 8:15 p.m.

Conditional and Special Use Permit Renewals
New Expiration date; Dec 2018

Chairman Pro-Tem McGrath said, our second item is this long list of Conditional and Special use permits (list enclosed).

Mr. Marrelli said, there are three that need some tweaking. Out of all 27 permits listed, there are only 3 changes to be considered:

#2: Dr. Eadie is no longer associated with Megan Ursick, DDS @ 865 SOM Ctr Rd. Dr. Eadie has sold his business to Dr. Ursick. They were partners at one point. He is gone. His permit was actually issued to him & her. I’m asking we take him off. He’s no longer an owner.

#22: Royal Cheer Athletics closed.

#25: Ararat Martial Arts subleased from Royal Cheer. He made a deal with the landlord for a month to month lease for 2 to 3 months. They will be vacating the space soon. I recommend not renewing Royal Cheer or Ararat Martial Arts for 2 more years.

Mr. Marrelli said, I’m good with renewing the list with the 3 changes.

Mr. Fikaris asked about the note on #2; “Special Use Permit granted for as long as Dr. Jeffrey Eadie maintains a full-time General Dental practice on the premises.” 

Mr. Marrelli replied, now it’s Dr. Ursick that’s maintaining the full-time practice. That basically means that this building has to remain as a Dental Office or it has to revert back to a house. He can’t sell it to a pizza place. It has to be a Dental Practice, period.

Mr. Hoehnen asked, does she live in that place?

Mr. Marrelli replied, no.

Mr. Marrelli said, the second part of the memo, nothing is happening with these three yet:

#23: Verizon Wireless Monopole, has not been constructed yet at the High School Stadium.

#26: Premier Development has not yet begun to utilize the outdoor storage yet @ 6655 Beta for MARS Electric.

#27: Hattie Larlham will be submitting plans in 2 – 3 weeks to set up their space @ 700 Beta.

Mr. Marrelli said, you can renew these even though they haven’t started yet.

Mr. Fikaris asked, what’s your opinion on the Fire issues at 700 Beta?

Mr. Marrelli replied, the Fire Dept had to take the management at 700 Beta to court for Fire Code issues. Do you remember when Hattie Larlham was in here and they said they checked the place out, it’s super safe and everything’s up to code? It wasn’t a week later that we found out the sprinklers were shut off because of a broken pipe and nobody told us that they turned everything off. It got to the point if I’m not mistaken, I don’t think I have anything in writing, but they prosecuted the management for a Fire Code violation.

Chairman Pro-Tem McGrath asked, is that what’s taking Hattie so long?

Mr. Marrelli replied I don’t know, they didn’t elaborate. I called the manager of Hattie and asked what they’re doing. He said they’re just solidifying the lease now and they’ll be bringing in the plans for the build-out.

Mr. Fikaris brings attention to the Fire Dept report for Governor’s Village; MVFD has responded to 163 emergencies at this occupancy over the past two years. There’s only 250 working days a year, so that’s 163 out of 250 days.

Mr. Hoehnen said, the last time I checked about 8 or 9 months ago, Governor’s Village was only 60% occupied.

Chairman Pro-Tem McGrath asked if anyone had any discussion on the Fire Chief’s comments about the Cleveland Clinic facility in the High School:

6116 Wilson Mills: High School Campus


Other uses at this occupancy may need conditional use permit. The growth and expansion of Wildcat Sport and Fitness as well as The Cleveland Clinic Medical Office located in the school have changed the use of the structure. In fact the Cleveland Clinic Medical Office even had its own mailing address created to separate their business from the High School address. As these occupancies are cohabitating in an existing structure they should have gone through a process as a separate occupancy seeking to conduct business or operations within our community. This would have been the impetus to effect appropriate modifications to fire protection systems within the structures that they are operating within to better protect the businesses and occupants.

Mr. Hoehnen asked, what’s their function there?

Mr. Marrelli replied, supposedly they’re like the Nurses office for the Teachers and Teachers families.

Mr. Hoehnen said, I thought maybe it had something to do with Health Care & Vocational Ed.

Mr. Marrelli said no.

Chairman Pro-Tem McGrath said, I think the Cleveland Clinic portion is separate from the Wildcat Sport & Fitness. They’re two separate entities. It’s a clinic for the Staff & Faculty within the District. If a Teacher has a sore throat that day, they can go down the hall and see a Nurse Practitioner.

Mr. Marrelli said, they told us they don’t see outside patients. You can’t just go there. It’s only for Faculty and family.

Chairman Pro-Tem McGrath said, it’s kind of like a CVS Minute Clinic.

Mr. Marrelli said, I’m not sure where the Fire Chief’s coming from except they kind of got surprised when this office area got built out that it turned into a little Minute Clinic.

Mr. Marquardt asked, what’s the problem with it?

Mr. Marrelli replied, I don’t have a problem with it.

Mr. Regan said, it probably needs a Conditional Use Permit.

Mr. Guidetti said, the only issue that we had previously was the address. It needed a separate address, if they needed to respond.  

Mr. Marrelli said, they were given a separate address of 6098 Wilson Mills Rd to Mayfield High School Wildcat Health & Wellness Clinic.

Chairman Pro-Tem McGrath asked, does the Wildcat Sport & Fitness have a permit?

Mr. Marrelli replied, yes.

Mr. Regan said, I believe it’s owned by the different communities. Mayfield Hts and Highland Hts contributes.

Mr. Guidetti said, it’s a shared facility. They contribute to the operation of it. 

Chairman Pro-Tem McGrath commented, it’s a wonderful facility.

Mr. Marrelli said, I never had a problem with it. They could very easily say this is the Nurse’s office. What problem do you have with a Nurse’s office?

Mr. Fikaris said, if you look at it from a selfish point of view, two Nurse Practitioners could add to the tax roll.

Chairman Pro-Tem McGrath asked, any other discussion?

There was none.


Conditional & Special Use Permit Renewals vote meeting scheduled for Mon, Feb 6th @ 7:00 p.m.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.