Rec Board: April 19th 2017

Mayfield Village Parks and Recreation Board Meeting
Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 7:00 p.m.
Mayfield Village Civic Center

Present:  Pat Andrzejczyk, Sara Calo, Aaron Caunter, Patti Fioritto, Peggy Kerver, Tom Marrie, Derek McDowell, Mary Murphy, Dave Perout, Laura Prcela, Pam Schutt, and Meg Stifler.

Also PresentSteve Schutt, Shane McAvinew and Danielle Echt.

Absent:  Stivo DiFranco, Steve Jerome, Troy Koch, Shelly Kovacevic, Kate Sullivan and Lori Sperling.

Introduction: Meg called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.  Dave made a motion to approve the March 15, 2017 Minutes as written and Pat seconded.   All committee members agreed.    Volunteer sign-up sheets for special events were passed around.

The Grove Update

  • Shane reported that the groundbreaking for the band shell had occurred and the concrete has been poured. Construction is anticipated to be done the week of June 1 with a ribbon cutting ceremony possibly on June 30.    Residents will be notified.  Shane said the construction process seems to be moving along quickly and it is going well so far.
  • Post cards with the schedule will be mailed out to everyone again this year and the information is also marketed in the VOV. 
  • Shane reported that Piccolo’s will serve food and alcohol out of the concession stand for the Thursday Gazebo concerts.  Meg asked if anyone served out of there yet.  Shane said just for the Tree Lighting Ceremony.   He said there was some difficulty getting things out of the concession windows but the Service Department is adjusting some things to make it easier.  Shane added that people can bring their own food for the Wednesday, lunch time concerts at the Gazebo.    He also has extended an offer to the sponsors to provide food if they wanted to.   He said Governor’s Village is sponsoring one of the concerts and he hopes that their residents attend also.
  • Danielle added that The Grove schedule will be available at a table during the pancake breakfast in May.  She said if anybody was willing and able, it would be nice to have a volunteer to sit at the table to answer questions.

Senior Program Updates

  • The Anniversary Party for Village seniors ages 60+ will be held May 5. Reservations are due by April 26.
  • Mayfield Village Senior Services will have a booth at the Senior Lunch at the Hilton Garden Inn hosted by 107.3 The Wave radio station on May 16. They expect 300-350 seniors to attend. We will distribute flyers and newsletters.
  • The May foot clinic will be on the 26th at the Civic Center. The cost is $20.
  • The May Lunch & Movie at Governor’s Village is on Wednesday, May 24. The cost is $5 and reservations must be made by the week before by calling Senior Services.
  • The May trip is to the Ohio Governor’s Residence and Franklin Park Conservatory. Almost 50 people will be going. We can take up to 55.
  • There will be a Lunch n’ Learn on May 17—“An Update on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Rheumatoid and Gout Arthritis” sponsored by Dr. David Mandel.
  • New series of cooking/baking classes, watercolor, Spanish lessons, knitting/ crocheting, and one-stroke painting are underway. A new Matter of Balance class will begin April 19. This class is full so we will hold another class beginning August 9.

Easter Party Evaluation

  • Danielle reported that the event sold out. The maximum occupancy in the Community Room was 170 people.  They had to turn away a couple families the week of the party and on the day of the party.   Everyone agreed that pre-registration is the way to go though.   
  • The committee members agreed that everything went well for the first time having the party there. It was a little crowded and the flow of people was a little congested.  
  • Mary said that more tables should have been brought out because a lot of people were standing. She said that Debbie Thomas said that more tables were available in storage.  Danielle said that if more tables were brought out, the maximum occupancy of the room would have changed and we couldn’t take as many people. She added that the number of people have always been greater than seating at the recreation parties.   It is very difficult to seat that many people.
  • Danielle said the Recreation Department was trying to come up with solutions for the party next year. There would be the possibility of having it outdoors at The Grove/Parkview Pool area.   There is plenty of space and the areas for the egg hunt could be roped off.    The committee members discussed this option and overall agreed that weather would be a factor.   There could be an option of a morning and afternoon party and or having the party at both buildings.    This would be more costly and would require more volunteers.     Danielle said someone suggested limiting the number of people per family that could attend but the committee members agreed that was not a good option.  After much discussion, the overall consensus was to hold the party in the Civic Center in 2017.  The whole first floor of the building could be used.   Food and crafts could be in Civic Hall, there could be a balloon twister near the ticket office, there could be entertainment on the stage in Reserve Hall and pictures with the bunny could be in the conference room.   With everything being spread out, we should be able to accommodate more residents and change the party up a bit.   Sara asked if the parking lot could accommodate the cars.  The committee members thought it would be okay and that certain areas/grass could be roped off for the egg hunt.    Sarah also asked about the age demographics for kids attending the party and Danielle said the number of participants that fall into each age group fluctuate each year.   Shane said that the committee could discuss the location again before next year but he felt that the Civic Center would be the best option.
  • It was suggested to put “Registration is Limited” on the 2017 marketing so people know to register on time.

Debbie Hudacko Scholarship

  • Danielle reported that there were nine eligible applicants and three were going to be interviewed based upon Kate and Derek’s recommendation. Danielle said that Sara was unable to help with the interviews due to a scheduling conflict.

Open Discussion

  • Derek suggested having comment cards at events. Shane replied that there will be two interns covering The Grove and recreation events.   He said one of their primary responsibilities will be talking to people at the events and gathering their feedback.  Shane emphasized the important of feedback and residents communicating what they would like to see programmed in the Village.  The committee members agreed.
  • Shane also said that he would like to have a Mayfield Village information booth at Cruise Night. Danielle reminded him that additional volunteers would be needed for it.  Shane suggested having one of the two interns help at the table.
  • The committee members briefly discussed the pros and cons of having Cruise Night at the Progressive area and at the SOM Center/Wilson Mills area. Shane said there are issues with both locations but each year regardless of where it is, it will be evaluated.
  • Shane reported that online registration is up and running for many programs. He said registration is still a little slow but it’s new and we are starting off small.   He encouraged everyone to check it out.
  • Pam mentioned that Highland Heights youth baseball has been the same fee for Highland Heights and Mayfield Village residents for years. She said this year they changed that and now a Village resident has to pay more.  Pam asked if there was an agreement with them because Mayfield Village doesn’t offer youth baseball.   Danielle said she has never heard of any agreement.  She also said that Mayfield Village had a youth softball program for years but the numbers dwindled so we stopped offering it.   Pam also said that it is expensive for kids to join the Highland Heights Hurricanes.  She said they have to pay a fee to join the swim team plus buy a pool pass for Highland Heights and then her family purchases a pass to Parkview Pool as well.   
  • Meg apologized for not introducing Steve Schutt earlier in the meeting. Steve then introduced himself and announced that he would be running for Council at Large.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, September 20, 2017, 7:00 p.m. at the Civic Center