Rec Board - October 19th 2016

Mayfield Village Parks and Recreation Board Meeting
Wednesday, October 19, 2016, 7:00 p.m.
Mayfield Village Civic Center

Present:  Patti Fioritto, Tom Marrie, Mary Murphy, Dave Perout and Laura Prcela

Also PresentSean Supler, Bill Thomas and Danielle Echt

Absent:  Pat Andrzejczyk, Stivo DiFranco, Peggy Kerver, Troy Koch, Shelly Kovacevic, Derrick McDowell, Lori Sperling, Pam Schutt, Meg Stifler and Kate Sullivan

Introduction:  Bill called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m.  Dave made a motion to approve the September 21, 2016 Minutes as written and Patti seconded.   All committee members agreed.

Senior Program Updates

  • The October Lunch & Movie at Governor’s Village is on Wednesday, October 19.
  • New classes this month include Arthritis Exercise, Cooking & Baking Classes, Bridge Lessons, and Spanish Lessons. Most of these were requested per results of the Senior Survey.
  • There will be a Lunch n’ Learn program on Wednesday, October 26 about how hearing loss affects our mental health. It is being sponsored by Zounds Hearing.
  • The 2nd Mayfield Art Show was held October 9 - 16 at Mayfield Library.
  • Patti said she did a cooking class through the Senior Department and it was great. She enjoyed the class.
  • Dave suggested a pairing type class where food and wine are paired together. He said he has gone to a place where there is a chef that prepares a meal in front of you and pairs wine while explaining it all.  Bill asked Dave to give him some information so we can look into it further.

Halloween Party Update (Saturday, October 22, 1:30 – 3:00 p.m., Civic Center)

  • Danielle said that there is a blood drive in Civic Hall until 4:00 p.m. She said that Meg will arrive around that time for set up and decorating.     Danielle said she would email the group to see if anyone can help with setup.   If everything wasn’t complete on Friday then Meg will contact the committee to see if anyone can help decorate on Saturday morning before the party.
  • Tom said that Council liked the idea of having the party in the Civic Center instead of the Community Room.
  • Danielle reported that there are approximately 43 kids signed up and 86 adults signed up. Sean said that he and Danielle received a lot of calls after the flyer went to Center School. Several calls were from non-residents whose child brought home the flyer.  Danielle and Sean told them that the party was for Village residents and that each community has their own party.
  • The committee members agreed not to turn away Mayfield Village residents who showed up at the party and hadn’t registered in advance. Danielle reminded the committee that not only Center School and Mayfield Village Residents have seen the flyer.   She said if people just look at the brochure, it does not say pre-register or anything about the new policy.    Danielle said that some non-residents may show up at the door.  The committee members agreed to check ID’s if that happened.
  • Danielle said she wasn’t sure if she should order the same amount of refreshments as previous years. The committee agreed that she should order the usual amount. 
  • Sean said this party is the starting block of the new process for our parties.   The committee members agreed and said people will get the hang of the new procedures.

Halloween Window Painting Contest Update

  • Bill reported that we have 43 windows being painted on with 75 students participating.
  • The judges had a conflict with the usual judging date so this year they are judging one day earlier. Bill said it is a nice format for the department because it allows extra time to put together PA Announcements, news releases and prizes.

Open Discussion

  • Bill said that his position has been officially announced. The Village has already received around 15 applications.   Bill said that there will probably be a lot more and he knows that Sean and Danielle are interested in the positon.   He said his retirement date is February 17 because he wants to see the transition through and finish the brochure. 
  • Bill reported that he will be putting the new Activity Island into the 2017 budget for the pool to replace the turtle. The old turtle at the pool has been reconditioned in case the Activity Island cannot be purchased.  
  • The pool heater building is out to bid for the third time. Bill said it has to do with prevailing wages and hopefully within our budget.
  • Bill said that he is still working on the Intergenerational Park. He said if it’s not able to go ahead in 2017, then he hopes the person after him will carry it through.

The meeting concluded at approximately 7:35 p.m.