Rec Board - November 9th 2016

Mayfield Village Parks and Recreation Board Meeting
Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 7:00 p.m.
Mayfield Village Civic Center

Present:  Pat Andrzejczyk, Aaron Caunter, Patti Fioritto, Peggy Kerver, Troy Koch, Tom Marrie, Mary Murphy, Pam Schutt, Meg Stifler and Kate Sullivan

Also PresentSean Supler, Bill Thomas and Danielle Echt

Absent:  Stivo DiFranco, Shelly Kovacevic, Derrick McDowell, and Lori Sperling

Introduction:  Katie called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.  Tom made a motion to approve the October 19, 2016 Minutes as written and Patti seconded.   All committee members agreed.

Senior Program Updates

  • The deadline to receive snow removal applications to opt in was October 3. As of November 4, we have received 225 applications to opt in. Residents have until December 31 to submit applications to opt out. Three contractors will be plowing this year.
  • The next Community Partnership on Aging Lunch n’ Movie will be Wednesday, December 7. The cost is $5 and reservations must be made by the week before by calling CPA.
  • There will be a trip to Higbee’s Silver Grille on December 7. There is still time to register.
  • The next foot clinic will be on the 9th of December at the Civic Center. The cost is $20.
  • The Holiday Party for Village seniors (ages 60 and over) will also be held December 9. It will be from noon to three p.m. at the Community Room. Reservations are due by November 30.
  • The December Lunch & Movie at Governor’s Village is on Wednesday, December 21. The movie is “Miracle on 34th” The cost is $5 and reservations must be made by the week before by calling Senior Services.
  • Session 2 of Spanish Lessons will begin this month. Watercolor Painting will hold a 2-week class in December. The Bereavement Group continues to meet. There will be a second session of Bridge Lessons in January, and Arthritis Exercise will resume in April. New sessions of cooking/baking classes and knitting/crocheting have also been scheduled and One-Stroke Painting will begin in January.
  • Several residents will have their yards raked this month by Gates Mills Horticulture Center, Cornerstone Church, and Village resident Paul Lynch.
  • The Watercolor Artist Show (with students from Flo Smith’s Watercolor Painting Class) will be held during November and December. Pictures will be displayed at the Civic Center. There was a reception for the artists on Saturday, November 5.

Halloween Party Evaluation

  • Kate congratulated Meg and Patti on a job well done. The committee members agreed that they did a great job decorating on Friday and appreciated their efforts.  Tom thanked all of the committee members who worked the event as well.   He said that everything went well.  Danielle said there were about 50 kids pre-registered and with the parents/grandparents there were about 100 people pre-registered.   She said there were some people that didn’t show and a few families paid at the door.    The committee members agreed that it was okay to take Mayfield Village residents at the door as long as there was room. 
  • Meg said that it took a lot of time to decorate because the party was in a different room and she and Patti had to go through a lot of decorations because  some were older and couldn’t be used anymore.  Peggy said the picture idea with the hay bales and Halloween backdrop was a nice touch.  The committee agreed that it was a great idea.  Meg said it was a last minute addition and next year maybe they can work on better lighting.  The parents just used their phones to take pictures or Mary helped by using their phone to take a family picture.
  • Kate said she worked more with the Haunted House this year and she thought it was really cute. The committee members agreed that the kids seemed to enjoy it. 
  • Mary asked if there were any problems with pre-registration. Danielle said no.  She said after the flyer went to Center School approximately 10 people called in from outside of Mayfield Village.   Danielle and Sean just told them that the party was for Mayfield Village residents and their family and their city usually had their own party.  Bill said pre-registration and the flyer to Center School will be the regular procedure going forward.  The committee members agreed.  
  • Meg asked if parking was a problem during the party. Sean said he didn’t think so. 
  • The committee members complimented the Fire Department. They said it was nice to have the guys and the vehicles there because the kids really enjoyed it.  
  • Meg said the Recreation Board really came through by running the games and having their children help out. There were not that many volunteers from the Interact Club and a few arrived late. 

Santa Party:  Saturday, December 10 (1:30 – 3:00 p.m., Civic Center)

  • Danielle said that the department will use the same pre-registration procedure as the Halloween Party.
  • Meg said there will just be simple decorations and asked if there will be a tree in the room. Danielle said she will request one and the Service Department usually puts up the trees after Thanksgiving. 
  • The committee discussed if there was still an interest in Polaroid pictures with Santa because a lot of people use their phones for picture. They agreed that it was still a nice touch and people liked having the Polaroid when leaving the party.
  • Danielle said she contacted the Girl Scouts already to see if any troops wanted to sing at the party. She is waiting on their response.  The committee agreed that it a nice touch to the party and it helps fill time when waiting for Santa to arrive.

Open Discussion

  • Sean reported that he begun offering a girls volleyball league the past few Fall seasons after the success of the girls sand volleyball league in the summer. Mayfield Village was able to produce four teams, with Orange supplementing one team.  He said the girls practice at the high school with Rosella, the girls Varsity coach  and  then they  travel to a surrounding community to play in a tournament.
  • Sean said that the Men’s 18 and Over Basketball League is full and the season began already.
  • The youth basketball season is also beginning. Sean is trying to form one girls 5th – 8th grade team and then they would travel to play teams like Beachwood and Hathaway Brown.   The local communities also usually only get enough girls to form one team so the traveling allows the girls to play since there is not enough for an in-house league.  The boys MBA leagues will begin practice in December and the leagues have their usual enrollment.  Sean said Orange will bring in one team for the boys league because they do not have enough for their own league.    Sean said the partnerships with the local communities are great.   He said that it is important to keep offering girls sport programs so girls can develop their skills and then be ready for high school sports teams.    The girls programs have been struggling over the years.   Pam said CYO is still very popular.   The committee members commended Sean and told him to keep up the good work.
  • Bill asked if everyone got their VOV and congratulated Mary on her award.
  • Bill said four bids were received for the pool heater building. He said everything is being reviewed and a recommendation will be made to Council.
  • Bill said that we reported wrong information previously about the Debbie Hudacko Run for 2016. The event did not make money but rather broke even.   He said that the $1,500 scholarship money was not taken out of the numbers reported earlier.   Bill suggested to keep going with the event but at some point in time the expenses will deplete the account.   Sean suggested one big donation.   He said maybe a bench along the Greenway Trail.    Sean explained that there would at least be a long lasting tribute to Debbie Hudacko rather than the money being used up and then there is nothing in place.    The committee members liked this idea.  Bill said that he could talk to the Hudacko Family just to let them know where things stand with the money in the account.    The committee members supported this.  Meg asked if the Hudackos do anything to promote the run or a fundraiser.    Danielle said they register and walk during the event.   Bill said they do not do fundraising or promotion.   Pat said there was always a race in the Village.   She said the year Debbie passed away, someone suggested to honor Debbie at the race that year.   It then stuck and became the Debbie Hudacko Memorial race.   The committee members agreed that the event has run its course and there are a lot of races now in June and July.   There are no plans to discontinue it at this time however in the future something will need to be done as funds are no longer available to support the race and scholarship.  
  • Bill said that Wildcat Sport & Fitness is looking at having the 5th grade classes for a pool party once a month. He said there would be separate ones for each school and possibly on a Friday night.   Meg said just be careful with scheduling and disrupting swimmers schedules.   Kate said getting kids around this age out of the house and in a controlled environment seems like a win.    Bill said that he is also looking to start up an intramurals program.
  • Bill reminded the committee that adult lifeguards are needed at Wildcat Sport & Fitness. Classes will be offered after the holidays. 

The meeting concluded at approximately 7:45 p.m.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, January 18, 2017, 7:00 p.m. at the Civic Center