Rec Board - March 16th 2016

Mayfield Village Parks and Recreation Board Meeting
Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 7:00 p.m.
Mayfield Village Civic Center

Present:  Pat Andrzejczyk, Aaron Caunter, Patti Fioritto, Peggy Kerver, Troy Koch, Tom Marrie, Derek McDowell, Laura Prcela, Lori Sperling, Meg Stifler, and Kate Sullivan.

Also PresentGarry Regan, Sean Supler, Bill Thomas, and Danielle Echt

Absent:  Stivo DiFranco, Shelly Kovacevic, Mary Murphy, Dave Perout, and Pam Schutt

Introduction:  Meg called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.  Pat made a motion to approve the February 17, 2016 Minutes as written and Meg seconded.   All committee members agreed.    Danielle circulated a volunteer sign-up sheet for the holiday parties that the Recreation Board coordinates as well as a sign up sheet for the Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast.

The Grove Presentation

  • Garry Regan’s presentation included a video produced by Rick Hall.  Garry said that Rick used his drone for the imaging and the video is also available on the Village website.
  • Garry said that the facilities and programs that Mayfield Village offers are important to quality of life and that recreation activities are crucial to the community.   He also said that there is economic value to green space and that people want to live here.
  • Garry said The Grove is becoming a focal point for Mayfield Village.  Garry reviewed how The Grove started taking shape in 2013 with 4 pilot programs and to where it is today.  He said that last year, the big ticket item on the agenda was lighting.   This year, there is one row of stone seating plus new pavers in front of the stones.    These additional pavers create a flat surface which will accommodate wheelchairs or someone with a folding chair that might need a flat spot to set up rather than using the hill. It can also be used as space for dancing.
  • Garry reported that 2015 had 20 dates of programming and this year there are 26 dates.
  • Derek asked if the stone seating would affect sledding.  Garry said it will not.
  • The presentation ended with Garry encouraging everyone to spread the word about The Grove.  He also suggested getting the Recreation Board Members together to attend one of the events as an evening out.

Senior Program Updates

  • There will be a Lunch n’ Learn on Wednesday, March 30 sponsored by Kindred. The program is on Music and Fashion through the Ages. Reservations are due to MV Senior Services by March 23.
  • There will be a Lunch n’ Learn at the Civic Center on Wednesday, April 6 about the trips, activities, and programs offered by the Senior Services Department. Reservations are due to MV Senior Services by March 30.
  • The Anniversary Party for Mayfield Village seniors (ages 60+) will be Friday, April 8 at the Civic Center. Reservations are due by March 31.
  • The next CPA Lunch n’ Movie will be Wednesday, April 13. The movie is “Brooklyn.” The menu is Beef Pot Pies.
  • The April foot clinics will be on Fridays the 8th (at the Community Room) and the 22nd at the Civic Center.
  • The next trip is April 20 to Quintealia’s Tea Room in Burton. It is sold out.
  • The next Lunch & Movie at Governor’s Village will be Wednesday, April 20. The movie is “The Help.” The menu is surf and turf.
  • A survey will be mailed to MV residents about activities, programs, and trips offered by the Senior Services Department.
  • Mark your calendars now for a Senior Fair to be held Friday, August 26 from 5-7 p.m. at the new Community Room.

Easter Party Planning (Saturday, March 19, 1:30 – 3:00 p.m.)

  • Danielle reported that they are all set with supplies.  She will have everything over in the Community Room on Friday during the day.
  • Danielle said that Luke Kerver will be the magician this year.  Peggy said that he has been practicing and is ready.  The committee members said they are very excited to see Luke perform.
  • The balloon twister is the same as last year, Robert Huebner.  Danielle said that she spoke to him and he plans on bringing a poster  of approximately six pictures of balloon art that the kids can pick from; some of the simpler designs.  The committee members agreed that should help make the line go faster.
  • Meg said that she is all set with the candy jar for the guessing game.
  • Decorating will be done on Friday, March 18.    Meg said that she is trying to coordinate a time with Mary, Kate and Sandra Bean (plus a few students) from Mayfield Middle School.
  • Volunteers were asked to arrive to the party by 1:00 p.m.
  • There was a brief discussion about the weather and egg hunt.  Bill said the weather may not be good and Meg said they would play it by ear.  The Easter Bunny can pass out eggs to the kids inside if needed.
  • Meg asked if crayons and coloring pictures would be provided and Danielle said it would be no problem and she would get the items together.

Open Discussion

  • Bill said that the Spring/Summer Parks and Recreation Brochure has been mailed and everyone should have received it by now.
  • Bill said that he is working on new filters at Parkview Pool because the present ones are corroded.   He would also like to move the existing heaters to a separate room.   The other big pool project is reconditioning the slide.
  • Bill said that he is working with Ted Esborn for a Natureworks Grant for future facilities south of the Parkview Softball Fields.   He said it will be part of the 2017 Capital Budget.
  • Tom said that he got a sneak peek of the new Community Room.  He said it is just barely bigger than the old one but the layout is much better.  He commended the planning committee by saying they did a great job.   There is a lot of light and windows and an automated divider for the big room.  Tom said it is mind boggling.  Derek asked when it would be done and Tom said August.  Derek said it looks like it is ahead of schedule and Tom said it is.
  • Bill announced that adult lifeguards are needed to cover the early morning shift at Wildcat Sport & Fitness.  He asked the committee members to spread the word as there is a training certification class over spring break.
  • Danielle said that she just received applicant information for the Debbie Hudacko Scholarship.  She said there were approximately 27 applicants but only 11 were Mayfield Village residents.  The others do not qualify because of their residency.
  • Laura, Aaron, and Pattie were sworn into the Recreation Board Committee by Councilman Tom Marrie

Next Meeting: Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 7:00 p.m. at the Civic Center