Rec Board - April 20th 2016

Mayfield Village Parks and Recreation Board Meeting
Wednesday, April 20, 2016, 7:00 p.m.
Mayfield Village Civic Center

Present:  Pat Andrzejczyk, Aaron Caunter, Stivo DiFranco, Patti Fioritto,  Mary Murphy, Dave Perout, Laura Prcela, Lori Sperling, Meg Stifler, and Kate Sullivan.

Also PresentBill Thomas and Danielle Echt.

Absent:  Peggy Kerver, Troy Koch, Shelly Kovacevic and Pam Schutt.

Introduction:  Kate called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Mary made a motion to approve the March 16, 2016 Minutes as written and Meg seconded.   All committee members agreed.    Danielle circulated a volunteer sign-up sheet for the Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast.

Senior Program Updates

  • Over 50 seniors attended the Anniversary Party for Mayfield Village seniors on April 8.
  • About 50 people attended the Lunch n’ Learn about Music on Fashion on March 30 sponsored by Kindred. Almost 40 people attended the Lunch n’ Learn about MV activities, programs and trips on April 6.
  • A reminder that seniors who participated in the snow removal program by opting in must report any damage done to their property by the snow removal contractors to the Senior Services Department by May 6.
  • The next CPA Lunch n’ Movie will be Wednesday, May 11. The movie is “Bridge of Spies.” The menu is Turkey Club Sandwiches. The cost is $5 and reservations must be made at least the week before.
  • The May foot clinics will be on Fridays the 13th and the 27th at the Civic Center.
  • The next trip is this Wednesday to Quintealia’s Tea Room in Burton. It is sold out.
  • The May Lunch & Movie at Governor’s Village is Wednesday, May 18. The menu is Salisbury Steak and the movie is “Soul Surfer.” The cost is $5 and reservations must be made at least the week before.
  • A reminder to Village seniors to return the senior surveys that they received in the mail. Over 100 surveys have been returned to date.                                                                     

Easter Party Evaluation

  • The committee members commended Meg for a job well done.
  • The members who volunteered at the party said there were too many people; it was the biggest crowd. Danielle said there were twice as many kids as the past year.  Post Note:   In 2015 there were approximately 70 kids; this year there were 143.   It was overheard that a large group came from Parma and several families from Mayfield Heights.   Danielle said she heard several complaints from residents.   Bill said someone also wrote a letter saying that the party was too crowded and there were more than Mayfield Village residents there.  Lori asked about students who get the flyer at Center School but they aren’t a Village resident.   Mary suggested not doing a flyer to Center School. The committee members agreed because it will be in the Voice of the Village, the parks and recreation brochure and it’s on the website.
  • Bill and Danielle suggested pre-registration. Laura said you could do a preferred pre-registration for Mayfield Village residents and then open it up to others.  Some of the committee members did not like the idea of having to pre-register.  Danielle said with pre-registration, we can control the number of people in the room and it will also help with planning.   The committee members agreed to try pre-registration for the next party (Halloween Party) and then evaluate everything.  Kate added that if registration is low, then possibly do a flyer to Center School.   Aaron added that there is no requirement for the Mayfield School District on which elementary school a child attends.  Danielle asked what happens if a Mayfield Village resident shows up at the door and they are not pre-registered?  Or if there is still room and people show up at the door; do you ask who is a Mayfield Village resident and let them in first?  The committee members agreed to discuss further before the October event. 
  • Luke did a great job with the magic show. Everyone enjoyed watching his performance. There was some trouble with the sound system.  Bill said there is actually a head set that goes with it so next time that can be used and that way Luke would have his hands free.
  • There was always a long line for the balloon twister. The committee members said he did a great job and went as fast as he could. Danielle said towards the end of the party he was giving the kids an option of just a few things to make sure everyone got something.
  • The Polaroid camera had some moments where it was malfunctioning.  Once the batteries were replaced it seemed to be working better.

Debbie Hudacko Scholarship Interviews

  • There were 10 eligible applicants. Kate said seven were interviewed.    One of the students had a conflict and thought they could not make it but wound up attending.   Laura said it was a really difficult decision between all of the candidates.    The interviewing committee agreed on awarding one scholarship for $1,000.00.
  • Bill thanked Kate, Mary and Laura for conducting the interviews.

Open Discussion

  • Bill said he would like to get together with the Recreation Board Committee and their spouses for a Grove event. He suggested possibly dinner and drinks before.   The committee suggested Bill pick a date.  There was a brief discussion about location.  Bill chose Friday, July 22 with a 5:30 p.m. dinner at Alfredo’s.
  • Bill said that Council approved the Slide Renu expenditure for Parkview Pool. Diving boards are being purchased and the new turtle for the play area should be installed before the pool opens.  Bill said he is still working on a separate structure for the pool boilers.  He said it would really increase the life expectancy on them.  Pat asked if the leak in the pool was ever found.  Bill said it is still being worked on but it might be an issue with a fitting.
  • The committee members had a brief discussion about Cruise Night and the Fourth of July Celebration being moved to Progressive Campus II this year.  Bill reminded everyone that it was done due the construction of the new Community Room.   Several committee members said that they are upset because they were traditionally events that they would walk to or would have people over their house for.    They said a lot of people in the neighborhoods are talking about it.  Danielle said the people on the North end of the Village now can have parties, walk to the events or possibly even watch fireworks from their house.    Dave suggested surveying the community after the events.  He said a lot of people he knows will not be attending Cruise Night.  The committee members agreed that the biggest lost is not having the local restaurants involved with the event.  Bill said everything will be evaluated by administration after the event.  
  • Bill said that he is working with Ted Esborn from Economic Development for a Natureworks Grant for the future intergenerational park. This will be submitted in June and nothing will be awarded until October.  Bill said that he is retiring on December 31.


Next Meeting: Wednesday, September 21, 2016, 7:00 p.m. at the Civic Center