Rec Board - October 21st 2015

Mayfield Village Parks and Recreation Board Meeting
Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 7:00 p.m.
Mayfield Village Civic Center

Attending: Pat Andrzejczyk, Stivo DiFranco, Peggy Kerver, Mary Murphy, Meg Stifler, Sean Supler, Bill Thomas and Danielle Echt

Introduction: Meg called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. Meg said that she did not think the committee received the September 16, 2015 Minutes so they would not be voting for approval. Danielle apologized for not sending them out and said she would get them out tomorrow.   Volunteer sign-up sheets for holiday events were circulated.

Senior Program Updates

  • The next Lunch n’ Movie is November 4.
  • A special program regarding Dementia will be held Friday at 1 p.m. at the Civic Center.
  • A Lunch n’ Learn on “Leading a Brain Healthy Lifestyle” will be held next Friday at noon at the Civic Center.
  • The next trip is Wednesday to the Western Reserve Historical Society.
  • 214 snow removal applications have been received.

Halloween Party (Sat., October 24, 1:30 p.m.)

  • Meg asked for volunteers to help decorate on Friday. Mary said she could help.   Meg said the best time would be between 1:30 – 4:30 p.m.   Danielle said she would email the committee to see if anyone else could help.
  • Danielle said that enough Key Club members contacted her so there should be plenty to run the games.   They will arrive at 12:30 p.m. Bill said he has been coordinating additional Key Club volunteers to help Paul Lynch with the haunted house and they would be in good shape.
  • Meg said that she and Danielle have coordinated supplies and everything would be ready to go.
  • Bill said that parking at the Community Room would be an issue because of construction but there should be parking available at Center School.

Halloween Window Painting Contest

  • Bill reported that there were approximately (75) 6th – 8th grade students participating.   He said there were 45 windows being painted. This year Bill also went to Highland Heights for windows.   Several of the stores at the corner of Bishop and Wilson Mills gave their windows.
  • Bill said everything went well and judging occurs tomorrow, October 22.

Wildcat Teen Halloween

  • Bill reported that approximately 175 6th-8th graders attended the event at Wildcat Sport & Fitness. It was on Friday, October 16. Everything went well.

Skyzone Teen Event

  • Bill said that he tried offering a new event for 6th – 8th graders on Monday, October 19 at Skyzone.   It was hoped to have a big number so the Mayfield students would have the facility to themselves.   Approximately 45 students registered so they had to share Skyzone with the public. Everything went well.

Parkview Pool Rates Discussion

  • Bill said that after the discussion from last meeting, he appreciates the committee’s input on not wanting to raise Mayfield Village/School District resident rates.   Bill then said it has been years since the prices were raised and everything is more expensive now. He asked the committee members to think about labor, supplies, etc.   Bill said that he thinks prices should be raised across the board.
  • Sean said that even if it’s just a dollar or two increase, it won’t really help that much.   He suggested something like a $5 increase every few years.  
  • Pat said chemicals are costly.   She suggested to compare chemical costs from seven years ago to when we last raised fees to now.
  • Meg asked Bill if he wanted to raise daily admission rates too and he said yes.
  • Stivo asked what the objective would be to raising prices. He asked if it was to make more money or keep non school district residents out.   Peggy said both. Bill said to reduce subsidy. Stivo recommended offering the Village residents the best rate and keep it low.   Peggy said she sees a lot of Highland Heights and Lyndhurst residents using Parkview Pool.   Bill said the rates for a school district resident are double that of a Village resident.  
  • Meg suggested keeping all Mayfield Village rates the same and possibly raise the daily rates for school district students to $8 and adults to $10. Stivo asked why a difference in rates for kid vs adult.
  • Peggy said she knows Village residents who pay a daily rate because the membership rate is too high.
  • Peggy asked if the committee agrees to raise the rates across the board.   Most of committee agreed.   Stivo disagreed and said it is part of the perk of being a Village resident. He said the season is already short. People see that.   Bill suggested keeping the Mayfield Village resident rates the same for season passes.
  • Everyone in attendance agreed to table the discussion until Dave Perout would be available to discuss during an upcoming meeting.
  • Meg said it seems like there were a lot of passes donated by the Recreation Department this past summer. Danielle said traditionally we give each school a free membership to use for their raffle and some other groups seeking donations get general admission passes.   Meg suggested providing a list next year so pool staff knows who is getting which donation.
  • Bill said he would put together a recommendation for the Recreation Board to review at the November board meeting.

Open Discussion

  • Bill said that Mayfield Village and Mayfield Heights submitted documentation to the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association to receive an award for Wildcat Sport & Fitness.   It would be an award for Innovative Management. He said he will keep everyone posted.
  • Mary said she really likes all of the equipment at Wildcat Sport & Fitness.
  • Bill reported that the softball bathrooms are currently being built and everything is moving along.
  • Bill said new recruits are always welcome to the Recreation Board Committee.
  • Danielle reminded everyone to rsvp for the appreciation event if they hadn’t done so yet.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 11, 7:30 (new time) p.m. at the Civic Center