Rec Board - November 11th 2015

Mayfield Village Parks and Recreation Board Meeting
Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 7:30 p.m.
Mayfield Village Civic Center

Attending: Troy Koch, Mary Murphy, Dave Perout, Meg Stifler, Sean Supler, Bill Thomas and Danielle Echt

Also in Attendance: Derek McDowell

Introduction: Meg called the meeting to order at 7:33 p.m. Dave made a motion to approve the September 16, 2015 and October 21, 2015 Minutes as written and Mary seconded.   All committee members agreed. A volunteer sign-up sheet for the Santa Party was circulated. Introductions were made.

Senior Program Updates

  • The next Lunch n’ Movie is December 2.
  • The Holiday Party will be held Friday, December 11 from 1-3 p.m. at the Civic Center. Reservations are due by Thursday, December 3.
  • The next trips are November 20 to Wilmot Ohio to see the Jingle Bell Hop and December 7 to Medina to Miss Molly’s Tea Room and Castle Noel. Both trips are sold out.
  • We have received 210 snow removal applications and 56 applications to opt out as of November 11.

Halloween Party Evaluation

  • Meg said that decorating the Friday before the party went well.   Meg, Mary, Stivo and his kids plus Meg’s neighbor Callie helped out. Meg said everyone did a great job and thanked them.
  • Meg said on the morning of the party, it was hard for her to get things done because Key Club members kept arriving at different times.     There was no liaison from the club so she had to constantly stop what she was doing to explain games, etc.   Meg said they all helped when asked but the students did not have anyone from Key Club to help coordinate them. Danielle suggested that next year she could request one of the officers to be there.   Sean suggested having them sign up for a game in advance. Danielle added that she could help coordinate that part and then send them directions for the game too so they are prepared.
  • Meg said it would be nice if the student volunteers dressed up.   Danielle said she tells the Key Club members every year to try to wear some sort of costume.
  • Bill and Meg agreed that there was a good turnout for the party.
  • The committee members agreed that cleanup went fast.
  • Danielle asked if the food/refreshments were okay. Meg said the donut amount was fine and there was a gallon or two of cider left over but probably still get the same amount for next year.
  • Mary asked if there was enough activity to do at the party. Meg said there were plenty of games and the committee is always open to other suggestions.

Santa Ride & Party (Saturday, December 12, 10:00 a.m. start for ride and party begins at 1:30 p.m.)

  • Bill reported that Santa and the elves are all set.
  • Derek said Pepper Pike does pre-registration and then Santa drops off gifts to the children.   He suggested doing something similar in Mayfield Village but also have a limit to the number of people that can pre-register.   Dave and Bill said there really isn’t a lot of room in the vehicles for gifts. Dave said it is a tight fit for Santa and the elves already. Bill said it would take more time to get through the Village as well.
  • Mary asked if the committee needed to decorate the room for the party.   Meg said not really, the tree is set up for us.   Danielle said the Service Department will set up tables like they have in the past.
  • Danielle reported that Shelly will not be able to coordinate the gifts this year. Danielle said she has the breakdown for each age group so she and Meg will put everything together.
  • The committee agreed that it would be nice to have the Girl Scouts sing this year if possible. Danielle said she would follow up with them.

Pool Rate Discussion

  • Bill said that he put together a recommendation for 2016 season pass rates and general admission rates (attached). He reminded the committee that it has been 7 years since season pass fees have been raised. Bill suggested raising them slightly every few years instead of every five.   Bill said that he knows Stivo is against an increase but it’s prudent.   He said that he would like to increase pass rates by $5 for Village residents and $10 for school district residents.
  • Troy asked what the motive is for raising them.   Bill said to keep the subsidy down.   Meg said the cost of living increases every year and this has been 7 years. She said she thinks it’s fair. Troy said he thinks it’s fair too; if we need it we need it.   Troy asked where the money comes from to cover the pool. Bill said taxpayers and admission/program fees. Troy asked if Council suggested raising the prices and Bill said no.
  • Dave said in looking at the student rate, you have to look and see if the price is worth it.   They would have to come 15 times and that is a lot.   Bill suggested dropping it to $70 and Dave said that would be better. Dave said there is a balance of scaring away people because of a high price because at some time they won’t come. You wouldn’t make that extra $10 but instead wind up losing their $240. Dave said the front desk staff constantly talks to people coming in and tell them that they have to calculate things themselves; they have to figure out if it’s worth buying a pass for the number of times they plan on coming. The committee reviewed the general admission prices. Dave suggested making non school district residents $15.
  • Sean brought up the point that the pool is opening earlier in 2016 and there is a good chance that it will be chilly still. It’s Cleveland weather. Will people buy a pass?
  • Dave said he likes the idea of raising fees $5 across the board. Some of the other members agreed. Danielle said in thinking back to Stivo’s comments during the last meeting, the Mayfield Village resident wouldn’t be getting the best deal.   Derek added that residents already pay taxes. Troy asked if we are trying to make money.   Bill said no, pools never do but it just to help.   Derek said he didn’t mind others paying more but a Mayfield Village resident shouldn’t have to have an increase like that.   He suggested something like a $2 increase every year for a couple of years and then $1 each year after.   Bill asked if the members were okay with a $2 increase for Mayfield Village residents and $5 for school district residents and another $2 for Village residents and $5 for school district residents in 2017. They said yes.   Bill also told the committee that the family pass rates would be based on 4 people so it would be $8 increase for Village families and $20 for school district families.
  • Troy said that we don’t want to scare away school district residents.  
  • Meg said that the kids go wherever their friends go. This past season she said a lot of teenagers went to Highland Heights pool. Bill said part of that is due to the Hurricanes swim team because those swimmers have to buy a pass to Highland Heights. He added that many gravitate there. Danielle said that they most likely would not buy a pass to both pools.   Dave said we offered the Hurricanes practice time at Parkview Pool but they did not want it.
  • The committee discussed general admission rates. Everyone agreed to make the non school district resident rate $15.     Meg suggested cutting the rate after a certain hour for them.   The committee members liked the idea of a Twilight Rate. Sean suggested $5 for everyone except non school district residents which would be $10.   Everyone in attendance agreed with those rates and also having Twilight Rates in effect beginning at 6:00 p.m. during the week and 5:00 p.m. on the weekends.
  • Bill said he would run all the price adjustments by his bosses.
  • It was brought up that a new sign advertising new rates would be needed at the front desk of Parkview Pool for the 2016 season.

Ballfield Rate Discussion

  • Sean said that Mayfield Village has subsidized tournaments at the softball fields each year. He said there are usually four big tournaments each year.   The biggest one is with Mayfield Baseball but there are other tournaments for charity groups.   In the past we have always just allowed the groups to use the fields.   Sean said that with the recent maintenance done on the fields plus the restrooms that are being built, it is appropriate to start charging. He has already notified groups that there will be fees in 2016.   Sean said that we won’t gouge them but the groups make a lot of money during their tournaments.   He added that it’s our Service Department working on the fields and it’s our product, like the drying agent, that is being used.
  • Sean reported that he is working with Mayfield Heights to figure out how to charge for the fields.   He said that they are in the same boat.   Mayfield Heights put together a chart, see attached. Danielle asked why Mayfield Village and Mayfield Heights have to have the same rates for their fields? Sean said because the tournaments usually use all the fields in the area; one community does not have enough fields to support the tournament.   It is for consistency and for tournaments only.   Sean said that we will still have our hourly rates for groups that use the fields occasionally or non-tournament play.
  • Sean has talked to a local tournament organizer and the organizer said they are used to the fee of $40 per game. Sean said that seems high especially when one game could be an hour and another could be two hours.   Sean said that most tournaments call for re-dragging the fields mid-way through so we need to figure out the price of that. For one field the initial charge will be $150 for the day which includes the first dragging in preparation for the games.  
  • Dave asked if the Service Department stays for the games.   Sean said they usually go home but in a rain situation, they may have to stick around to work on the fields more or use a lot of product.   Sean said there will probably be a fee structure because of the many variables.
  • Mary asked if Highland Heights would have the same fees. Bill said no because the groups pay college kids to take care of the fields.
  • Sean also said he would like to start asking groups for a deposit. The committee agreed that is a good idea.
  • Bill said the tournament groups would run the concession stand by themselves. Sean said we would work on a percentage split with them.
  • Derek asked if the groups using the fields could choose not to have the fields worked on.   Sean said our Service Department can decide not to drag them if they are in bad condition. Generally with tournaments, organizations want the fields dragged. If it’s just a practice we don’t drag.
  • Sean told the committee that we already get a certificate of liability from each group using the field. Bill said now is the time to make everything else formal as well.  
  • Mary asked if tournament groups would go elsewhere. Sean said there is really nowhere else to go.   Mary said Mayfield Village has premiere fields.
  • Derek asked if these fees were basically just to cover labor. Sean said we won’t make money off of the groups, but we just want to cover our costs.   The committee members said they support the need to charge fees and a deposit.

Open Discussion

  • Mary asked if Mayfield Village subsidizes Wildcat Sport & Fitness.  Bill said no, it is from the taxpayers of the Mayfield School District.
  • Bill said the Girls on the Run race is Sunday, November 15. He said there will be some road closure (SOM and Ridgebury and Lander and Ridgebury) for a short period of time.  
  • Bill said that with the construction of the new Community Room, the fireworks for Fourth of July may be shot off at the soccer fields with entertainment at The Grove. Mary asked if Progressive was okay with it and Bill said once we determine the location, then Progressive would be contacted.   He added that Police and Fire Departments have met with American Fireworks and the location could be used as a site.  Bingo could be held at the pool pavilion.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 7:00 p.m. at the Civic Center