Rec Board - January 21st 2015

Mayfield Village Parks and Recreation Board Meeting
Wednesday, January 21, 2015, 7:00 p.m.
Mayfield Village Civic Center

Attending:  Pat Andrzejczyk, Stivo DiFranco, Peggy Kerver, Mary Murphy, Dave Perout, Lori Sperling, Kate Sullivan and Bill Thomas.

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Introduction:  Kate called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.  She asked for approval of the approval of the November 19, 2014 Minutes.  Mary made a motion and Peggy seconded.  All in attendance approved.

Senior Program Updates

  • The next Lunch n’ Movie is February 11.  The movie is “Jersey Boys”, and reservations are due by February 4.  The menu is Chicken and Dumplings. The cost is $5 per person for lunch.
  • Foot Clinics will be held February 20 and 27 from 1-3 p.m. The cost is $20. Both clinics are at maximum enrollment.
  • Lunch will be at Guarino’s and tour the Natural History Museum on January 21.
  • Twenty-five people are registered for the Lunch and Learn program on January 23. The topic is “Live Life to the Fullest with Better Hearing” and is being sponsored by Zounds Hearing of Mayfield Heights. Deadline to register was January 8.
  • New sessions of Watercolor, Bereavement, and Knitting/Crocheting began in January.
  • Volunteers from AARP will be doing taxes for Mayfield Village seniors on February 23, March 16, and April 6. Residents should contact Donna to make an appointment.


 Santa Ride & Party Evaluation

  • The committee members agreed that the 10:00 a.m. start time for the ride seemed to work well.  Bill said Jason Brothers from the Fire Department did a great job.  He said there was another person from the Fire Department helping and it was great.
  • The committee members agreed that everything went well at the party.  The food, gifts and crafts worked out well and there was a good amount of kids in attendance.  There were more kids there than there were at the Halloween Party.


 Parkview Pool Discussion

  • For Parkview Pool Pavilion, the committee agreed to a $75 deposit for Village residents and a $150 deposit for School District Residents.   Village residents will not have to pay a rental fee and the School District Residents will still be charged the $40 rental fee.   The private evening rentals will require the same deposits with the hourly fee the same as 2014.
  • The committee members agreed to allowing school district residents a half price season’s pass rate halfway through the season.   The same will continue to apply to Mayfield Village residents.
  • The committee was interested in putting the old turtle at Parkview Playground since a new one is being installed this year.  Bill said he would check on it and if it can’t be done, he will see if he can give it to the person who refurbished it.
  • Bill reported that capital expense for the pool will be $46,000 this year.   He said they will not be getting new umbrellas this year.
  • Kate asked if season pass fees should be reduced due to the shorter season.


Open Discussion

  • Bill mentioned that the Debbie Hudacko Scholarship interviews are Wednesday, April 15.  He said that three Recreation Board Members are needed to conduct interviews.  
  • Bill said that the school district calendar will change for 2015-2016.
  • Bill said that the balloon guy that Sean Ward recommended has been secured for the Easter Party.   He asked the committee if they wanted to have Rick Smith Junior do a magic show again and they said yes.  The committee members said to make sure we advertise the Easter Party.
  • Bill said that construction of the new Community Room will begin in 2016.  It will be in constructed near the old one and the old building can be used while the new one is being built.
  • Bill will keep everyone posted on the development at Parkview in regards to restroom facilities at the softball fields. 
  • Bill said he is working with the School of Rock for a Battle of the Bands at the Grove on July 18.


Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 18, 7:00 p.m. at the Civic Center

Recorded by Mary Murphy,
Transcribed by Danielle M. Echt