ARB: October 26th 2017

Mayfield Village
Oct 26, 2017

The Architectural Review Board met in regular session on Thurs, Oct 26, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center Main Conference Room. Chairman Parker presided.     


Present: Mr. Ed Parker (Chairman), Mr. Carmen Miozzi (Chairman Pro-Tem), Mr. Ivo Tombazzi, and Mr. Joshua Klein

Absent: Mrs. MaryAnn Wervey

Also Present: Mr. John Marrelli (Building Commissioner) and Ms. Deborah Garbo (Secretary)


Consideration of meeting minutes deferred to next meeting date.


  1. Addition
    Lubomir Kasprisin
    6189 S. Woodlane Dr.
    The CM Consulting Group, Inc.
  2. Ground Sign
    Quality Electrodynamics (QED)
    6655 Beta Dr.
  3. Porch Addition
    Jeff Keptner
    6547 Hunt Circle


Chairman Parker called the meeting to order. We’re going to start with item #2 since it’s the quickest review.

Quality Electrodynamics (QED)
6655 Beta Dr.
Ground Sign

Bert Toth, Facilities Manager QED and Sam Costiuc, President Signarama Mayfield introduced themselves.

Sam Costiuc states, we’re looking to construct, fabricate and install a ground sign for QED. It’ll be a double face ground sign. Given the location, it’ll be in a “V” shape. It’ll be internally illuminated with routed out faces so only the letters will light up. Letters will be black during the day and light up in white at night, all except for the logo which has a digital print. The colors for the most part are what’s shown, it’s a darker blue and an off white gray. As far as the construction, it’s an aluminum fabricated sign so it’ll have a large cabinet as a backdrop and then smaller cabinets built on top, almost modular. Each unit that you see in gray is an individual castle. The base is metal with the 6655 layout as well.

Chairman Parker asked, does the existing sign stay?

Sam Costiuc replied, yes. It’ll be modified to remove QED and be given solely to MARS.

Mr. Miozzi asked, are we now allowing more than one monument sign?

Mr. Marrelli replied, they got a variance from the Zoning Board last week. There’s two driveways here and there’s confusion between MARS and QED with car and truck traffic.

Mr. Miozzi said, I just didn’t know if they were opening up a can of worms for every tenant and building who want more than one ground sign.

Mr. Marrelli said, I don’t think so. This is an inside corner with a driveway at the end of it. It’s a unique situation and every case stands on its own.

Chairman Parker confirmed that the existing ground sign will be MARS only. Architecturally, I think the QED sign looks nice. That’s a valid claim about the drives.

Mr. Marrelli agreed. It’s a horseshoe now. There’s visitor parking in the front and the main entrance is in the front.


Mr. Klein, seconded by Mr. Tombazzi made a motion to approve the Ground Sign for QED at 6655 Beta Dr. as proposed.        


Ayes: Mr. Parker, Mr. Miozzi, Mr. Tombazzi, Mr. Klein       
Nays: None                                     

Motion Carried. Drawings Approved.


Lubomir Kasprisin
6189 S. Woodlane Dr.

Joe Calderwood, Architect with The CM Consulting Group introduced himself. We have a new addition to the front of the house. We’re also doing some updating to the front façade. They’re adding a Master Suite addition. All materials will be matching to existing. He has enough stone for what’s out there now. He’s going with a vinyl shake, color is called pebblestone, it’ll compliment the siding & stone that’s there now.

Mr. Marrelli asked, gable vents?

Joe Calderwood replied, yes. Everything will match the existing house.

Mr. Marrelli asked, do you have a stone sample.

Joe Calderwood replied, no.

Mr. Marrelli said, it should balance it out nice.

Mr. Miozzi asked if the whole front roof is going to be redone.

Joe Calderwood replied, the roof is fairly new, but part of it will get redone.

Chairman Parker asked, is this a venting soffit now? Are you going to leave the existing or are you going to vent the new underside of the porch?

Joe Calderwood replied, there’s an existing roof there now, kind of hodge-podge, we’re ripping that whole thing out and rebuilding it.

Chairman Parker asked, is it venting now? If it is, then your stuff needs to also vent.

Joe Calderwood replied, I don’t know. I know that the part beyond the header will be vented. That’s what I normally do. I have in my notes that that part of that attic will open up into the existing attic, so it’ll be cross ventilation. Between the header and the wall will be solid soffit.

Mr. Marrelli asked, whose doing the building?

Joe Calderwood replied, the homeowner.

Mr. Marrelli said, tell him to let me look at the stone before he starts putting it up. He’s done other stuff to this house and he’s been really really careful about getting it right.


Mr. Miozzi, seconded by Mr. Klein made a motion to approve the Addition for Lubomir Kasprisin at 6189 S. Woodlane Dr. as noted.


Ayes: Mr. Parker, Mr. Miozzi, Mr. Tombazzi, Mr. Klein       
Nays: None                                      

Motion Carried. Drawings Approved As Noted.


Jeff Keptner
6547 Hunt Circle
Porch Addition

Jeff Keptner introduced himself. I’m proposing to do what I did on the front of the house. This is almost a duplicate porch to what I did in the front of the house. This is how it turned out in the front of the house (passed around photo), same layout, same two windows, same roof and pillars will be the same. The only thing that I’m going to add that’s not in the drawing is I’m going to put a knee wall all the way around. I have the stone, it’s real similar to the new Community Room, actually it is that stone. There were a couple piles left there at the Community Room one night.

Mr. Miozzi asked, will the stone go down to grade?

Jeff Keptner replied, yes. The ground slopes a little bit. The pad will be equal to the ground, and the stone will go all the way to the pad. There will be no break in the stone to the ground. I’m not going to have any exposed anything, the stone’s going to meet to the ground.

Mr. Marrelli asked, you’re going to mortar the joints on the stone, correct?

Jeff Keptner replied, yes. There’s the possibility I might have open rafters. It’s shown as siding on the front.

Mr. Miozzi said, if you did that, your column has to be in the middle to support that ridge. Your column layout will be different which I don’t think matters to us, it’s on the back of the house.

Mr. Marrelli asked, were you doing a truss inside?

Jeff Keptner replied, right now to break up the expense of it, I just want to get the footers laid.

Mr. Marrelli said, I could see this being an open truss. 

Jeff Keptner said, the only reason I submitted this, is to keep it like the closed area because eventually if I want it on top of the knee wall, if I ever wanted to encase it with glass and make it a 3-Seasons room.

Mr. Marrelli asked, when you bring these walls up, are you going to put some conduit in there for outlets?

Jeff Keptner replied yes, for a possible TV or plugs.

Jeff Keptner summarizes. I have a bunch of siding up in the attic, I re-sided it last year. The shingles and siding will be the same, same colors. I thought about a metal roof for a different texture but that’s 3 times the price. I’d like to get the footers in by the next month, in the spring I’ll think about putting the structure up and summer I’ll put the brick up. On another note, once I have this backyard looking beautiful, I have this Mayfield Village dumpster that used to be in the middle of Heinen’s and is now right in the back of yard and now that the leaves are falling, I have this beautiful view of a nice dumpster. 

Mr. Marrelli replied, they’re supposed to put a corral around that dumpster.

Jeff Keptner said, that’s what they said last year.


Mr. Miozzi, seconded by Mr. Tombazzi made a motion to approve the Porch Addition for Jeff Keptner at 6547 Hunt Circle as noted.

Ayes: Mr. Parker, Mr. Miozzi, Mr. Tombazzi, Mr. Klein       
Nays: None                                      

Motion Carried. Drawings Approved As Noted.

Jeff Keptner asked, if I go with the open trusses, do I have to come back?

Mr. Marrelli replied, I have leeway now.


There being no further business, Mr. Klein, seconded by Mr. Miozzi made a motion to adjourn the meeting.


Ayes: All                             
Nays: None                         

Motion Carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.