ARB - October 13th 2016

Oct 13, 2016

The Architectural Review Board met in regular session on Thurs, Oct 13, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center Conference Room. Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi presided.     


Present: Mr. Carmen Miozzi (Chairman Pro Tem), Mr. Ivo Tombazzi, Mrs. MaryAnn Wervey, and Mr. Joshua Klein

Absent: Mr. Ed Parker (Chairman)

Also Present: Mr. John Marrelli (Building Commissioner) and Ms. Deborah Garbo (Secretary)


Consideration of minutes deferred to next meeting date. 


Mr. Klein, seconded by Mrs. Wervey made a motion to approve the minutes of Sept 22, 2016. 


Ayes: All 

Nays: None               

Motion Carried. Minutes Approved as Written.


  1. Signage
    Weston, Inc
    600 Beta Dr.
    Mr. Beams and Wireless Environment
  2. Addition
    Elisabeth Logan
    6180 Norman Ln
    Hurst Design Build Remodel


Weston, Inc
600 Beta Dr.
Mr. Beams & Wireless Environment Signage

Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi called the meeting to order beginning with the first item on the agenda, asked applicant to state his name and present his proposal.

Sam Costiuc, President Signarama-Mayfield introduced himself. Our clients would like to put two signs on the rear of the building at 600 Beta Dr.

First sign, Mr. Beams which is their primary brand will be illuminated channel letters, face lit and mounted to a raceway.

Second sign, Wireless Environment will be a dimensional non-illuminated sign. It’ll be a side panel with dimensional outlets glued to the surface and that’ll go over the canopy. Wireless Environment I think is the parent company and Mr. Beams is their brand.

Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi asked if they’re taking the whole building.

Mr. Marrelli replied, no. This building will have two tenants. Mr. Beams had to put a dock in the back for deliveries. It’s a requirement for them to identify their entrance and their dock area. That’s why this is a directional sign for deliveries. Wireless Environment is a logo over the front door if you will. Just so that’s clear, normally we don’t have advertising or building signs on the freeway. But when you have two tenants, you have to identify them.

Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi referred to Panzica’s building. I recall for their proposal last year we made them do a certain box for all their tenants. We wanted every tenant to fit the same box detail.

Sam Costiuc said, that was primarily because of the landlord. He wanted the same style for every single tenant and he didn’t want a lot of holes in the building. Originally we were going to do channel letters so everyone could have their own sign. Mr. Panzica said he wanted everything to be uniform. He was the one that chose what we did.

Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi asked, did we ever do a sign ordinance for all these buildings?

Mr. Marrelli replied, no. The way it’s written, they’re supposed to be uniform.

Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi asked, when the next person rents the other side of the building, are we going to make them do similar to this?

Mr. Marrelli replied, you could never see these signs and the other tenant signs at the same time. They would be on the front of the building, this is on the back. If we end up with a row of signs on the side of the building where there’s numerous entrances, then I think we would employ the uniform look because you could see them all at once then. This is one tenant with two logos.

Mr. Marrelli asked, I have a question about mounting this box to this standing seam pre-cast concrete. How are you going to bridge those gaps?

Sam Costiuc replied, that’s all flat and all the letters are mounted to a raceway anyway. The raceway is what holds the letters.

Mr. Marrelli asked, what’s the difference between face lit and back lit?

Sam Costiuc replied, back lit means the face is non-illuminating and the light is on the back for a halo effect. Face lit, the actual face of the letter lights up. Face lit are a lot more visible. Back lit can be more elegant, but it’s usually for signage up close. The bulbs are inside the letter. They’re made almost like a soda can, hollow on the inside and all the wiring is put on the inside.

Mr. Marrelli states, it has to shut off by one hour after closing time or 11:00 pm the latest. It has to be on a timer.

Mrs. Wervey asked, what does Mr. Beams do? 

Sam Costiuc replied, they make light sensors.

Mr. Marrelli said, they make lighting that’s wireless and battery power. Supposedly they sell it at Home Depot. I think solar, wireless and battery.

Mr. Klein asked about the elevations.

Mr. Marrelli replied, they’re on the same elevation facing the freeway.


Mrs. Wervey, seconded by Mr. Tombazzi made a motion to approve the proposed building signage for Mr. Beams and Wireless Environment at 600 Bet Dr. as proposed. 


Ayes: Mr. Miozzi, Mr. Tombazzi, Mrs. Wervey, Mr. Klein       
Nays: None                                      

Motion Carried. Drawings Approved.


Elisabeth Logan
6180 Norman Ln.

Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi moved onto the next proposal.

Dave Frye, Project Consultant with Hurst Design Build Remodel introduced himself.

Tammi Graf, Director of Design with Hurst Design Build Remodel introduced herself. We’re proposing a front porch addition to the home. The existing entry is off to the side next to the garage. We’re trying to create more of a centralized entry to the home. We’re also adding a master suite to the rear of the home and extending the kitchen in the back of the house.

Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi asked about the roof.

Tammi Graf replied, we’re just matching, we won’t be doing the entire roof of the house. The roof was done in 2004 / 2005 with architectural shingles. We know we can match. The front entry we’ll use HB&G structural columns. We’re going with vinyl on the entry, champagne. The rest of the house is presently wood. It’s her intent to replace it eventually. All the new walls will be insulated and anything we expose on the inside will be re-insulated and re-drywall. That brick is existing.

This window stays where it is, this window moves where this is coming out and then we’re making an entry where those windows are. We may have to put a new header in. So, we’re re-using two of the existing windows. Front windows are stationary.

Where the brick is on the front of the home, we’re removing this to where the brick is and opening this whole space up. That whole face will be the vinyl. The stone will stay and then this side here will all be in vinyl. Her Mother’s in a wheelchair so we’ll have a ramp up to it. It’s awkward now because it enters at different levels. She can’t get her through the front door right now.

Elisabeth Logan (homeowner) said, the current entryway now is very low and I’m having water issues with the way the roof is angled. I hate my front entrance but I love my house so I have to fix that. I love the solution.

Tammi Graf states, we’re planning on keeping the existing wood at current time. We’re not replacing everything right now. The new vinyl will butt up to the wood. The front door will be a Craftsman style door with lights on either side.

Elisabeth Logan said, I plan to stay. I’ve been in the house 16 years. I have my Mom in a wheelchair and it’s important for her to have her own space.

Mr. Marrelli states, I saw this 30 years ago with Mother-N-Law suites, now it’s starting again, it’s a cycle. Not to be nosy but did you look into any financing? There are places that help you with financing stuff like this. 

Elisabeth Logan replied, I did make a call about a year ago but didn’t really go anywhere with it because I hadn’t progressed this far. But yes, I’d like to have a serious conversation now.

Mr. Marrelli said, there’s a house on your street that did their entire house to make it handicap accessible and they got a chunk of money. It might have been the Heritage Home Loan Program.

Mr. Marrelli asked, will you be upgrading smoke alarms?

Elisabeth Logan replied, yes and the electrical to 200 amp.

Mr. Marrelli asked, where’s the furnace?

Elisabeth Logan replied, in the garage, in a closet off the kitchen. It’ll stay there.

Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi asked, on the existing master, underneath your overhangs, is that vinyl already?

Tammi Graf replied, no it’s exposed beams. We’re going to cover it. That’s when we re-side the whole thing. We’re keeping the slope. We’re not going square. There’ll be a soffit and ridge vent.

Mr. Marrelli asked, same garage door?

Tammi Graf replied, yes. Downspouts will tie into existing. Gutters will stay brown to match existing.

Mr. Marrelli states, I still have to do a plan review on this. If you haven’t done your Energy Calculations yet, I’ll need that.


Mr. Klein, seconded by Mr. Tombazzi made a motion to approve the proposed Addition for Elisabeth Logan at 6180 Norman Ln as proposed.   


Ayes: Mr. Miozzi, Mr. Tombazzi, Mrs. Wervey, Mr. Klein        

Nays: None                                      

Motion Carried. Drawings Approved.


There being no further business, Mr. Klein, seconded by Mr. Tombazzi made a motion to adjourn the meeting.


Ayes: All                             
Nays: None                            

Motion Carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.