ARB - November 10 2016

Nov 10, 2016

The Architectural Review Board met in regular session on Thurs, Nov 10, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center Conference Room. Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi presided.      


Present: Mr. Carmen Miozzi (Chairman Pro Tem), Mr. Ivo Tombazzi, Mrs. MaryAnn Wervey, and Mr. Joshua Klein

Absent: Mr. Ed Parker (Chairman) and Mr. John Marrelli (Building Commissioner)

Also Present: Ms. Deborah Garbo (Secretary)


Consideration of minutes deferred to next meeting date.  


Consideration of minutes deferred to next meeting date.


  1. In-Ground Swimming Pool, Deck, Fence & Landscape
    Mike & peggy Bonitati
    780 Village Circle
    A. Perrino Construction


Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi called the meeting to order asking for the applicants to state their name for the record.

Tim Hullinger with A. Perrino Construction introduced himself. I work for Brian Perrino, Colleen and Pat Perrino. This property we started a little over one year ago. I worked with them for 6 months, did the interior and exterior with the initial plan of designing the house for a built-in pool. We went through the utility companies, all the easements, everything for the design and layout of the home. Our Architect construction wise is Chris Greenwalt who designed the property and Bremec is our partner as far as the landscaping finish and grading design. All of the property lines have been staked. They basically did the master plan for the backyard.

Pool; High-Tech Pools, Inc will be doing the swimming pool. Our mechanical trades will be doing all the hookup under our GC license. We have an egress window here. This will be poured concrete for the existing air conditioner to sit on and the pool equipment.

Fence; Going down the driveway, cement will be replaced next spring, it’s not in this proposal. This will be a path, this will all be pavers. The look will all tie into the interior stone used on the finish work, very similar to Sequoia Weather. Weather ledge here, there’ll be pilasters here with a gate, a double gate here made out of aluminum. This will be put in by Henry Fence. Here and here will be cultured stone pilasters with cement tops. There’s lower doggie gating, they have two small Westies so they don’t escape. This wall will be permitted under our GC but the fence company will pull the permit. This is the property line, the fence is here, 4’ to code surrounding the entire back yard.

Landscaping; This is all landscaping. As you can tell there’s a lot of grading work so we have the proper drainage on the property. All the grade will be sod. There are trees that are coming out for the pool, they’re all marked. There are also dead trees that’ll come out. A lot of them are scabby trees, not full trees, which will allow light in and very much clean it up. This neighbor has buffers over here. This will be a path to help the drainage on this property and the neighbor’s property.

Deck; Deck here will be one step down to approximately 18” then down to grade. It’ll be done out of the highest grade Trex decking which is suitable for the chemicals in the pool and non-slippage. The rail and posts will be a coordinating color, probably white rail. This is going to be a foundation with the cultured stone to match the pilasters. This is going to be a base of about 3’ x 7’, built-in grill with refrigerator, a top very similar to this granite to coordinate with the stone and landscaping back here.

Tim Hullinger concludes, pretty much under our master scope, that’s what we’re doing. All of our trades are licensed and very reputable. We’re using the same mechanical company that did the interior of the home and it was designed to accommodate a pool. The physical pool, the look of the pool, the coping and Jacuzzi will be done by High-Tech Pools. Bremec will do all the stonework and landscaping to tie in the pool & Jacuzzi. We have an elevated spa here, equipment here and all this other stuff underground. The homeowners have been through all the plant materials with Bremec and us. All the plant material is top quality.  

Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi said, the layout looks great to me. You have a waterfall located here. We can go over the electrical of it. 

Tim Hullinger said, it’s a water feature for the pool. Roger with Bremec can explain the boulders, the fountains, the lighting. Tri-County did the electric on the interior to accommodate all this. Munroe will be doing the plumbing.

Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi asked about colors.

Tim Hullinger said, I explained the colors to John Marrelli when I met with him. I have a few samples here; grill top & path. Colors will totally coordinate with the house internal and external. These materials here are from 84 Lumber.

Mr. Tombazzi said, you mentioned powder coating on the metal. That discolors, do you know that? You should go with Kynar. Take a look at some powder coating installations that are 6 or 7 year old, then take a look at the Kynar.

Tim Hullinger said, it’s coated with zinc and chromate then painted to match.

Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi asked, you said the deck is one step out of the house and 18” to the patio?

Tim Hullinger replied, 18” down but it’s about 8” off final grade.

Roger Dorer, Bremec Garden Centers states, we set it up. To be able to keep it simple, you’re going to step out of the house down one, then step down one again to pavement.

Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi was concerned about code for 3 steps and handrails.

Roger Dorer said, they’re doing handrails because of the topography of the site. We created a high spot over here to deal with the split the water to go around the back of the house two ways. In order to do that, we picked up the grade which allowed us to pick up the swimming pool at the same time. That’s why they went with the railing here on either side of the grill. The natural grade will still exist at this point whereas the proposed grade has come up.

Brian Perrino, A. Perrino Construction, Vice President of Construction states, that rendering I did which shows the general idea.

Chairman Pro Tem asked, any other questions or comments?

Mrs. Wervey commented, you did a nice job, very nice.

Tim Hullinger said, thank you, we have a great company. We won top remodel of the year last year and top custom home Northeast Ohio. There’s a lot of pre thought on our trade partners. As you can tell, this isn’t an inexpensive project. There was a lot of very heavy time put into it.


Mr. Klein, seconded by Mrs. Wervey, made a motion to approve the proposed In-Ground Pool, Deck, Fence and Landscape for Mike & Peggy Bonitati at 780 Village Circle as proposed.


Ayes: Mr. Miozzi, Mr. Tombazzi, Mrs. Wervey, Mr. Klein       
Nays: None                                    

Motion Carried. Drawings Approved.  

Tim Hullinger said, thank you very much. We’ll do you proud.


Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi asked, does anyone have any other matters?

  • Community Room & Civic Center New Signage

Mrs. Wervey replied, yes. I’d like to add something tonight for discussion. This goes to the new Village signs that did not come before us. I think it should have come before us. I think if we’re going to make all the businesses come before the A.R.B. and all the residents come before the A.R.B. and if the Village has a project, I think they should come before us.

Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi and Mr. Klein agreed and stated, it usually does.

Mr. Klein said, if we make our own residents come before us, we should practice what we preach.

Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi asked, do we know why it didn’t come before us?

Mrs. Wervey replied, I received a response back from Diane Wolgamuth which I don’t think really answered the question in my opinion. I thought maybe I wasn’t at the meeting where it was discussed so I asked John and Debbie to check the files. Diane Wolgamuth’s response memo for the record;

 “Hi Mary Ann--John and Debbie asked me to respond to your inquiry about the new facility signage at the Community Room and Civic Center.  Please be assured that there has been no change to the Village's review process.  Per Ord 1185.07, the Building Commissioner is charged with referring applications for sign permits to ARB.  Because municipal signs do not require a permit, they have not historically gone through the ARB approval process.   To my knowledge, none of the Mayfield Village facility or entryway signs, The Greenway Trail signs, The Grove signs, or any neighborhood entryway signs, were approved by ARB.  The Law Dept and Building Commissioner have always maintained that all municipal projects (not just signs) do not need ARB or P&Z approval.  When projects are notable, we typically present project plans as a courtesy to keep everyone informed (a recent example is the band shell structure being proposed at The Grove).  When projects are more utilitarian or functional in nature, no presentation is made (another recent example is the pool heater room addition).

When the Mayor and Council decided to move forward with replacing the marquee sign with an LED early this year, the sign foundation was designed to reflect the design of the new Community Room, using the same stone as the retaining walls and fireplace.  At that point, the look was expanded to the Civic Center to maintain a uniform municipal look.  I think because we had been talking about new municipal signage for so long, because the signs felt like a continuation of the Community Room project, and because the sign design had already been made public during the budget process, no one thought about revisiting the design with ARB or any other committees.

As before, as new municipal projects are developed, we will absolutely continue to share plans with ARB, P&Z and other Village committees.”

Mrs. Wervey said, my question becomes, do you agree that we should be reviewing these types of projects?

Mr. Klein replied, I think we have. Unless it’s part of the original plan for the Community Room or Civic Center.

Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi replied, we have; the Library sign, the Schools sign, Fire Station. 

Mrs. Wervey asked, how do we get policy changed to make sure that these projects come before the A.R.B.?

Mr. Klein replied, I don’t know that the policy has changed. I think they just didn’t follow policy in all honesty. I think it’s an oversight. Everything comes before us, i.e. the Police Station sign.

Mrs. Wervey states, I think we should discuss this Ordinance Section 1185.07 with John when he’s here. Whether it’s legally required or not, the right thing to do is to bring it before the Board, in my opinion.

Board Members agreed.

Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi said, it’s our job to keep the community consistent.

Mr. Klein said, it was all a vision of the people that were in charge before, that put it in front of us to see what changes could be made for the benefit of the community. Apparently, the way the memo reads, we were never required to look at any of those things. It wasn’t a requirement necessarily, it was accepted. Things have changed apparently.

Board Members agreed.

Chairman Pro Tem Miozzi asked, is this something we try to enact through Ordinance Review?

Mr. Klein states, even if it’s not a formal situation where we have to approve it, maybe it’s a situation where we could discuss, advise and give another set of eyes.

Mrs. Wervey said, I’d like to see a stated policy.

Board Members agreed.

Mr. Klein said, just like the Grove for instance, that was brought before us.

Mrs. Wervey states, we would hope that we add value.

Mr. Klein said, our role would be more so that the physical appearance fits what it should. I think having the signs come before us to review would definitely be a benefit to the community, whether we change anything or not.

Board Members agreed.

Mrs. Wervey said, I think if they want to keep their ordinance that they don’t have to get permits, so if you don’t get permits, you don’t have to come to the A.R.B., but they institute a policy that all municipal projects go before the Board like any other project.


Section 1185.07 for discussion at next scheduled A.R.B. meeting.


There being no further business, Mr. Klein, seconded by Mrs. Wervey made a motion to adjourn the meeting.


Ayes: All
Nays: None

Motion Carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.