ARB - February 25th 2016

Feb 25, 2016

The Architectural Review Board met in regular session on Thurs, Feb 25, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center Conference Room. Chairman Parker presided.    


Present: Mr. Ed Parker (Chairman), Mr. Carmen Miozzi (Chairman Pro-Tem), Mr. Joshua Klein        

Absent: Mr. Ivo Tombazzi, Mrs. MaryAnn Wervey, and Mr. John Marrelli (Building Commissioner)

Also Present: Ms. Deborah Garbo (Secretary)


Mr. Klein, seconded by Mr. Miozzi made a motion to approve the minutes of Jan 28, 2016 as corrected.                  


Ayes: Mr. Parker, Mr. Miozzi, Mr. Klein   
Nays: None

Motion Carried. Minutes Approved as Corrected.


  1. Addition
    Jodi Latshaw
    578 Timberline Trl.
    Skoda Construction


Chairman Parker called the meeting to order. We have one item on the agenda. Skoda Construction is here to present.

Chris Skoda with Skoda Construction introduced himself. The homeowner obviously wants to update the outside of the house. They want to put a second floor addition over this section of the house, not the entire second floor. This section here, they want to add this storage room onto the house, which we thought gave it some appeal because it breaks up the long wall a little bit. Instead of just popping something on the second floor, you’re widening it a little bit too, giving it more dimension.

Chairman Parker asked, has everything been looked at as far as setback?

Ms. Garbo replied, John has reviewed the site plan and it’s within the required setbacks.

Chris Skoda said, they want to re-side the house, put stone in the front where there’s brick now. It doesn’t affect this meeting, but we’re going to update the whole inside too.

Chairman Parker asked, is the cultured stone going over the brick?

Chris Skoda replied, no. We’re taking the brick off.

Chairman Parker said, this look is really dated. Ed suggested a water table so it has a three dimensional component.

Chris Skoda said, I’m not sure they’d be opposed to doing something different there. This is just what the Draftsman drew up based on what was on the house.

Chairman Parker commented on Mayfield Village houses with no defined entry. It would be nice if you could add an accent color for the door. This is a recommendation.

Chris Skoda replied, she may be very open to doing that.

Chairman Parker asked about the siding.

Chris Skoda replied that it’s vertical siding right now, a board and batten. We’ll extend the chimney, same as what’s on the house. The windows are all coming out. We’re going with white Pella windows.

Siding – Blue Flagstone
Roof – CertainTeed Colonial Slate
Cultured Stone – Southern Ledgestone Gray

Chris Skoda said, the house sits so low to the ground now, you barely see the grey brick at all.

Chairman Parker said, the blue to me seems like it’s too close to the stone. How do you guys feel about it?

Chris Skoda replied, it could be all stone if you want it to be. I don’t know if they’d be opposed to it. I don’t think she put a lot of thought into the front of this house. This was the first rendering and she agreed to do this.

Chairman Parker asked, is this all minimal j-channel around the windows, there’s no trim?

Chris Skoda replied, we’re going to do a 1 x 4 freeze board around every window.

Chairman Parker said, not necessarily an ARB thing, but this is a really big hip roof. It might be difficult to get your ventilation requirement in.

Chris Skoda replied, we’ll be able to manage the ventilation.

Mr. Miozzi comments on window proportions. From the front I don’t mind it, where you have it on the side, I don’t like the windows not being symmetrical. One is in the closet, that’s why it’s short, the other is in the bedroom. Options; stop the shelving first or shorten up the master bedroom window. Chairman agreed. Might look nice if you had the three with a 4” trim between the two.

Chris Skoda understands the window suggestion. The other thing, to dress it up a little bit, all their corner boards will be white. Fascia’s & gutters white too.

Chairman Parker suggested giving some detail between the head of the window and the gables. I’d like to see new renderings representing the materials you’re planning on using.

Discussion ensued on what is being approved, as drawn, with suggested changes or open ended?

Chris Skoda replied, if the overall concept is good, then I could go to structural drawings. I don’t know that the program will give you the selected stone in that picture.

Mr. Miozzi said, if we’re in agreement on the color, we can note on the prints that we want a return 2’ 4 on the corners, and symmetrical on the windows. We can approve with changes as noted.

Chris Skoda said, I have no problem with those ideas.

Chairman Parker thinks it would be nice to add an accent color to the door.

Chris Skoda said right now it matches all your windows and trim. That’s going to end up being a full glass door anyway, a Pella French door with internal blinds.


Mr. Miozzi, seconded by Mr. Klein made a motion to approve the proposed Addition for Jodi Latshaw at 578 Timberline Trail per discussion as noted.

Required Changes:

  1. Put three or two symmetrical windows across the front.
  2. Returns 2’ 4 to match the return on the stone.

Suggested Options:

  1. Stone all the way up.
  2. Returns
  3. Water Table


Ayes: Mr. Parker, Mr. Miozzi, Mr. Klein
Nays: None

Motion Carried. Drawings Approved As Noted.


There being no further business, Mr. Klein, seconded by Mr. Miozzi made a motion to adjourn the meeting.


Ayes: All
Nays: None

Motion Carried. Meeting Adjourned at 7:55 p.m.