ARB - June 11th 2015

June 11, 2015

The Architectural Review Board met in regular session on Thurs, June 11, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center Conference Room. Chairman DiNardo presided.  


Present: Mr. Ron DiNardo (Chairman), Mr. Ivo Tombazzi, Mrs. MaryAnn Wervey, and Mr. Carmen Miozzi

Absent: Mr. Joshua Klein (Chairman Pro-Tem)

Also Present: Mr. John Marrelli (Building Commissioner), Ms. Deborah Garbo (Secretary), Councilman Jerome (7:55 pm), Jim McKnight (Landscape Architect), and Diane Wolgamuth (Director of Administration)


Mrs. Wervey, seconded by Mr. Tombazzi made a motion to approve the minutes of May 14, 2015.              


Ayes: Mr. DiNardo, Mr. Tombazzi, Mrs. Wervey. Mr. Miozzi  

Nays: None                          

Motion Carried. Minutes Approved As Written.


  1. Building & Site Improvements
    Premier Development Partners, LLC
    6655 Beta Dr. (Address change from 6660 Beta Dr.)
    Tenant: QED
    The C.W. Courtney Co.
  2. New Building
    Community Room
    6621 Wilson Mills Road
    Exterior Building Materials
    Thendesign Architecture
    (Follow-up 5.14 ARB Mtg)


Building & Site Improvements
Premier Development Partners, LLC
6655 Beta Dr.
Tenant: QED
The C.W. Courtney Co.

Chairman DiNardo called the meeting to order, noting the address change from 6660 Beta to 6655 Beta Drive. The C.W. Courtney Co. is the Engineer on this project.

West Elevation: Jeff Certo, Davison Smith Certo Architects provided Chairman with a Wall Section of the proposed west elevation; A3.1.1. It currently has no windows.

Mr. Marrelli asked about the property line distance from that wall to the property line. Jeff replied, 15’.

Chairman said the proposal is to add new stationary fixed storefront windows, 30” high Bronze to match existing framing and paint existing metal siding & panels; urban bronze.

South Elevation: Jeff Certo said we’re maintaining this elevation with the exception of the pair of drive-in overhead doors that will be removed. We’ll Infill openings with curtain wall framing, glass, brick base underneath to match and sill wall.

East Elevation: Jeff Certo said we’re eliminating the existing docks and infill those openings with glass. We’re creating a new employee entrance, landscape & new patio. There are currently 9 doors, all to be removed except one. Proposal is to modify existing wall construction & install (1) drive-in door & (1) man door. The current dock will be filled and made a drive-up.

Mike Prochaska with C.W. Courtney Co. confirms the drive-up will be concrete and everything else will be asphalt.

Mr. Marrelli asked if it’ll be backfilled with premium and paved over.

Mike Prochaska replied, it’ll be engineered fill.

Mr. Marrelli asked what’ll be done with the storm sewer.

Mike Prochaska replied, the part that goes into the existing manhole comes out, a new trench drain will go in where the existing dock is and a new pipe will find existing.

Chairman DiNardo brings attention to an awkward situation. The top of the dock door where the dock seal is, there’s an awkward piece at the top of the window and the top of the brick behind the seal. It’s an awkward situation where the siding stops above the window. You have two docks that are a little higher and then you have an infilled window, you have the top of the window, 4” brick and then metal.

Discussion ensued on keeping detail as is. Mrs. Wervey comments the use could change and it could go back to being a dock.

Entry: Chairman asked about the entry material.

Jeff Certo replied, it’s composite metal panels in a anodic clear finish. Columns will have caps on them, approx. 12” diameter.

Mr. Marrelli asked about the clearance, do you have to throw a dry sprinkler head in there?

Jeff Certo replied, I don’t know.

Chairman DiNardo asked about signage.

Jeff Certo replied, signage is being considered now. We’ll come back for that.


Mrs. Wervey, seconded by Mr. Miozzi made a motion to approve the Building Improvements for Premier Development Partners, LLC at 6655 Beta Dr. as submitted.      


Ayes: Mr. DiNardo, Mr. Tombazzi, Mrs. Wervey, Mr. Miozzi  

Nays: None                                      

Motion Carried. Drawings Approved.


NEW Building
Community Room
6621 Wilson Mills Rd.
Tda Architecture

Chairman DiNardo states, this is a follow-up from our May 14th meeting.

Ed Parker from Thendesign Architecture states, we came back with samples following up on comments from the last meeting.

Trash Can & Generator Screening

Ed Parker said regarding trash cans, we created a pocket within the building. They’ll be stacked under the roof. We won’t have a dumpster.

Diane Wolgamuth said our Service Dept. will physically carry out the totters from behind the wall.

Ed Parker said we’re going to BID the emergency generator as an alternate. We created a courtyard to screen that. We raised the walls on that to get screening and a landscape wall to give it a buffer.

Chairman asked Ed if he sized the unit to have clearance all around the walls.

Ed said yes. It’s 3’ all around it and 10’ to the access.

Chairman asked, because we’re doing this an alternate, can we have in the BID the conduits and gas line as a base bid? When John & I worked on the generator for the Civic Center here we ran into some problems. You have to size in all the wiring and gas line.

Ed Parker states, we have sized it. We looked at two different sizes. We probably will need the smaller size, but the box is actually the same size on both of them. We’re looking at the same size patio even if we go to a larger service. That was the main architectural change.

The Meeting Room got larger. We started laying out tables & chairs. There’s a meeting with the Village next Tues to discuss interiors.

Landscape Plan & Utility Lines

Jim Mcknight reports on landscape plan. The new layout for the parking with the School together with the appropriate courtyards outside, terraces outside the meeting room doors of the community room building and the entrance which will also have the Concession window under the porch. Outside the Lounge has a Fireplace. We’ve integrated low stone seat walls that pick up on the fireplace stone. That starts to set the vocabulary for seating area along the Village green. The paver style we’d like to see would be a paver similar to what you see at the Civic Center.

Ed Parker said about the paver, I talked with the Civil Engineer today and they’re very positive and don’t think we’ll need storm water retention. That being said, we’re bidding the pervious as an alternate, and pavers as the base bid. The scope of the pavers we need to define. The original budget we had didn’t include that extensive of landscape. Ed points out the serpentine piece as possible area of elimination if we start looking at budget issues.

Ed moves to utilities. The Civil Engineer has gotten all the pressure tests now. Everything’s coming off of SOM. We do not anticipate having to tap into the street. There seems to be large enough lines. We will have to put the vault in though, just because we’re not close enough. The water line that currently serves that building is off of SOM, it’s a 12” line, a big line. It must have served the Police Station also. There’s an electric line that comes in, shoots down south. There’s a couple wires we’re still investigating, we’re not sure if they’re telephone or electric. Fire access & hydrant will be at the back of the building. There will be two lines coming into that mechanical room, we have plenty of room. We want as much storage space in the Meeting Room Storage as possible, but it may make sense to put the water heater in there also.

Councilman Jerome arrives at 7:55 p.m.

Mr. Marrelli asked about roof penetrations for pipes & vents. Are you keeping them all on the School side?

Ed Parker replied yes, all on the School’s side, and we’ll do the nicer double cap.

Chairman DiNardo asked about building & landscape lighting.

Ed Parker states it’ll be LED’s, basically in the landscape areas. We’ll have photometrics done. As far as building lighting, the focus is the entry having a nice ornamental light and a couple eyebrows above the Meeting Room, those will have down can lights. We’ll look at mood lighting for the Meeting Room and Fireplace area.

Chairman DiNardo leass the team outside to view samples in the light.


Consensus is a dimensional look with depth. Black color (Landmark Moire black Luxury Single).

Timberline is comparable to the Landmark TL as far as the dimensional shape. Timberline also has the better color pattern because it has some dark browns in the black.

Ed will drop off 3 manufacturers to pick from; Landmark, Timberline & GAF.


Ed Parker said the brick we talked about last time was thought to be too dark and commercial.

Consensus is the Glen-Gery Brick Adrian Modular, Heartland Series. School is a dark brick. Pavers are a darker red.

Stone (Seat walls & Fireplace)

Ed shows sample of Cultured Stone in Autumn color. Chairman not a fan of Cultured Stone, looks fake.  

Ed would love to see real stone if budget permits. Shows a staggered stone sample for the Landscape Walls “Mason Steel” rustic gray color which can be placed at grade level. Looking at curved seating, treated with anti-graffiti.

Ed notes Fireplace is gas, not wood burning. It’ll be turned on by key or light switch. Will need a timer. Fireplace interior wall material discussed. There will not be any glass material used. Discussed possibility if outside portion of Fireplace could be wood burning.


Hardie board white.

Meeting Resumed back to Conference Room.

Doors, Windows, & Roofing

Ed Parker said, we’re looking at aluminum doors and windows. The reason is because aluminum doors allow you to have a concealed throw for the locking.

Chairman DiNardo would hate to see aluminum windows on this building. How about aluminum doors, and maybe wood windows?

Ed Parker replied, they’ll be very durable.

Councilman Jerome suggested Anderson inside wood with vinyl clad outside.

Ed Parker is open to wood. Door color is red. The scheme of this was that the double doors now read like windows. That’s why I’d do them both in aluminum.

Chairman DiNardo asked, we can’t do the patio doors because of egress?

Ed Parker clarified, we can do it with one door. I talked to the manufacturer. I’ll submit that at the Village meeting on the 16th. It’ll be a classic handle on the outside that comes in and turns into the push bar on the inside. On the non-egress doors it’ll look the same as the egress, just won’t have the actual panic action.

Chairman DiNardo states, the aluminum doors I don’t think we have a choice. I’m having a hard time with the aluminum windows.

Mr. Marrelli said they’ll look the same from the outside.

Ed Parker puts it this way. The only person that’s really going to enjoy the windows from the inside is in the office and the bathroom.

Chairman DiNardo knows that all the efficiencies for performance wise have to meet the requirements. I don’t have an issue with that. It’s all Kynar finish. It’s just the functionality of them.

Ed Parker makes a point that the finish will be the same as the doors. We don’t have any vinyl anywhere else on this job. There’s a total of 10 windows.

Chairman is thinking maybe an Anderson wood 400 Series. You’ll need to spec out 3 manufacturers. Do we do an alternate for wood windows?

Discussion ensued on window & door BID options.

Ed Parker would like to have a consensus tonight. We’re trying to BID July 1st. There’s plenty of aluminum & wood manufacturers out there. In the aluminum field, you’re looking at a heavier duty window. There’s not an Alside aluminum window.

Chairman wants to see a line item for a wood window and suggests Ed bring his window game plan to the meeting on the 16th.

Councilman Jerome suggests sticking with the aluminum windows.

Ed Parker will put manufacturer list together.

Chairman asked how the base of the window will sit on top of the brick wainscote.  

Ed replied, it’ll be a 4” cast stone sill on top of the brick. Head of that window will be a band going around. We’re doing an extended roof rafter truss so the rafter continues instead of being even to the bearing. That changes the proportion here. We’ll put a 10” freeze board on it and an ornamental cap on that freeze board. Head height of window’s 8’, it’ll go up 4 inches, 2” head trim, one foot of siding, 10” freeze board and 3” ornamental piece on top. I don’t have material for the vented flat hardie soffit.

Chairman asked about the ceiling material in the entry ways.

Ed Parker replied, material will be hardie board on the arch & porches. As follow-up from the last meeting, we ended up putting a porch in the back to create an entry.

Ed said we also have gable & ridge vents. Chairman doesn’t think you can do both gable & ridge vents. John said the gable vent usually short circuits the ridge vent. Ed assures that the roof will be vented properly.

Mrs. Wervey asked about the red roof material.

Ed replied, it’s a standing seam, not real metal, in a redwood color. We could spec a thicker metal if you want. The redwood color will be the same as the door.

Chairman suggests ED specify in the BID that the hardie board be cleaned upon completion vs. painted.  

Mr. Miozzi asked, if we don’t need the vents, are we still going to have the fake ones? They need to be there for aesthetics.

Ed Parker states, it’s not shown right now but I want to mention the cast stone sill at the service counters is going to be 8” - 10” with a bracket. We’ll try to align it as best we can with the regular sill, but it may have to drop down.

Chairman DiNardo feels all the details have been worked out at this time. Does anyone have any further questions?

There were none.


Mr. Miozzi, seconded by Mrs. Wervey made a motion to approve the New Community Room Building proposal at 6621 Wilson Mills Rd. as discussed & noted.      


Ayes: Mr. DiNardo, Mr. Tombazzi, Mrs. Wervey, Mr. Miozzi  

Nays: None                                      

Motion Carried. Drawings Approved As Noted.


There being no further business, Mr. Tombazzi, seconded by Mr. Miozzi made a motion to adjourn the meeting.


Ayes: All                               

Nays: None                   

Motion Carried Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.