ARB - February 14 2013

Feb 14, 2013

The Architectural Review Board met in regular session on Thurs, Feb 14, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. at the Mayfield Village Civic Center, Main Conf Room. Chairman Dinardo presided.

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Mr. Ron Dinardo, Chairman
Mr. Joshua Klein, Chairman Pro-Tem
Mrs. Mary Ann Wervey
Mr. Carmen Miozzi


Mr. Ivo Tombazzi

Also Present:

Mr. John Marrelli, Building Commissioner
Ms. Deborah Garbo, Secretary


Mr. Miozzi, seconded by Mrs. Wervey made a motion to approve the minutes of Jan 24, 2013.


Ayes:    All                  
Nays:   None                 
Motion Carried. Minutes Approved As Written.


  1. New Pole Building
    Mayfield High School
    6116 Wilson Mills Rd.
    Frank Sever, Head Buildings & Grounds
    Rick Zivny, Excel Tecc Instructor Construction Trades



Chairman Dinardo called the meeting to order. We have one item on the agenda, a new pole building at Mayfield High School.

Kent Taylor introduced himself as Frank Sever’s Assistant to Buildings & Grounds. Rick Zivny who could not make it here tonight is the Excel Tecc Instructor who is building the structure. I’m here representing the School. We’re erecting a pole building behind our service garage. The intent is for storage of stuff i.e. equipment.

Chairman Dinardo asked if anything’s flammable.

Kent Taylor replied no. We’re looking at Overstock ceiling & flooring tiles. We just don’t have anywhere in the School to store things. We thought this would be a good idea. It’s something that will involve the kids. It’ll be a learning process for them. There won’t be any electrical, no heat.

Mr. Marrelli asked if he’s worried about ceiling tiles getting moldy.

Kent Taylor not worried about mold. We’re going to shrink wrap what we have to protect it.

Mr. Marrelli said they’re trying to match that brick color with the siding. That was one thing I was able to weigh in on before they got too far along. It was going to be a T111 siding before that.

Chairman has a concern on the roof with the distance off the existing structure where the overhang will meet. The other overhang almost sits on the roof. The posts are higher than the gutter board. What’s going to happen if you have to get in and maintain the existing structure with the fascia, the gutter or when you have to replace the roof?  

Mr. Marrelli said it’s an illusion, there are really about 5’ or 6’ between these buildings.

Chairman asked, are you planning on putting concrete between the wall and the post?

Kent Taylor said yes. It’s a poured floor.

Mr. Miozzi asked how he’ll connect the roofs.

Kent Taylor replied they’ll have it run into that gutter.

Mr. Marrelli said they changed the trusses so the water will run off of this roof onto the next one.

Mr. Miozzi asked, will you at least make it a hip roof so it matches the other one? The existing building right now is a hip, if you stick a gable on this one, it’s not going to look good.

Kent Taylor agrees that it’s kind of funky looking a little bit. Most of it’s not going to be seen. I personally don’t see a lot of maintenance issues with it long term.

Mr. Miozzi’s concern is that roof will probably overhang that gutter, it’ll be cleaning the gutter when stuff starts blowing down in there. Kent said those are a protective gutter. Ron said you have one building heated and one that’s not, you’ll have that heat loss. Joshua said you’ll generate ice on the non-heated roof, as it starts to melt it’ll turn into a dam.  

Chairman Dinardo asked, you couldn’t find a tan shingle to match the existing building?

Kent Taylor doesn’t think they make this in a tan. The shingle will be black. It’s a 4 / 12 pitch.

Mr. Marrelli thinks they should put shingles on to match.

Kent Taylor agrees.

Chairman said any fascia should be white to match existing.

Kent Taylor confirmed fascia material is white to match.

Chairman asked about shedding the water to a gutter and out to the back.   

Mr. Marrelli said there’re storm sewers back there. We discussed that.

Mr. Miozzi commented on the construction industry, the biggest thing is that your help shows up and on time.  

Discussion ensued on the Excel Tecc Program. We have some talented kids. The students have to be selected. They do turn kids down. It costs the students about $600 a year.

Chairman Dinardo asked, no man door for exiting?

Kent Taylor replied no man door. Garage door is white. No windows, it’s a storage building. We didn’t want to worry about a break-in.


Mr. Klein, seconded by Mr. Miozzi made a motion to approve the proposed pole building for Mayfield High School as discussed and noted.


Ayes: Mr. Dinardo, Mr. Klein, Mrs. Wervey, Mr. Miozzi  
Nays: None                                       

Motion Carried. Drawing Approved & Signed As Noted.


  • Sport Field Restroom Discussion


Chairman Dinardo said we have a sport field restroom and pavilion idea at the softball diamonds and soccer fields in front of Progressive that we need to discuss as a Board. Debbie printed out information and quotes that I e-mailed today on some pavilions. I’ve asked for various pricing. We’ll go through the options. Under Building Description Model and Size is how you’ll keep track of all the different quotes.

Chairman explains there are two locations for restrooms and pavilion enclosures with surrounding landscape Mayfield Village is proposing, one by the softball diamond fields by the pool and the other by the soccer fields in front of PRG. We currently have port-a-potties in front of PRG and I think the same at the softball fields. The pavilion will give some shelter on rainy days.   

Softball Fields. We’re proposing a pavilion in the middle of the 3 ball fields with some restrooms and storage off to the side. I’ve gotten pricing on the pavilion element. This other part we’re working all together on to do a design-build, similar to what we did at the Police Station to try and save money. So we have to come up with specs which I’m currently looking at. We have to have some parameters to give to the design-build people that are putting numbers together. I’m putting together specs for John. Tom is working on numbers for the site and utilities.

We designed about 6 or 7 years ago a scorekeepers tower with pavilion below which didn’t materialize. 

Soccer Fields. Demonstrating on site plan, this is an existing drive. You’d use that drive for possibly food truck parking and a pathway to restrooms. We’re trying to make the restrooms similar except for the roof design would be a little different but the footprint would be the same. Here would be a rectangle pavilion with outside seating. Here are some examples of what our Landscape Architect in discussion with Progressive pieced together. You can see the different roof is more contemporary looking with materials that play off their existing Campus building. We need to come up with exactly what materials we’re going to use. Is it brick? Is it stone? When it’s decided, it’ll come back to this Board for a final decision.

Mr. Klein asked what’s on their current buildings.

Mr. Marrelli said brick, a long brick I think 16 x 3.

Softball Fields Restroom & Pavilion. This is more traditional to copy what’s at the pool in similar design which is the split face block, stone detail and green roof.

  • Review of Pavilion Quotes


Chairman said the OTC-32MR is a 32’ octagon, steel metal roof. These range anywhere from $21,000 to $31,000.

The one I tend to favor is the STS-30 which is 30’ single pole, like an umbrella. Because of all the utilities that run through here, I thought a single pole might be better. These range anywhere from $38,000 to $50,000. One is a structural insulated panel vs metal roof vs standing seam.

The mono pole is probably $8,000 more but you may save on the labor.

These prices are just for the material. I got a price from a certified installer for the concrete and install, but our Service guys may be able to do that.

The question is do we do an octagon and dig 8 posts or we dig one post in the middle. Install for that single pole is $20,000 and $1,000 for concrete. You have a little more concrete on the OTC 8 post.

Board likes the single post. 

Mrs. Wervey comments on the big bathroom for 3 ball fields, seems kind of big.  

Chairman said the men’s room has 2 toilets and a urinal, 3 bathrooms for the women’s. 

Mr. Klein said they play six teams at night. When I was up there for Mayfield Tournaments last year there were maybe 300 people up there. They’re nice fields. To be honest with you, it’s not a bad walk to the pool bldg restrooms.

Chairman said this came about for shelter. That design for the restrooms have 4’ overhangs.

Mr. Marrelli said maybe in the future it’ll be storage and a little concession stand.

Chairman said you have the machine that grades the fields, material, bases, etc. to store.

Mr. Klein asked if both these projects will be done at the same time. Will it possible we do one and not the other?

Chairman said we’ll price everything out and Mayfield Village will make a decision.

Mr. Marrelli said we’re going to try and get them both done. We’ve been playing with this for years.

Mrs. Wervey asked how big the restroom is at the pool.

Mr. Marrelli replied maybe 4 receptacles.  

Chairman said we’re looking at a design-build for this. Some prices that came in were extremely high.

Chairman doesn’t see the pavilion structure as a wood structure. I see this as a metal structure. I know we’ve had problems with our wooden ceiling at the pavilion by the pool.

Chairman said we have all the data here and numbers from a certified contractor. You have all the information to assess what to do. I have to piece it together. I think this has to get input from the Rec Dept.

Mr. Marrelli said the Rec Board will look at these building designs to see if they have any issue with the shapes, colors, etc.    

Soccer Fields Pavilion. Chairman said this is more of a rectangle. I asked for pricing on a rectangle pavilion with an arch roof ($32,000) vs. a gable end roof (30,000) vs. hip roof ($30,000). It’s a standard pavilion 24 x 34 price and a 20 x 30 price. The difference is $10,000. The arch roof is more aesthetically pleasing.

Mr. Miozzi asked, shouldn’t it coincide with the bathrooms, like a flat slanted roof?

Chairman said we’re going to have to go with more of a contemporary roof here. From an Architects point of view I can see it working together. You have an arch pavilion that’s 10 or 15 feet away from the restrooms which has a different roof. They’re compatible. I don’t think we have to have a gable end or a hip.

Mr. Miozzi said I don’t see a gable end or hip either, but I think more of a slant or wedge look.

Mr. Marrelli agrees with the slant or wedge. I think this was designed to blend in with the building behind it, the high tech look. 

Mrs. Wervey asked if we’ve set a budget.  

Mr. Marrelli said we’re first trying to figure out the design.

Chairman said if you went to a wedge, you’d have to go higher and then all of a sudden the proportions are different. It changes the whole design, proportions will be higher. This looks like 3’ high of glass now, all of a sudden you’ll have to go up to 6’ of glass.   

Chairman said it’s on the table for discussion.

Mr. Marrelli noted these won’t be heated.

Mrs. Wervey said if it’s going to add a lot of cost I’m not so sure I’d go crazy with the roof thing. You can do the nice modern materials. It’s just a brick bathroom. Don’t spend a gazillion dollars on a fancy roof for a bathroom.

Mr. Marrelli said we’re trying to make it a little fancy because it’s Progressive’s front yard.

Mrs. Wervey agrees. It’s important that Progressive is happy with it.

Mr. Klein said you can do a flat roof with the glass.

Mr. Marrelli thinks you’d want to show the glass on four sides because their buildings have a lot of glass.

Chairman said the materials here are split face, should we be using a metal panel?

Mr. Marrelli said no. The split face will make it easy and clean.

Mr. Marrelli summarizes discussion.

  • Modify roof to flat with smaller glass all the way around.
  • Gray Block
  • Blue Glass
  • Light Gray/Dark Gray Accent Band


Chairman said it’s not easy just to throw out aesthetic features. It has to all come together. We have to as a Board get some parameters and come up with a design. We’re all on the same page with the softball field pavilion.

Chairman sketches a roof design option for the record.

Discussion ensued on Chairman’s drawing.

Chairman said we need to modify this drawing to take into account with what was discussed with Jim McKnight.

Mr. Marrelli notes that once you put it on paper and show people, that becomes what it is. I suggest you speak with Ms. Wolgamuth in the morning before the Recreation Board meets.  

Chairman Dinardo said I’ll get a price on the mono single roof pavilion.

Mr. Marrelli said I don’t know that you have to get a price. I wouldn’t cloud the issue with a price. The issue is not the price. The issue is the design.

Mr. Klein agreed. The price will be within 10% or 20% either way.

Chairman Dinardo concurred. I’ll contact Diane in the morning to advise her we need to modify the roof design. We’ll do it with metal up there instead of aluminum. Jim McKnight will need to modify the renderings. I’ll be out of town for Council on the 19th.


There being no further business, Mrs. Wervey, seconded by Mr. Klein made a motion to adjourn the meeting.


Ayes: All
Nays: None

Motion Carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.