Post Road: Today's County

Friday, August 24, 2018 7-9 PM

Post Road’s formation in 2011 was meant to be a one time show. As a business owner in Twinsburg Steve was asked by the library committee if he could play guitar and sing for a library fundraising dance. The theme was ‘country hoe-down’. Realizing that nobody would dance to a solo guitarist singing country love songs, Steve decided to call on some friends to help him out.

His first call was to his neighbor and guitar student Shawn Roland. Shawn demonstrated amazing vocal talent every Saturday in the summer while he mowed his mom’s grass. His singing literally echoed down Post Road as he pushed his mower. Steve’s daughter Sarah had been singing with Steve for years in the coffee shops. She was a natural shoe-in to help. Jake Nees was a freshman in high school and the drummer for Twinsburg’s Great Expectations show choir. He loved country music so he fit the bill for the open drum position. Rich Stibrick, a long time friend of Radcliff’s, was always a phone call away when a steady rhythm player was needed for a show. Rich was glad to help out with this show. A bass player was all that was needed. Steve met Phil Srnick via a Craigslist ad for the band Big Green Tractor that had a short run in early 2010. Phil was between bands and said he’d be glad to help out. This was the Post Road lineup for the first show on September 4, 2011.

That first show was magic. Even before cleaning up the sound system that was provided by the Twinsburg Police Chief, the decision to continue was made. Due to their ages, Sarah and Jake were released to start their solo careers and graduate from high school. Vanessa Provenzale, who was in Big Green Tractor with Phil and Steve took over for Sarah. Phil kept talking about some popular Lake County drummer in a band called Dave’s Planet. He was over 21 and interested. How popular could he possibly be? We kicked off our first bar gig in October of 2011 and have been going strong since.

Like all bands, personnel changes are a way of life. Rich grew to dislike the late weekends – every weekend. Rich exited and Andrew Krakowski entered the scene. Vanessa went and fell in love and moved to Phoenix with her fiancé. This opened the door back up for Sarah to jump back into her spot. Phil got busy and had to cut something out of his life. This made a place for Dave Warner.